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  1. The clutch doesn't release completely and the trike tends to creep ahead. Probably a simple procedure to most of you, but I just need a little help here. I changed the fluid. I now need to bleed the system. Thanks. Owen.
  3. Good afternoon Venture owners! My 2005 Midnight Venture w/67,572 miles is exhibiting an annoying habit of not wanting to go into neutral easily. Clutch fluid was changed at Maintenance Day in 2016 w/59,248 miles, then again in Sept. of 2017 w/66,815 miles. Prior to MD in 2016 I had NEVER changed the clutch fluid and it was like used motor oil. I did find a previous dealer receipt at 36,560 miles where they recorded they "adjusted clutch" whatever that means. When I changed it last Sept. (2017) it was slightly colored, but not dark...nothing like MD change. Today, it looked nearly brand new before draining and replacing. The fluid coming from the bleeder valve was very clear and no air bubbles. Before draining (by syringe) the fluid in the reservoir, I noticed 3-4 dark "spots" in the bottom toward the left side of the reservoir. Any debris would naturally go here due to the lean of the reservoir and the bike on its side stand. When I disturbed the dark debris with a screw driver, it was suspended in the clean brake fluid, similar to the way food coloring would react when being mixed into water. I sucked it out with the syringe then slowly deposited it on a clean white rag looking for anything solid. The dark color was not anything solid in nature. 1) I've tried to do my own research here, and haven't found anything on the contaminate, but did find Condor's previous reply to someone cautioning against OVER filling the reservoir. My regular parking spot does not reveal any leaks, and the fluid level was not low. Too much fluid could be one issue I have had. Related to that, do I check the site glass siting on the bike with the handlebars in the straight forward position? Leaning to the right with full right turn in play in an attempt to get the top of the reservoir parallel to the ground? In what position should the bike be when checking the site glass for half full? 2) With 67,500+ miles should I be considering clutch replacement and upgrades, though I'm not having any other issues? Do the internal components of the clutch (friction surfaces, etc) degrade and breakdown? I have read some of the posts about weak springs, etc. Should I be watching/listening/feeling for tell tale signs of some catastrophic clutch failure with this mileage? I'm already planning on front springs (Progressive I suppose) and rear shock replacements this year, as the Venture has finally lost its smooth feeling ride. I am VERY disappointed that I can't make MD this year. It was a BLAST in 2016 and I learned SO MUCH! As usual, your expert advice is always sincerely and greatly appreciated!! Respectfully, John in Oregon
  4. Hi folks.. Yesterday I had the bike parked outside in the cold for a few hours while cleaning out the garage (30'F or less with the winds?). Today I noticed a noticeable green coolant fluid puddle under the bike, about the size of your flat hand on the floor.. I pulled the cooling fins off the front right cylinder and saw where coolant leaked out of the hole (as seen in photo). I think this is the frost plug? The bike was not run that day nor were any leaks apparent before. I pulled the other three covers off and saw the same thing but not as much fluid leaked out as on the front right cylinder.. Best that I can tell the majority of the fluid on the floor came from this cylinder. What's the remedy for this, a quick fix or an expensive repair etc? Any info would be highly appreciated.. Thanks in advance.
  5. My auto windshield wiper fluid squirter seems to be restricted some. Would poring some Sea Foam into the windshield wiper fluid reservoir be a good thing or is there a better solution?
  6. My Son just called me and said he has no fluid in his transmission? he said it would only do 25 mph said fluid was on the tip of the stick hoping he did not burn up the transmission? waiting for him to call me back and let me know. He dint know where he was at other than being by I-40 so I am waiting for him to call me back he said he would look at his gps and let me know where hes at If I need help I'm hoping someone in AZ can help me out as he is heading back to Camp Pendleton I will post what I find out asap my phone number is in my profile
  7. While putting the bike away for its yearly rest....darn winter anyway! I noticed that my clutch fluid is gone again. This happened in Prince Edward Island this summer after the International. I cannot find any spots where this stuff is disappearing to! Just for tips I did change the clutch plates and spring while at the International. Can someone shine a light on in this dark room inside my head!
  8. Yesterday around 1:00pm I felt a slight pain in my right elbow, by 4:00pm it hurt like hell just to move it, by 7:00pm it was swelled up three times it's normal size and could hardly move it. 10:00pm it was swelled up, won't bend and turning purple. Called a friend of my Daughters Mother to see if my Daughter could spend the night so I could go to ER. Got to Er and set and set and set until they finally got me in and took x-rays. I have an infection in the fluid sack of my right elbow, pumped me full of antibiotics (after blowing out a vein in my left arm) and gave me a script for more antibiodics and sent me home at 5:00am. Called my family doctor and he said they should of drawn some of the fluid out to see what kind of infection I have, so he's waiting for the hospital report to see if anything else needs to be done. Now I hurt like hell, can't sleep, can not hardly use my right arm and drinking wine with my left hand with the hope the wine will let me sleep. If this is a sign of old age, I vote NO.
  9. i bled the clutch 2 months ago then again 1 month ago because the fluid was murky brown i thought maybe i didnt get all of the old break fluid out so i bled it again untill i got clear fluid dumped the old fluid and bed them again since i had clear fluid coming out i kept adding clear fluid until i went through the whole big bottle to make sure i flushed it good. i just took the cover off and the fluid looks like i never changed it any ideas what could be yes it has i think to be the original hoses
  10. Hi, 2005 Venture, picked up in March this year, advertised as needing a shock, and nearing 100k miles, but at a good price. Talked to the guy on the phone, big guy...maybe twice my size, so I figure maybe it's still rideable at my weight of 160. Sure enough, it appeared the shock was blown as even with me on it it rode like a '73 Buick with eight of your buddies in the seats and the rest in the trunk headed for the $2 a car drive-in. And the bottom of the shock had some semi wet residue on it. After reading a bunch of threads about shocks I recalled having read something about tilting the bike and allowing fluid to run out of the shock to quiet a 'groaning' seal. Well when I bought the bike I was told it had been laid down on the highway in traffic a couple years earlier, don't know how long it was laid over. So I got to thinking the other night...maybe most of the oil ran out of the shock. In haste without doing any digging as to what to put in it other than a note I had read about someone putting 20W shock oil and some Automatic Tranny fluid...I wound up with all I could find at a Pep Boys at 8pm...A quart of ATF. Figured I'd squirt an ounce or two into the shock, see how bad it leaked and go from there. It took the first couple and there was a noticeable 'feel' of a difference bouncing up and down while in the driveway. So I fed it a couple more shots, even better! Couple more and there was a real difference. All the time checking underneath expecting a puddle. Took it for a quick spin around the block and it was still a bit 'rocking horse' feeling if I tried to make it bounce. Had never checked the air in it, thinking if the oil leaked out how could it hold any air!? Put about 50# of air in it and it felt way to stiff, so I dropped it down to about 35#. That was Monday evening. Rode to work and back past couple of days, about 40 miles total, hitting every rough spot and little whoop ti do I normally avoid and not a single drop of oil has shown up under it. In addition to this my 'nose diving' at stops has been reduced by about 80% which is huge when you're short legged and that nose diving really screws up your stopping stability and confidence. I'll be putting some miles on it this weekend, going on a 600 mile round trip run to Vegas. So we'll see how it holds up. Any thoughts as to why it wouldn't be leaking now if it had in the past? Did the ATF just swell the seals and they'll rot away now? Should I take it off and drain it so I can get the correct measured amount of fluid put in? (Read somewhere, but only 1 post, that there's roughly 7.5 oz of fluid.) What is the proper fluid to put in it?
  11. Anybody try this???http://venturerider.org/forum/picture.php?albumid=1039&pictureid=7042
  12. want to change fluid in clutch res: can't find the bleeder where did they hide that little sucker? help please. got front brakes and rear brakes done. 2006 venture. going on my first 5 day ride to mount rushmore , bad lands and other sights to see, try'n to get reddy to go. clutch fluid looks dirty, wanna change it!:confused24:
  13. I got energetic today and changed the brake fluid. Being it's an '08 with 5k miles I doubted it had ever been done. Everything looked good inside the reserviors, just discoloration of the fluid. I'll let the experts decide if it looks normal or past due. One bottle contained new brake fluid (for comparison only) while the other is what came out of it. [ATTACH]70623[/ATTACH]
  14. hey all ok leaking clutch fluid from what i can see looks like it coming from hose seal where it attaches to slave valve or valve it self. dont want to take off gear cover yet cause im not sure if there is a gasket on that and i dont have one to put back on if i go to get parts . guess what im getting to is is it a big deal to pop that cover just to see whats going on or just get all parts first then do job. and who has least expensive hose and push valve . ill most likely just change everything any while im in there.
  15. My 89 started ..oh about 2 weeks ago, where it seemed that when first started the clutch would engage "very early" upon the slow release of the clutch lever. But it seemed to return to normal after a shift or two. Yesterday, when I pulled in the clutch to shift into 1st after starting it for the first time, it almost seemed to move without releasing the clutch. Upon releasing the clutch, it immediately engaged, i mean it did not take anything at all to engage 1st gear. Again, after several shifts it seemed to be okay. Haven't seen any leakage of fluid and there appears to be enough fluid in the reservoir. So..??? any ideas ? ( and no... I'm not buying a slower 2nd Gen! )
  16. I have recently purchased a 1999 rsv. I previously rode a goldwing. I am enjoying the different ride provided by the venture. But now I am experiencing a clutch slip at the higher rep range. When applying throttle it is like the clutch lever was engaged and the bike revs up. I will change out the clutch fluid and check the clutch spring and I am hoping this will fix the problem. My question is how long should a clutch replacement take and how much will this set me back?
  17. I contacted this morning the Yamaha dealer, for a price quote for changing the brake and clutch fluid. they told me it will take up to 2 hours to change the fluids ...is this correct ? I thought always you can do that in 1 hour? They quoted my 120 dollars labor and 20 dollars for the fluids.
  18. I have Tour Deluxe and I have looked over the different post, but still seem to be lost. I need pictures as to where to bleed the clutch fluid would like to install the speed bleeders but not sure where they go? Any help would be great. Thanks, Dan
  19. I have a 2000 Royal Star Venture and I have a leak that is making me crazy. Yamahas are not supposed to leak. It forms a pool on the lower shock and drips. I recently changed the clutch fluid. Is this the slave cylander leaking?
  20. I remember reading a long time ago on a forum that a good way to keep the brake and clutch fluid fresh is to use a turkey baster and suck out the fluid in the reservoirs every time you change oil. Just be certain you don't pull on the levers. Did I dream that or would that work on our Royal Stars? Just wondering......
  21. Seems that Bobby had a hard breathing this morning..Becky called 911 and he was taken to Springville hospital via ambulance....Becky tells me he is resting comfortably.. he seems to have some fluid on his lungs and the Drs. are concerned about his heart. He is being kept overnight for observation...I will post more when I find out more..
  22. My Clutch master started oozing/leaking around it's sight glass. I have ignored the crazing ugly mess for a couple of years, but this spring she started to leak. Instead of risking my plastic, I bought the watch crystal as mentioned in the other thread and decided to get to work. First, open up the master and become horrified. This goo is all over in there, which means it's in the slave and line. yay, more work ahead of me. Clean it out good, I siphoned out all the old with an old turky baster and rags. then washed it with clean new synthetic DOT3 compatible. you can see the corrosion from the water that was in the fluid. Note: change the fluid more than once every 4 years. second, get a couple of tiny thin screwdrivers and a small hammer, you can go around the outside of the old glass making a gap, to eventually get most of the old rotted plastic out. at this time the little metal piece that has a slot on it will fall out. dont worry, you will not use this anymore. Third, get a small screwdriver and start tapping out the metal insert ring that held the old sight glass assembly. go careful as you can ding up the aluminum housing easily. Finally, clean it all up with a painters prep and get a good strong solvent resistant epoxy. I used JB weld as they claim it's brake fluid resistant and I cant find others that do claim this. but it has to be fully cured, so that means a few days without contact to Brake fluid. that's it. Unless someone finds a way to put a more modern one on the bike, we cant get replacement sight glasses, and Used ones are ready to fail just based on age. I really hope this helps someone, it took me a leap of faith to do it and I freaked out when the sight glass did not fit, that's when I discovered the press fit insert you have to knock out.
  23. My mother in-law passed away in March and my wife went to Michigan to take care of things. The first week of May I went to bring her and everything from the estate home. Before I left for Michigan I went for a nice long ride and when I parked the bike I noticed a drip of brake fluid on the right upper fairing. As far as I could tell it was coming from the back side of the plunger. No big deal right? I would look into it when I got home. Bad idea. I arrived home three days later and found the master cylinder had emptied out. I cleaned it the best I could, but it was too late. Over the next hundred miles or so pieces would just fall off as I rode down the road. My bike was previously laid down on the right side so the spidercracked fairing didn't help. I guess this is one of those lessons I learned the hard way. At least the left side still looks good.
  24. I just finished draining the old fluid and filling with fresh Dot 4. I bled it until I have all new fluid from the bleeder valve and no bubbles. Problem is now with the system all closed up I cant get the clutch lever to build any pressure and engage the clutch. Any suggestions to solve the problem?
  25. So I'm about to change the Rad Fluid On My 91 VR. 1) I'm guessing that the Rad Plug just above the oil filter is where I drain the rad fluid. Is that the lowest point for the rad fluid or might there another place also? 2) I'm plan to put the plug back in and fill with water and drain again a couple 2 or 3 times? 3) With it full of just water I plan on running the engine so to circulate the water through out the entire cooling system to get every last drop of old anti freeze out. 4) After I flush the Rad for the last time, I'm going to install Sky_Docs Rad Drain up grade Kit. 5) I've read that any anti freeze today will be just fine. But to stay away from silcone based anti freeze. I plan on getting regular Prestone premix 50/50. 6) How much Watercooler additive do I put in. I'm planning on a summer visit to Las Vegas and the surrounding areas this Late June / early July. Any suggestions?
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