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  1. Greetings, new member from the eastern shore of MD. I have been riding and wrenching for 20+ years, just added a 2000 RSV mm to the stable and had it out for the first real ride today. The front brakes on this bike are very weak -- the rear brake is great and oddly feels 5x as strong as the front. The fluid looks clear and the master cylinder seems to actuate cleanly. Before I pull the calipers off and check out that side of the equation, I figured I would check the wisdom of the list on any potential common problem(s) to look for. I did a quick forum search, but didn't find anything that stood out to me. Thanks in advance, Israel
  2. Check it out: http://www.ldrider.ca/BCroutes/bcrides.html
  3. Anybody here watch tv over the internet. My nephew received some type of device that allows them to watch TV can't remember the name of it. I know you can somehow do it with a X-Box or Playstation but were not interested in that. This magic gizmo allows you to watch on your television and not the computer. We have a DSL connection not sure of speed or how to check it but it is a reliable connection. Any help would be appreciated I'm just tired of paying for a bunch of stuff I don't watch (dish network ) and looking for alternatives. thanks Vincent
  4. I am currently working on the itinerary, motel and dinner prices for this rally... Some time today I will post dates, times and pertinent information in the rally section of this forum... IF you plan on booking a room for the rally do it early as many of the motels and hotels book out with seasonal workers for the well industry....We have a fun time in the works as usual... check us out and join us for this fun filled event. Give me a few hours to get this thread started....and again camping is free at the rally site...See you there
  5. I have been chasing this problem for way too long. So before I have this bike sent to a salvage yard, I am going to reach out to the experts. Problem - low beam is way to dim. 1. Bulb has tested good. 2. Dimmer switch replaced and is good as well as clean. 3. Not real sure how to check the reserve lighting unit but I have three of them and same symptom with all three. This pretty much eliminates a bad RLU. 4. I also removed the CMU to check for a faulty solder point and could not identify any but re-soldered the plug solder points anyway. Reinstalled - dim low beam still. Since I had another complete dash unit, I checked the replacement dash and found no issues and installed that one. Still a dim low beam. High beam is as bright as it should be, just a dim low beam. Battery is 12.6. How should I proceed from here? I'd hate to part this thing out; it runs just too good to do that. Thanks in advance for your help. herb
  6. Check out the 1956 Chevy
  7. Dang! This side is exactly like my old life. Same aches and pains. Everything. If I wasn't sure the world ended yesterday I wouldn't know it today. Say... I better check my bank accounts. This could be another Wall Street scam. Mike
  8. Can someone give me a quick verbal (walkthru) of how to "properly" perform a compression check. Bike is an 86. I have a pretty good idea of how to check the compression, but since it has been literally years since I've done one on anything, I just need a quick review of the procedure. Here's how I would do one. Once the motor is exposed, I would 1) remove all the spark plugs 2) short out all the spark plug wires to not harm the CDI box 3) connect gauge 4) at full throttle, crank the motor over until max pressure is observed on the gauge for each cylinder 5) if low one tests low (what would be low??), squirt a little oil in that cylinder chamber then recheck 6) record all results Good compression would be where no one cylinder is more than 10 off from any other. Add anything you think I missed or should know before proceeding. Thanks
  9. Never thought I'd ever do this again but I did. Haven't had good experiences over the years with "clubs" but I've ridden with this group a number of times and it seems to "fit" right. Anyone else in the Vancouver / Lower Mainland area that might be interested, check out this vid ... [ame= ] [/ame]
  10. am looking for an ez-steer for a 1999 royal star venture before i start handing out big dollars thought i would check if anyone has one they would like to sell
  11. Another way we can help St. Jude is by using the search engine at http://www.goodsearch.com. Every time you use it, it will donate to your charity of choice, of course everyone knows what my choice is. Check it out.
  12. I want to check the float level on my 89, and I've read the directions and other posts. If you've done this, how have you connected the tubing to the carb. drain screw so that it doesn't leak? I read where Yammie has a special tool for this, but I saw that it looks like Dingy had something just pushed into the hole that he was able to connect a hose to. What's worked for you? Frank D.
  13. my venture sprung an oil leak from a cam cover gasket so she is parked till spring. but on the bright side while i have it open i am gonna check my valve clearances
  14. Lowered the price of my RSTD if anyone is interested. Check the clasified. Joe
  15. http://www.motorcycleshows.com/atlanta-brands 3pm Friday Sat & Sun at the Cobb Galleria I was hoping it would start early Friday. I had plans for the weekend but would like to see someof the new bikes. STAR will be there as will Triumph and BMW. All with models I want to check out. Discounts on admission availoable via Progressive web site I imagine as well as Triumph. I will likely try to go early Saturday.
  16. i was using google chrome and google just knocked me off vr.org it said the site was compromised by hackers has this happened to anyone else yet or am i the only one Don if you read his can you check into this it says maleware detected and will not let me proceed any further using google now i have no problem with IE and have not checked fire fox
  17. Just got a text from his wife. Not sure the story but will find out. She said it is totalled. He has a broken zygomatic arch in cheekbone, broken right hand, and a detached retina. Of course bruises along with it. Surgery will repair all of that and his is ok. She said lot of front damage and fairing. He is up in SAMC so we will try and stop by to check on him. Sappermedic (Brian Wilkerson a.k.a. goes by Wilkie) Lives outside S.A. in Converse He must be doing ok, she just texted and said he is worried about his bike and not making the fall run to Leakey. J.B.
  18. Check this out.... http://teaneck.patch.com/articles/frosted-unfrosted-mini-wheats-recalled-for-metal-fragments-85ae8462
  19. My 99 RSV will start fine in neutral. But will not turn over when in gear with the clutch pulled in. Clutch slave was just rebuilt if that would make any difference. What are the things to check? Kickstand switch? Other? Thanks, Ross
  20. Got trunk complete other then some pinstriping to be done at Don's in June. Could not upload so check out you tube link. [ame] [/ame] hope it works. Tell me what you think. Joe
  21. Ok folks here's the deal. Back in November I purchased a trike from Integrity cycles of Columbus Ohio. I bought it over the phone relying on the name of the business and taking their word that it was a good machine. (that was obviously my first mistake). JerryM was kind enough to go to the dealer to check it out for me. They only let him test drive in their back lot (seems suspicious) but he said it seems to be a good buy, so I sent him my card and he went and bought it for me. A few days later I flew out and JerryM was kind enough to pick me up at the airport, feed me dinner and put me up for the night. He and his family were the best part of this ordeal. Thanks again to gerry, debbie and nikki. When I left the next morning I stopped and filled up then i hit the road. After I got out of town and up to speed it seemed to run rough and not have much power. I thought maybe i had gotten some bad gas so i threw in a can of sea foam and kept going. Well after the second tank of fuel it still wasn't running right so I stopped at a dealer to have the carb synch checked out and to call Integrity cycles. Now by this time I am half way home. Frank at Integrity said i could either bring it back to have them look at it (by the time I got there they would be closing and I had to be to work the next day) or I could have my local mechanic look at it and if it needed something he would send me a check. Ok good, so I kept heading for home with the assumptiom that he was a man of his word. I took it to my mechanic and he started working on it. Well someone had removed the entire intake system and put on four k&n filters apparently without rejetting the carbs so I took the intake system off my 02 and put it on the 01. Instantly 95% more power and smoother running. Only problem with that is now the clutch is slipping. Again I call Frank at Integrity, he says no problem , have my guy fix it and he will cover the bill. Incidently while I was having the cruise, clutch and running problem fixed Frank was supposed to send the stock exhaust as it now had straight pipes and to adjust the carbs properly it needs the right amount of back pressure and incoming air. I had to buy the intake system, which Frank said he would cover the cost. The agreement was that Frank would cover the cost of fixing the cruise, the running problem (IE the intake system and adjustment) and send the stock mufflers thad never did arrive (supposedly ups lost them) so Frank said to just buy some used ones and he would cover that too. By this time I am starting to lose faith in him but he said to fax him all my receipts and he will send me a check to the tune of over $850 and I forgot to send him the receipt for the mufflers so i figured I would just eat that expense if he would just cover the bill so far. So I did as he asked back on jan 6 and still no check and he will not return my calls. Now i dont expect it to pe perfect but it should at least be able to pass the state inspection. Our agreement was that I would cover all the other problems that i found on the way home like the 18" tires that rubbed the fenders. (replacement wheels and tires $650) or the broken odometer reset buttons. (replacement speedometer used $250) or the welded shift rod ($25) or the blown rear speakers ($75) not to mention all the miscellanious nuts and bolts from yamaha and the complete rewire of the backend, and it still needs more. I dont think that it is asking too much of him to just cover the cost of making it street legal. I will cover the rest. Am I being unreasonable? Now Pam in the office there was a pleasure to deal with but obviously Frank is NOT a man of his word. He is supposed to be the man in charge but he apparently does not believe that the word integrity means anything. I think I will send him the defination. Thanks to everyone here for letting me tell my tale and hopefully anyone who goes there is VERY carefull and remember caviet emptor. If on the off chance I ever do see a check from him I will let you all know but right now I am not holding my breath. thanks again Mike
  22. Like to see if someone in the area could take a look at this trike and check it out for me. Its located in Green, Ohio. Its about 70 miles from Don, but I know he is very busy guy. Hope someone else could check it out for me. Its a 93 Venture trike. Owner doesnt know what kit is on it or if the front end is raked. He said it would be okay for someone to come by and check it out. http://akroncanton.craigslist.org/mcy/3216256238.html
  23. Just uploaded some pictures showing the progress of the flip nose conversion of my Motorvation Formula II. Check out the link below for the pictures. http://www.venturerider.org/forum/album.php?albumid=1094
  24. I'm about to check the valves on my '05 Venture.Do I need to buy new valve cover gaskets or are they rubber reusable ones?I want to have everything I need before I tear into the bike because I'm doing it in a friends' garage.Anything else I will need?Thanks in advance for the help.
  25. Here is a site you can use to help determine if the ergos of you and your bike fit. Start by clicking on 'add bike'. You can customize the bike, check if you can flat foot it, etc... I did not check to see if it had an antique section for 1st gens... http://cycle-ergo.com/
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