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  1. I built one when i had my rsv and it worked great. Originally my tongue was too short and it did fishtail a little so I added 2 feet and it was fine. We ran into a couple from arizona at rolling thunder years ago and they had built one. He said they have been using it for years without any problems. Oh and neither mine nor his had any brakes on it. Just 2 wheels a tongue and wiring. good luck with yours. Mike
  2. T and I are in. Are we big enough to count as three people?
  3. you are 20 minutes away from us so long as its not the last weekend in april we can be there mike and tina
  4. I too must say thanks to Big Tom for his assistance. He was a big help. (I owe you an ice cream) Another to Chad and the fine folks at Pioneer. What great people and a excellent place to do business. They really went above and beyond. To Don for starting this wonderful site. It has been a great source of entertainment and information and we have met so many good people from here. It has truly been a pleasure to be a part of it. We look forward to meeting many more members in the future. Last but not least a BIG Thank You to my perfect wife Tina for not just the great valentines gift o
  5. we have been using 2 post lifts made by rotary for decades now and have never had one fail. if you are mainly lifting cars then get one where both arms swing the same direction. it is alot easier for lifting smaller cars. if you are lifting mainly trucks then go with one where the arms swing in different directions.
  6. hello if you are interested i still have my 01 trike with a tri wing kit on it. it is still listed in the classified section on page 2 but for some reason it says sold. ill take 9k for it and it has a bunch of stuff to go with it. pm me if you want more details. thanks mike
  7. we will be thinking of you bob, take care and get well soon mike and t
  8. A BIG congrats to you both. It is rare to see any long term marriages these days. Tina and I are in good company as on the 30th of this month we will have been married 29 years. You two have a good one and hope to see you in august. Mike and T
  9. hey bob. the can am is on hold till the trike sells and as of yesterday the garage i have been working at for the last 11 years closed its doors so i guess i need another job first. but thats ok cause we had ice cream and that makes everything alright. big tom has broad shoulders, he can take it. i think we will go get more tomorrow.
  10. I finally got the trike put back together after having the trunk sealed. We went for a nice 75 degree ride through the hills. She got her first helmet hair of the season. And best of all we got ICE CREAM. Life is good. Mike and T
  11. tina and i rode one last year and before the ride was over she asked when are we going to get one. the steering took a little getting used to but it rode better than our trike and had excellent power. as soon as we can sell our trike we will be getting the red rts model
  12. there were four of them on my trike when i got it and it ran like crap even with the choke all the way out. the useless dealer i bought the bike from said it had been rejetted to use them but that was just another lie from them as when i put a stock intake system on it it was like a totally new bike. all kinds of power. (lesson learned never buy sight unseen over the phone) i had the jets checked to make sure they were the proper ones for the stock system and they were. so without rejetting the carbs it WILL run like garbage. mike
  13. thanks all this would be a project that my son and i would do together and would be done on a shoestring budget. i just didn't want to sink a couple grand into it if it wont be worth it in the end.
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