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  1. Congrats Dave. I know you have been looking forward to this and i know you will enjoy it to the fullest. Cheers to continued good health and a long retirement. Now to work on Bernie's retirement. LOL
  2. Great day. Thanks Paul and Mary for hosting this. It was hot for sure but the shade from the garage was good. Nice to meet a couple of new guys and to reminisce with the old guys. Thanks again. Relic
  3. Happy Birthday and cheers to many more. Looks like you had a great couple of days.
  4. Nice blog. Have a great trip. Stay cool. lol
  5. Been riding for 46 years and insured for all of it. Renewal just came. $1335 full coverage through The Personal. Was $1329 last year so not much change. Unfortunately I live in Brampton which has the highest rates in all of North America. It is time to remove insurance rates by postal code in this province.
  6. It was a great day and thanks as well to Bernie and Dave for hosting us all. Missed the ride but still had a great afternoon of conversation with Bernie and the rest of the group that stayed back. Also it was a pleasure to meet Puc as well. Sorry it had to be so short of time. Hope to see everyone again this summer. Will see what happens?
  7. Saw one at the bike show up here and I can say I really liked it. Alas at $34,000 I won't be having one anytime soon. Unless!!!! I win the lottery. lol
  8. Paul, Mary and their daughter Izzy. He goes by Grez007 on site.
  9. Great meet last night and the food was really good. Or at least my stomach said so. lol So good to see everyone that we have not seen in awhile. Thanks Ben for setting this up. Hope to see you all in the riding season this year.
  10. Very nice. Great idea!
  11. We will put this on the calendar and hope to make it.
  12. :Happy Birthday:Happy Birthday Evan and cheers to many more. Have a great day.
  13. Great pictures Phil. Thanks for sharing. I can see then now that I paid my money LOL Had to rejoin. Just missed you guys too much.
  14. Thanks Paul and Mary for hosting a great day. Great to see all that were there.
  15. Thoughts and prayers sent for all things to be ok Puc!
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