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  1. I still check in on this site a couple times a week, still riding my 83’Blonde when i get a chance. Weather is starting to turn cooler around these parts, probably only a month or so before hibernation
  2. Home safe and sound about an hour ago..awesome riding and scenery was had by all who attended. Total mileage over about 1000kms over 2 days of superb riding weather. Special thanks to Evan for sharing his very special cottage and property with us( even our bikes were sheltered for the night). Also a very special thanks to our route planner who i know put alot of time and effort into connecting all the best roads available to get us where we wanted to be. It was nice to even see a couple others who joined for part of the ride to keep us company for a while
  3. it was nice to meet you Andrew(albeit briefly)hopefully you can make it out to the meet and greet bbq in the spring and we can get better acquainted
  4. Sounds good Evan, i will be at the end of my road just after 8am waiting for our guide to come by
  5. I have it from a reliable source that I may snore, although I still have a hard time believing it because I have never heard said snoring for myself. As far as hugging goes, get me a couple "beverages"and we can talk about it
  6. HECK YA, I’m down for this, put me down for a bed in the trailer or cabin:eek:
  7. I think there was a black pouch in that box of stuff you haded over to me, you are welcome to get it back if you like. I think its one of the smaller ones with a snap, not a zipper( wherever thats supposed to go) that seat looks awesome by the way, glad you were able to save it!
  8. I once had a seat that dirty, I couldn’t get it clean, so i gave it away
  9. You could start contacting XV100SE(Don), Dogman(Dave), herb1 (Rob), stickhandle2(Mike) or Sleepy2(Phil) they were the second gen bikes that would have been there Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  10. Izzy and I will be making it a group of 4 bikes. We will be coming weather permitting as I don’t want to ride with Izzy in the rain... if we cancel i will text/call Carl the night before departure Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  11. Officially booked at the Red Roof, LOOKING FORWARD to meeting some other members
  12. Carl, I’d be fine with the red roof inn also if you are. I’ll call and book tomorrow if you’re down with that. I’ll be getting a room for Izzy and I
  13. Last minute additions here if we may....myself and the girls will be attending. Looking forward to seeing everyone (I tried to rsvp in the calendar but it was closed)
  14. Well this year's meet has come to an end. We were blessed with a beautiful warm(ok really warm) day, lots of good people, good food and good conversation. Got to see a couple folks we hadn't seen in a while and meet a member we had never met before(poor guy,now he's part of the family this gathering was a great success in my books!! Hope everyone got home safe, hope to see you all again sooner than later
  15. HarryHammer, not sure if your filter is in the same place as my 83 but mine is on the left side of the bike behind the frame approximately where the passengers foot rest is, most easily seen from the rear of the bike looking up and forward, it's hard to see from the outside of the bike even with the side cover off because the fuel pump sits right in front of it
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