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  1. Great story Don, That is neat when you think back on all the various adventures that we take on our bikes. Mike
  2. stickhandle2


    Congratulations Marca and Carl on your Anniversary. Mike and Tammie
  3. Belated Happy Birthday Ben. Mike and Tammie.
  4. Ben, Tammie and I are very sorry to hear of the loss of Maritas Father. Please accept our condolences . Take care, Mike
  5. Nice find Ray, love how you move it around. Mike
  6. Congrats to both Don and Mike. It is something we all go through for various reasons, did the same myself when the 02 RSV Midnight was sold in the fall. Not long after something else was taking its place in the garage and then new memories are made. All the best to both of you on your new adventures. Mike
  7. Thanks Ben, another fun time at Mother Tucker’s. It is always great catching up and seeing everyone . Mike
  8. Thanks Dave, that is an advantage of living in this area, the ugly real cold weather takes a while to show up, so our riding season lasts a bit longer.
  9. Beautiful truck, congratulations.
  10. So took the plunge and have got a new to us ride. I picked up a 2009 Honda ST1300, kind of weird I didn’t even think of this bike, that is until I saw an add for one , it was close to the house so figured what the heck let’s take a look. Well liked it and both of us were comfy when we tried it out. The garage is back to having 3 bikes in it, the 2013 Ural (the dog claims it is his bike), the 02 SV650 , and the the 09 ST1300. First time not having a Yamaha in there. Ride safe all. Mike
  11. Very true Carl, that was the reason for the question to the group, Tammie and I do ride together quite a bit and since we got the Ural it has been with her in the sidecar many times. We still like to ride two up on two wheels as well, the plan is when I check out a bike I will try to have both of us there. For solo riding I can jump on the SV650 and take it for a spin. i have been eyeing the FJR and VStrom 1000 for some time and figured somebody on the site had some experience with them.
  12. Thanks Dave, it is a decision that I had been thinking about for a while, it is always neat to have a bunch of bikes to ride but inevitably 1 doesn’t get ridden as much, I myself don’t like seeing a bike not being ridden and enjoyed. Mike
  13. Carl, I wouldn’t do that and take all the attention away from you, but really I already have a bike with 3 wheels. Mike
  14. Thanks for the input, I realize there won’t be as much room vs what I had on the RSV, as for the cruise control I only used it a couple times. I will just have to go see a couple bikes and bring my better half with me so we can see how it is with both of us on the bike.
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