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  1. Go Buckeyes, Ya'll said no way Bucks could beat Bama, Ducks are next. Gary http://i1007.photobucket.com/albums/af193/gdingy101/Ohio_zps08a734ad.jpg
  2. Having been born in Brooklyn in 1955 and leaving there in 1990 for Florida I thought maybe a nice visit back home would be nice. So, we took a plane up to NYC last week for 4 days vacation and our anniversary. Never again. While the food was still the best, you sure do pay for it. We also rented a car. The roads are just as lousy if not worse then I remember. Driving around was akin to being in a Mad Max movie and im not making this up. I must have had 10 close calls in those 4 days. Parking is abysimal. Double parking is rampant. You pay for parking through the nose. Maybe I have been gone from there too long but people are just plain rude. And some of the old neighborhoods are now looking like some other country. Flushing Queens now looks like any street in Hong Cong and I dont just mean the people. The stores all have the bright garish signs that you see in shots of Hong Cong. Jackson Heights reminds me of some third world area. Buildings are stuck just about anywhere with no thought given to its surroundings. My old hang-outs like Pizza City and the big Bow-Wow in Howard Beach are all gone. White Castle dont taste the same. Many cars now sport BumperBully's, a rubber drape that covers your rear bumper so the idiot parking behind you dont scratch your bumper when he hits it, and he will. Laguardia Airport looks like it should be condemned. Its filthy. Guess im used to clean places now. Jax and Baltimore airports are spotless. Some good points: SouthWest airlines was first rate. Hotel was good. We stopped for lunch at Katz' Deli in lower Manhattan on Houston street. Paid 3 bucks to park for 1 hour and 15 bucks for a Pastrami on rye. But, this sandwich was the bomb. If you have never eaten a steamed pastrami or corned beef sandwich you dont know what your missing.Had some great Spumoni Ice Cream at Spumoni Gardens in Brooklyn, TWICE!! (eat your heart out Tom!) Maspeth Pizza is still the best and Palermos Italian Pastries, well, you know:smile5:...3 boxes of italian pastries barely made it home in the luggage. The cannolis were totaled but with the help of a spoon, tasted great. We spent some time with relatives and other then the above things all was well. I resorted to some of my old language while driving though. And to think that I drove a tractor trailer in this mess for 15 years. No wonder im nuts..... Even Jean was glad we're back home as was the "kids". Next vacation will be someplace with a view, balcony, kitchenette and maybe an ocean for good measure. Florida Keys maybe or a mountain cabin in NC. OK, ill go to bed now.....
  3. Just paid my yearly fee, best $12 bucks I ever spent on a motorcycle,, Thank guys, this is a great site
  4. I've always ran Metzler tires on my sport bikes. So now that I have a 85 Venture project I have to decide on a set of tires. As always budget is a concern, but are the Marathon 880's good. Its only a few bucks more than the Kenda Cruz @ Royal Distributing?? Or is there somewhere better to get tires in Ontario??
  5. This story starts back in Feb'2012 when my beloved Motorvation Trailer got legs and disappeared over the horizon. Since the escape it's remained at large. It was insured so I wasn't worried about finding something to replace it, and after a few months I started shopping Craigslist instead of hoping to see the Motorvation listed for sale by the DS that took it. About a month ago I ran into a nice 2003 American Legend Trailer and bought it. It looks good behind the RSV even though it's black, and the price was very right. Fast forward to last weekend. Just before buying the AL I found a white 2010 Teardrop listed in a local auction, but ran into a scheduling problem and couldn't make the auction. To my surprise it turned up again last weekend due to the bidder not having the bucks to pay for it. So I bought it this time around. The price was very close to what I had paid for the Legend. I actually bought it to make a few bucks since I already had a trailer that I liked. Here's the conundrum.... The dang thing is growing on me, and now I don't know what to do??? Which one should I keep?? The Legend is built to retro blend with a Harley and does look good behind the '99. The Teardrop has cleaner lines and is like a cavern inside. Which way do you think I should go???
  6. A few months ago I bought a Saddlemens seat from the classifieds here. It had a separate trunk seat back cover, which needed to be installed over the old pad. After removing the old cover with its 100 staples (or so it felt) I tried to staple the new cover on. My old staple gun just wasnt up to the task. I called a local auto upholsterer who quoted me a price of 80 bucks an hour. So, it would probably have run me about 40. I tried Sargents Cycle, which is located here in town and the guy said to come on by right now and they will take care of it right away. Cost would only be about 15 bucks. I got there about 1:30 and at 1:40 I had my pad back, looking like it came from the factory. They even steamed it to fit nice and snug. Took out my money and he waved me off. No charge, just remember us in the future. I gave him a tip to give to the installer and we argued about that. He finally took it and off I went. Everyone who passed me in the show room asked if I was being helped while I was waiting. Customer service really impressed me there and they had some really nice seats. I never asked if they had Venture seats but I am going back to them this week to see if they can fit the saddlebag lid covers I have on properly so ill ask them about seats for our bike. http://www.sargentcycle.com/
  7. A girlfriend of ours needs a new chain and she is on a budget what would be a good brand of chain without spending a arm and a leg. Shop quoted her 300 bucks installed but I'm pretty sure I can put it on. 1999 Honda VLX 650 or 600 cc Thanks
  8. I have been sanding the wheels on my 99 to begin polishing them. I still have a long way to go. I looked around at several chromers and polishers and was amazed at their quotes. One polisher, who I liked his work alot, came in at a price higher then some of the chromers. Best chrome price I can get is about 700 bucks. The polished wheels came in just over that. Guess ill just have to knuckle down and finish what I already started myself. The cost is just too prohibitive to farm it out.
  9. Just curious. Several weeks ago there was a set of chrome RSV wheels on Ebay for around 750 bucks from ChromePros wheel exchange. Did anyone here buy them?
  10. ok i just spent my 12 bucks
  11. The California Lotto just hit half a billion dollars, and for that kind of money I sweetened the pot by another $5 bucks... Ya can't win unless ya gots a ticket...
  12. I thought I ordered Ride-On a few yrs ago and got three bottles for around 21 bucks. Now lowest listing I can find is about 14 bucks a bottle. Has it raised that much??? This Garage is putting a major dent in my savings. Gotta watch it the Boss claims. Money for the Hot Tub and Big Screen is in jepordy.
  13. Discovered a slash on my left front tire on my SUV. It started leaking air as I arrived at work last night.Truck needed tires soon anyway so I went to the tire dealer. I had looked up the price online and set my appt there as well. Over 600 bucks. When I got the bill it was under 500 bucks with a mail in rebate as well. Took me a minute but I realized then that they pro rated my old set. That saved me over 100 bucks. It was a pleasent surprise.... Next week, the car!!!!
  14. Don I didn't know how to delete thread. Found Progressives for 65 bucks but 15 bucks shipping is high for them. Posted thread before I looked at shipping. Don't know if I would pay that much. http://www.ebay.com/itm/83-93-YAMAHA-Venture-Royale-Progressive-Suspension-Front-Fork-Springs-Kit-/400267987146?hash=item5d31d4c8ca&item=400267987146&pt=Motorcycles_Parts_Accessories&vxp=mtr
  15. hi all I found this stuff at advanced auto vavoline synthetic brake fluid dot 3&4 ? do you think it good for the clutch on 83 venture. its good price about 6 bucks for a quart bottle. but i never seen brake fluid marked 3 and 4 . your thoughts???
  16. here's the deal. i have the chance to buy an 86 venture that is in need of most of the plastic parts. the saddle bags and the trunk are in decent shape but the rest is pretty much toast. it supposedly runs ok and it will need a battery,tires and the valve covers are leaking. it looks like it has been down on the right side but it wasn't very hard. do you all think it is worth 300 bucks? would it be worth the money after having to buy all new plastic? it is something that i would get going and give to my son and his wife. thanks mike
  17. Am I the only one........or does anyone else find it strange that Comagination lists no phone number and no address on their website. http://www.headlightmodulator.com/ and/or http://comagination.com/ Don't know about you......but I'm a little reluctant to send hundreds of bucks to someone without a business phone........or ANY phone. Likewise with the address thing! Anybody out there own any of their products? Thanks, Michael
  18. http://www.northerntool.com/shop/tools/product_200326924_200326924 As I needed some accessories for my Dremel for my fork polishing project I came across this at Northern Tool. Since I was already in possession of a NT 50 dollar gift card it only cost me 10 bucks!! The same stuff with the Dremel kit would cost well over 100 bucks! At 59 bucks its quite a steal. If your into any type of hobby stuff this tool is a great addition for the price.
  19. Any suggestions on removing and replacing the lower bearing on the lower tree? I have called a few cycle shops and all wanted at least 40 bucks to do it IF it comes off smoothly! More if not. One shop said they wanted double because I wanted the old bearing off first, then take it home to polish the lower tree and return it to them to install the new bearing. Thats 80 bucks min labor! Got to be a better (cheaper) way. Any suggestions? The races look relatively easy to come out.
  20. I got my Cavalcade running today and wow - what a ride! I'm impressed in the short distance I've gone. I sent the carbs in to have them rebuilt and then had a horrible time getting the airbox back on. A guy in my church who is rated one of the top mechanics in the nation came to my rescue! Now it is time to put her up for sale. I bought it to make a few bucks!
  21. Condor

    Spot 1 ?

    There's a fellow locally who is selling a SPOT 1 for $45 bucks. Do I want it?? What are my options??? Need a little wisdom feedback.
  22. Made it home at 845 PM.. Was good seeing you guys today! Come over sometime and lets relax and ride a little. Thanks for coming by Bucks house! Jim is REAL pleased BTW.
  23. I was talking to a tire guy and he mentioned a foam insert that he can get to put into the front tire. Supposedly if I run over something and cut the front tire it will allow me to maintain control and safely stop. I had never heard of this before but it did make me wonder. Is it worth the $35 bucks plus the extra few bucks to have him put it in? Anyone ever hear of it before? Shaun
  24. Ok well I ran into a SWEET deal on some close-out stuff at the HD dealer. I have picked up a safety chrome tip for the front fender, some neat lighted fork covers and a seat-pad that measures out to be the right height and width but about 1 inch long. Snagged all of this for 65 bucks!!! I also have decided to install an axillary power port, but have no idea where to put it, any ideas? Well that is about it for now. Course you know my wife thought that this was going to be a get it up and running and go, well guess not.LOL. Shaun
  25. Saw these on Flea-Bay and its spring tune-up time. I'm replacing the whole wire this year. They have them on Flea-Bay too only about 15 bucks more but a little harder to install. Warden with her little hands comes in handy sometimes. http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/VENTURE-XVZ1200-XJ550-FZ700-NGK-Spark-Plug-Cap-Set-/180647432080?pt=Motorcycles_Parts_Accessories&hash=item2a0f6d0f90
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