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  1. I use a gps program on my Droid called CoPilot Live Premium. I have replaced my Garmin with it and am so far happy. It has a lot of nifty features, one of which is "Drag Route". If you don't like where it is sending you and prefer other roads you can drag the route to change it right on your screen. This program sells for $9.99 on the Google Play store which includes one year of free traffic updates. I bought my copy late last summer. Recently I entered a contest that CoPilot was running, which had a grand prize of a Nexus tablet. I did not win the tablet, but did win a free copy of the software. Obviously, I cannot use it since I already own it. Therefore I am offering it to any VR member (subscribed members only) who may want it. The FIRST PERSON TO RESPOND BY PRIVATE MESSAGE will get it. Replying in the thread does not count. If you win the race, I will send you an email that contains instructions on installing along with the key code that activates it. Make sure it will work on your phone. If you have an older android phone it may not be compatible. Check it out here: http://copilotlive.com/us/personal/android.asp Let the race begin. Joe
  2. I think I would make two lists of the names of people I have known in my life. One list would be of people I would want to help. The other list would be of people I want to get rid of. So, if I do win, people should think about which list they would be on before they should contact me. RandyA
  3. rod

    win 2000 pro

    This is for you computer guys. I have been using win 2000 pro for years and never had a problem, no crashes or problems with any of my programs ever. The computer runs great but now the browsers and anti virus software does not work. I have an OEM XP disk. I want to up grade but can't get it to load. I tried to format from the bios but can't find the right menu. How do I get to the DOS promp to format the drive so I can re load the operating system or upgrade from the disk. I have backed up all my drives on an external hard drive. HELP Rod
  4. The California Lotto just hit half a billion dollars, and for that kind of money I sweetened the pot by another $5 bucks... Ya can't win unless ya gots a ticket...
  5. My Star Chapter is Raffling a 2012 Escape alumalite trailer to benefit Charity. The primary Charity will be CIRT( Central Illinois Riding Therapy), this organizations uses horse therapy for people that have Autism, Downs Syndrome and the like. Depending on the money raised we hope to help our local vets and Wounded Warrior as well. So here is the deal a $5 dollar donation gets you 1 chance to win and a $10 donation gets you 3 chances to win. There is only 1000 tickets being sold and the trailer will be shipped directly to the winners house at no cost to the winner. You can email me @ norr3mi@aol.com to reserve your tickets and find out how to make your donations. Drawing will be held June 2nd,2012. Please help us sell a 1,000 tickets so that we can make a maximum impact for others.
  6. Over the years here we have all clicked on various webistes to place our online votes for a member of our group... now it's my turn to ask: My nephew is in the running to win an autographed jersey from a Philadelphia Union soccer player. On the Philadelphia Union's Facebook page, he needs as many people to "Like" his comment as possible. If you are on Facebook and have a minute to spare, please help him win the jersey. Here's the 'how to' from his father: First, go to this link and "like" the Union. Next, go to this link and scroll down the comments, find the comment by Bill Malone, and "like" that comment. My son thanks you!!! Thanks to all for your help!
  7. I just looked at the Calendar and realized its only a little over 4 MONTHS till the International Rally. Man I need to get Loaded up,IM READY to go!! Looking at some of the threads I am getting excited about seeing alot of folks I havnt seen in years. Also I am ready to WIN THE TRAILER they are giving away.Heck of a deal,1 ticket$10.00 3 tickets $25.00 and DELIVERED to the closest dealer to you!! I have the Aluma MCT in Black but I am going to Win another :080402gudl_prv:and get me a CHARCOAL GRAY to match my WING!! Serious though this is a great deal and you have better chances at winning this than probably anything you have ever bought a raffle ticket for! Hey Ive seen the look on a winners face...PRICELESS!! Good luck to all and I will see alot of you in Cody Wy July 25,26,27,28,2011! http://www.cast-aways.com/CodyRegistrationForm.htm
  8. Here's your chance to win a new Yamaha. http://www.justsayyessweepstakes.com/ Best Regards,
  9. packers win!! they walked all over pittsburgh in the first half, let pittsburgh walk all over them in the second half but still managed to hold on for the win!!!
  10. Tye and I are going to support our Seattle Seahawks, the only NFL team to ever win a division title with a loosing record. Go..... Seahawks Win or Loose History will be made. Seahawks has nothing to loose, just let it all hang out and get a win. Any kind of a win even and ugly win.
  11. Free backrest for a RSTD for the cost of shipping and a donation to ST. jude's for what you think it's worth after you receive and inspect it. I got this from Mikealiasmike who is a member the same way. However I think I want the other style like the RSV. You can see a picture of this one at www.protac.net This is how it will work. I am thinking of a number between 1 and 100 the first person to get the number right will win the backrest. Please post only 1 number per member, also please be honest if you need it for your personal bike then submit you post otherwise let another member try and win. NOT FOR RESALE Thanks Joe star4772 (Hope this is fair to everyone) GOOD LUCK AND THE # IS **
  13. Do any of you get into the fantasy bidding on the Barrett Auto Auctions? I have never done it before but did for a while yesterday. It is actually kind of fun. If you are the closest and faster bidder on one of the selected cars, you can win a 32 gig Ipod. If you are the highest total points of the day, you win a 32 inch LCD TV and if you are the highest points winner for the entire 4 day auction, you win a full entertainment center. I would never have the time to sit, watch and bid on close to 40 hours worth of the auctions but it was fun doing it for a few hours yesterday. I didn't win anything but was close enough on the 4 that I did bid on that I earned a good many points. Had I played all day and did as well as I did on those four, I would have been near the top in the daily standings. Kind of fun but time consuming. I love watching what those cars bring though and realizing that I would have been sitting on a gold mine had I hung onto my two '69 Camaros, my 74 Dodge Challenger, my 454 Chevelle SS, my 1970 Buick GSX 455, my '71 Chevy Super Cheyenne short/wide bed truck with factory tach dash and etc. and several other cars from the past. Also Eileen once had a '68 Mustang convertible...that would do very well also.
  14. I know someone asked in another post whether u had to be present to win the raffle ticket prizes at the rally..... it has been custom in the past that you had to be present to win anything except the grand prize trailer........ bill announced earlier today about the 2nd and 3rd prizes of the netbooks...... well we have decided this year that not only will the grand prize trailer be a "not need to be present to win" item..........but also 1 of the netbooks....... so 1st ( the trailer)and 2nd ( a netbook) prizes can be won by anyone whether they are in attendance or not at the rally.
  15. I sent a check with all of the contact information in the envelope I never received a raffle ticket or any confirmation my ticket was in the hat. Just curious if I didn't win who did. I hope you met your goal for fund raising for a good cause.
  16. Ok Hope this works this time. If it does, I still win. First pics of 2010 Venture. http://s608.photobucket.com/albums/tt166/ventureroyale/2010%20venture/
  17. If you haven't heard of Susan Boyle yet you probably will. This is a clip from Britains got talent. I guess this is their American Idol. I think even Simon was surprised. It's worth the 7 minutes to watch it. [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wnmbJzH93NU]YouTube - Full Version. Win Susan Win. Susan Boyle - Britains Got Talent.[/ame] You may have to click the bar at the top to see it. Dennis
  18. This comes up again and again in the forums...I wonder...has anyone actually proved or disproved this? Say you took one of each, with equal ability riders, and had a quarter mile shootout? Make sure the bikes are both in a good state of tune, about equal (stock) weight, more or less, and ran them down the strip...wonder who would win? Is there any real difference in the motors? Or is there just a big weight difference? Hmmmm....
  19. Have any of you guys been involved in this auction program? Some of the stuff ends up going amazingly cheap. There is a timeline that restarts and goes 15 seconds from the last bid and if you are the last bidder and no one else bids for 15 seconds, you win at that price. The kicker is, everytime you bid, it cost you $.75 cents, whether you win or not. RandyA After looking at this, I guess it does not have anything to do with ebay. http://www.swoopo.com/
  20. The time has come to start the auction for the St. Jude, hats, t-shirts, pins, and license plate holders. These listings will last for 15 days. High bidder at the end of the auction will win their item. I have many more of these items to post up for auction, so dont dispair if you dont win this one, there will be other put up as soon as these are over. I have attached pics here of all the items.....the pin is identical to the logo on the t-shirt (I could not get a good closeup of the pin, that is the reason it looks like the tshirt.) You can follow this link right to the auction items.....Happy Bidding......... St. Jude Auctions
  21. ...dual 20" Cinema screens. Bad choice (in a way). It is a pair of modded early CB750's. One on each screen. Now I am thinking (bad rick, bad rick). I need two of them in the garage as his and her bikes. No you do not need a refill. Yes you do. No you don't. yes yes yes. Ok I win.
  22. I was :think:ing. Over a that a while back our leader had said that it was time for a contest. So I've been doing nothing but :fiddle:ing around lately ing my head in anticipation of :draming:ing of winning big. But I'm . Because I used to be:happy65:when I entered even if I was that I lost. Anyway it doesn't have to be any big:mo money:to win. Any will tell you its not how you:stirthepot: its how you keep your that makes the days go by. Heck, right now I could win and be one .
  23. I bid it to a little over $500.00. Salvage title so I was just going to part it out. I was outbid and it just wasn't worth any more to me. http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&ih=018&sspagename=STRK%3AMEWA%3AIT&viewitem=&item=280213081671&rd=1
  24. Well Dan your team dint win the National Title but they sure did kick OU all over the place . never seen OU stink so bad And WV look so good. Nice win for your team my friend and sorry that OU played so bad. Buddy
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