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  1. Got a phone call Sunday night about this....even tho I'm not on here much anymore I try and keep in touch with a few. Dan was a friend. Helpful to all that needed it. Gail and I always enjoyed talking with him whenever we ran into him at meets. Sometimes it would take him a while to warm up to new people, once that happened you were friends for life with him and a better friend you could not find. We will both miss him tremendously and most of all if we show up at a meet with him not there. Dan and I always kept in touch on FB and I will sure miss his posts. Prayers for his loving wife that I
  2. OK guys....I'll tell you a secret..........ALWAYS take and extra empty pistol case with you to the gun range or shop.....then when you find another gun, just put it in the extra case and slip in into the house....wife will see you leaving with two guns and return with two guns.....LOL I reloaded lots of rifle and pistol on a Rock Chucker. Have a Dillon now that I need to get set up. I reload all my shot gun shells for ATA shooting. Mec 9000 progressive. If anyone finds an old S & W 3913 9mm...pick it up. great gun and small enough to conceal if you want. Wish I would have never
  3. So both of these bulbs are a direct replacement with no modifications when replacing the original bulb? Any of you guys have a link for the silver star for this old guy. Saddlebum......thanks for the link for the PIAA.
  4. Prayer's sent for a speedy and full recovery..
  5. Its been nothing but sleepless nights thinking about this bulb thing......I have lost a couple of pounds wondering and worrying about it. Hey maybe a new fad diet is in the works and I'll be rich..... Need to find the time to research this bulb thing. I'm thinking more plug and play type bulb. Don't feel like making changes to the old girl....like her just fine the way she is. We understand each other. What is your recommendation Bongo?
  6. Now this is just not right....Yamaha really needs to step up and help me. I mean my 86 only has 47,000 on it and looks almost new. Just couldn't believe it when I started her up and the low beam headlight warning light stayed on. Come on Yamaha.....now I have to replace bulb. I really feel the original bulb should have lasted longer.....
  7. Nice to see your still around Kreg. Sure do miss you around here. Oh and Happy Birthday
  8. Started both bikes today Dan....with it being sunny and 60 out today, which is unusual for Feb. in Ohio, thought it might be a good idea. The only thing is they were pulled into the barn last fall with the Polaris Ranger with plow backed up to them blocking the door. Done some other things and came back and they were both in front of the Ranger somehow they moved themselves and they were growling at me real bad....they was letting me know that they wanted to stretch and run some of that old gas out....so of course I took both for a short ride.
  9. It happens when you retire..........to cold outside......to hot outside........have to pace yourself....LOL
  10. Good times at B2Mom and Dad's Fish Fry meet and eat..........and if I remember right we had a good talk at MD last year. This guy is always smiling....One of the best for sure
  11. Hey Saddlebum....Nice to see your still around also. I'm still riding but just not as much. We bought the lake cottage and got possession of it 2 weeks before Labor Day last year. Gail and the kids love it and its a good place to keep family together. With the odd hours my daughter and son work its hard to get us together to go for ride. ( Lance and Laurel both ride their own bikes) Of course I retired two years ago, but with Gail being 8 years younger she is still working. I started shooting Trap again and joined the ATA and shooting registered shoots. Those are on Sat. and Sun. which takes u
  12. Sitting out by the fire early one evening and the old girl came out of the barn to reminisce with me about rides and friends.
  13. Here you go Puc.....give you an idea on just how long I've had the bike....LOL....Can't see the sidecar in this pic, and I really haven't found any pics of it from back in the day to download to laptop.
  14. Puc and I was giving Bongo some grief years ago about not showing up at a meet that he said he was attending....LOL.... Of course, Bongobob could have staged that video..... AND Bob...been way to long sense we sat down with adult coffee and talked.
  15. Can't believe you still have that my friend Puc. The few VR gatherings I do get to, I never see you. Been too long sense we have talked for sure. How are things going with your health? Seem to remember something about you having some problems. Pray that you have gotten them all sorted out and fixed. Maybe we should start raggen on Raggie.....he never had another meet and eat. Its all his fault we don't see each other. Guess I'll have to start looken for hot dog stands near Coldwater, Michigan....maybe I"ll see you then.
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