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  1. Finally got the headlight mod finished tonight! As the weather is taking a turn for the wet side I was stuck in the garage and only got a short ride around the block but it is an awesome improvement. I didn't get a chance to do any before shots on a dark road before I did this but I will post some later when I can get out with new setup. I did some pics in the garage to show a little bit of the difference between the SilverStar H4 I had and the Hella H9 Modules. A little side by side comparision........... Now this is only is a dark garage at about 10 ft. but you can see the pattern difference.
  2. Here's mine..... how many motorcycles do you see?
  3. I have a question for anyone that's used one of the Harbor Freight lifts, pros/cons, good,bad. I think I remember a post where someone said they were a little "tipsy"? They have 2 different models, a "motorcycle", and a "motorcycle/atv" which is 12" longer. My wife thinks that it would make my life easier with one of those vs the regular m/c jack. Hey, I'm all about something new for the garage. Thanks in advance.
  4. I sold an 83 Venture to my BIL in 2006. Just before selling it to him, I had completely repainted it, rebuilt the carbs, installed a new stator assy, put new tires on it, had the seat redone. It was in a outstanding condition and ran really well. With the new paint job it looks really bada$$, too. I was visiting him a few months back and the bike was parked in his garage and covered. I could tell that he hadn't be on it in some time. So, I asked him when was the last time he rode it. To my bewilderment he had put only a little more that 300 miles on it since he bought it from me. He also stated that in had deteriorated somewhat since he hadn't been on it much. He hadn't even started it in over 5 years. Since he now has spells of being dizzy (he is 76 now) and can't ride he offered it back to me. I really wasn't interested because I have trouble keeping one bike up properly and surely didn't need a second one again so I told him I wasn't interested in buying it back. He said he didn't want to sell it to me but that I could just have it for free if I just got it out of my garage. I accepted. Since the bike has been back in my possession, I have installed a new battery, and gone through the carbs twice, cleaned out the fuel tank, changed oil and all those other necessary maintenance items. The bike again runs like a top; quiet as the day it was made. It even has 180 on all four cylinders. The only issue I now have and can't figure out is the rear brakes. I have read there is a third bleed valve up around the steering head somewhere. If there is, I surely cannot find it. Apparently after all those years of just sitting there, a rat or mouse or something ate a small hole in the brake hose; the one from the reservoir to the actual master cylinder. I replaced it and have been trying to bleed the rear brake system for over a week. My question is; did all 83s have that third bleed valve? I now do not get any air bubbles from the front bleed valve, but have gotten air from the rear bleed valve for probably over 100 bleeding attempts. What is going on? Any ideas will be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  5. Well it only took 2 years of negotiating but it is finally mine. Well sort of. I bought it, I paid for it, now I just have to get it off the 4th floor that it is on and then get it home and then into my basement (I have no garage). It will eat up 4 ft x 6 ft of floor area in my tiny little basement. It is a Brown and Sharp No.2 (B?)
  6. I know we have a lot of different craftsmen and professions here on the site. I have a question for the builders here. I have a 30X40 metal building that I use for a garage, it has a 20X30 upper loft type area. The weather down here in the Houston area has been crazy, 75 one day 45 the next. The humidity is crazy as well. What is happening is it's literally like it has rained inside the garage. The floor is soaking wet and has small moisture puddles on the floor, everything is sweating. It has a metal corrugated roof and there is obviously no venting of it. What do I need to do, to stop the sweating inside the garage. I am thinking of spray foaming the inside ceiling, I know the heating and cooling is creating condensation and I need to get some sort of vapor barrier. Any words of wisdom from y'all in the know would be greatly appreciated. Here's a few pics of the garage also.
  7. Hey My Venturerider Friends, I am going to pull the trigger on purchasing floating floor tiles for my garage floor. I am considering products from 3 different suppliers, RaceDeck, Swisstrax, and Modutile. Have any of you had any experience with either of these three manufacturers? I feel like Swisstrax is probably the highest quality, but they also come with a substantially higher price. I would like to get the job done for the lowest price (Modutile), but I just want to make sure I don't get myself into a situation where the product is way lesser quality. Give me your thoughts, please. Thanks, Lynn.
  8. Anybody watch A P tonight ? Was that a 1st gen maroon bike in the garage with the Cord car ?
  9. Ok looking for suggestions. When I take out my '84 for a ride & then park her (in the garage) I get a gasoline/exhauset smell. I vent the garage but it comes back. Within 4 hours or so it stops. Bike runs fine & I get great mileage MPG. So far I have changed Fuel lines Vent lines Fuel filter all clamps Air filter PCV vent in air filter IS attached petcock is in good shape nothing is leaking, weaping or stuck Originally the bike smelled ALL the time but replacement of all lines fixed that. It's like she is running rich. I have narowed it down to the carbs & the floats are ok but is there anything ELSE on the carbs (washers fittings set screws etc) that anyone can suggest may be the problem? It's not a huge problem but more of an irritation. Any suggestions?
  10. I am finally insulating and drywalling my garage, all hung and all I have is a little mud and taping to do. The wife wants to finish the garage floor, I stopped by a friends yesterday and he said don't do it. I do work on things in my garage and use a jack. . . He tells me the painted and epoxy floor surfaces won't hold up to jacks and turning tires. The question is has anyone put some finish on their garage floors, what type and how does it hold up to moving jacks, shop tools on rollers or wheels . . .
  11. Finally gave up on idea of doing things myself. I think my 21st Birthday slipped by me someway. Hired a contractor to do block& footers and get ready for Garage. Had my digging tools out leaning against a tree. Noticed when he finished 1st day all my tools were in his pile. Didn't show up 2nd day didn't call or anything. This is after I forked over 1000 bucks to get him started. Got one good days work out of them. Starting to wonder. I have his name and address. Think a 20 x 40 Garage is big enough?? Not up to Skids standards but pretty good sized. Might even be room for car. New G 6 not liking to sit out in weather.
  12. I left for work this morning at 05:30 and made it 3 miles from work when the rear tire blew out at 50 mph the scoot got real squirelly.I managed to stay on the bike and get it to a stop before I figured out that I was alright.I got it off the road and called for a ride when one of the guys from work stopped to pick me up.I looked at the rear tire that only had around 6 thousand miles on it there was no side wall. If I hadnt reinstalled the hack last night I might be in the hospital right now. The bike is in a friends garage and I got a ride over to the Beer Cave to get the 92 so I can get around. I will be removeing the rear wheel after work tomorrow and installing the hack on the 92 so I dont take up the guys garage all weekend and will be installing the 3rd new rear tire Monday after work.:bang head::bang head::mo money: I will try to get pics when the tire is off so you can see what it looks like. Jeff
  13. On my Triumph, the gas filler cap is parallel to the ground so I can put a level on it to see if the bike itself is level. But is there anywhere on an RSV that I can put a level to check if the bike is level? Neither my garage floor nor my driveway are level - and by different amounts too. Andy
  14. Current temp is 104* according to my eletric temp gauge outside my garage. Inside it's 99*. Weather.com says 101* for this area. Next to nothing is getting done today with most of it spent inside with the ac running. I did build a new shelf along one wall in the garage for the extra goodies I'll pick up eventually from Denny for the 83. Probably do that when we get back from the NY rally. At least temps shopuld be coming down some later in the week. Sure hope so cause temps like these are rough trying to enjoying any riding. Larry
  15. This past Friday, I went out to pick up a plant that had fallen over, because it was getting a little windy. I noticed it was getting darker, so I went to close Moped's window on his car. We live on a heavily wooded lot. As I turned to go in the garage, I heard a big cracking of wood and then a loud BOOM! As you will see, there were three cars for the tree to land on, and it decided on our son's car. The following photos explain what happened. Yama Mama
  16. we had a hail storm go through here this afternoon. I could see once but twice, come on mother nature. Now my little PT cruiser looks like it has dimples. Oh well called progressive to make a claim. What can you do (nothing) except deal with it. At least bike was in the garage at my GF house. Joe
  17. Putting the finishing touches on my new motorcycle garage today and thought to myself I really need some music in here,since the xm radio in the Venture won't pickup in the garage thats out.Went into the storage barn and found an old stereo system that had been stored away for about 20 YEARS.Hooked it up and bingo!!!!!!Music!!!!!! Then I realized something, it matched my Venture........oh yeah......they both have cassette decks on them.Bad news!!!! I got rid of all my cassettes years ago. Oh well.
  18. I'm realizing the the VR I have is an '84, not an '83 (licensed as an '83) Anyhoo, the turnsignal switch needs to be replaced. It is the unit with the choke lever circled around the handlebar end. PN 41R-83973-00-00. Anybody have any leads to where I can purchase one? I've tried the NOS Yamaha dealers on Google, but no dice. I read the thread about taking it apart and cleaning it, but the way it feels when I try to use it, I'm thinking it has something physically broken inside. I can also see the tiny balls and springs disappearing onto my garage floor, so I prone to replace it, if possible. I found some used ones on E-bay, but who knows what you get that way. Don't need TWO broken switches! Any help greatly appreciated.
  19. So, I have had several helmets hooked up on the wall in my garage. One set of black helmets have been in the same spot since 2003, when I got rid of my black 83 1st gen and bought my 99 silver. The last week I have noticed this tiny bird coming in and out of the garage. Sitting outside today, in between getting the garage set-up to get back to working on the bike in earnest, I heard a loud chirping coming from a tree outside the house. The bird seemed to be stressed about something. I just happen to glance over to the black helmets on the wall and notice straw coming from behind the helmet. I go over and look closely. Sure enough, the bird is building a nest in both helmets. I go inside and leave the garage door open. In about 10 minutes, said bird made a dash for the helmets. So, it looks like im going to have some new garage mates for a bit. Ill just leave it alone, but I thought its all pretty cool. Sorry, I cant take pics of it. My New Fuji Camera wont work with my Mac and until I find out why the Mac keeps rejecting the pics I cant download any here. Wonder whats gonna wander into my garage next........
  20. I can start my 84 in 1st gear but cannot get it into neutral! I just repaired the shift pit problem I was having and now no neutral. Hard to get out of the garage in gear....
  21. This one says he is ready to weed eat and cut grass.Just lay it on him. Could it be I will have time on weekends to ride first gen? We shall see! Third time might be the charm.Like to have a good one. I could build new garage like Yammer.
  22. Hello Everyone, I'm a newbie here, and to biking for that matter, but I'm about to get my feet wet in a big way. Tomorrow I pick up my first bike. I'm getting into this kinda late in life (55), but looking forward to having some fun, and making some friends. I figure motorcycles would ultimately be a cheaper mid-life crisis than a girlfriend (lol). So tomorrow I p/up a 2006 Yamaha Royal Star Midnight Tour Deluxe, it's beautiful. Heck I'll be happy just sittin on it in the garage, if it runs....all the better. Looking forward to becoming a member here, and getting to know everyone, some of you have already been a help to me in making this selection. You know, I have to say one thing, I was truly impressed at the feedback I heard on this board about the Yamaha brand, and especially the RSTD, it really solidified my choice in bikes. Thanks Everyone & stay vertical !
  23. I thought I ordered Ride-On a few yrs ago and got three bottles for around 21 bucks. Now lowest listing I can find is about 14 bucks a bottle. Has it raised that much??? This Garage is putting a major dent in my savings. Gotta watch it the Boss claims. Money for the Hot Tub and Big Screen is in jepordy.
  24. I started this here because I know a lot aren't paying much attention to garage thread now. I got doors from Wayne Dalton. I can follow most instructions but these are tuff. The one thing I can't find is what size opening do I need to start my framing. Jambs and header I can handle but what size do I set them?? Jambs go flush with edge of block but how wide?? 8 ft doors but different type doors require different size openings to accommodate the hardware. I need width of opening in block and height to hang header. Can anybody prove how dumb I am?? www.dasma.com tech data sheet # 161 Connecting Garage Door Jambs to Building Framing.
  25. Well about 1000 miles into Venture ownership and I have really fallen in love with this bike and this type of bike (Always ridden BMW and Moto Guzzi's). Last couple of times I have gotten back from a ride I notice the smell of gas in my garage. Happens with tank low or just filled up. Can anyone give me any ideas of what to check? Thanks.
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