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Found 24 results

  1. Well, on this coming Friday, I will be retired from the Military Reserves. Sometime next year, I will be undergoing retraining over in Alberta. There is no big rush to do it, as I don't want to do the training, in below freezing temps. I still need to decide, on where I take the course, near Red Deer or up at Ft Mac.
  2. Ok, been a lot of conversation lately about fuel pumps and now I'm chasing a problem with mine.... me thinks. First of all the bike is in good shape and most possible issues have been addressed in the past. Fuel tank lined with expoxy. Fuel filter and petcock shows clean and free. (Opened the tank to inspect) Fuel lines have all been replaced Tank vent clear and free of obstuctions. Carbs in good working condition and fuel bowl levels at spec. Good fuel flow through system. Air filter clean. Sync done recently. Electrical connections recently checked and found to be clean and sealed. Cooling system clean and working properly. Bike is not over heating. Charging system and electrical working properly and in good condition. Different fuel bought over a week from different stations. The problem only happens when the temps are in the top end of the 90's or over 100. Everything works fine in cooler temps and no problems of any kind. What happens is the bike, at highway speeds (60 - 75 mph) after being ridden for a distance in hot temps just stalls and sputters out. It will cranks right away but needs to sit for a bit before starting again. The first time it happened I wrote it off as a possible vapor lock. The bike had been sitting out in the sun since early morning and I didn't leave work until 2:00 PM when it was 101 degrees out. I only had a gallon and a half in the tank so I figured with the heat maybe I was vaporing. After 15 minutes the bike fired up and I rode home with no furture problems. I did check the vent line at that point. I filled the tank the next morning and ran about 100 miles that day in 80 degree temps and no problems. The next day it did the same thing again with a over half a tank in temps close to 100 again. Same thing. Let it cool down for bit and ran on home. It's done the same things twice more since then in the high temps but I made note that the digital voltmeter was showing a nasty fast drop from the usual 14.2 volts to 13.5 -13.8 right as the bike started to sputter. Not normal. And again today on the Interstate when it was 97 degrees. So knowing everthing I've checked is working as it should, almost, with the sudden drop on the voltmeter just as the bike stalls out I'm starting to question the fuel pump itself. NOTE: I can't say I've seen the volt meter dropping prior to the stalling, only note it as the bike is stalling. Is it possible the pump itself is stalling out do to a heat related failure causing the drop in the volts? It functions properly when cooled off. I can not get the bike to stall while on the stand and letting it run hot. It only stalls hot and under load. Kind of got me scratching my head... Mike
  3. Current temp is 104* according to my eletric temp gauge outside my garage. Inside it's 99*. Weather.com says 101* for this area. Next to nothing is getting done today with most of it spent inside with the ac running. I did build a new shelf along one wall in the garage for the extra goodies I'll pick up eventually from Denny for the 83. Probably do that when we get back from the NY rally. At least temps shopuld be coming down some later in the week. Sure hope so cause temps like these are rough trying to enjoying any riding. Larry
  4. Joyce & I are heading north in the morning. Destination - Mackinaw City, Mi. I'll be on the slab till I get past Bay City then hit 33 all the way to Lake Huron & on to the Big Mac. Should have 15* cooler temps up there so going to just kick back and enjoy the area. Larry
  5. I have a question that I've always wondered about. I'm sure plenty of you that have the mental data to prove this, will settle this question in my mind. Q. What air temperature do these normally aspirated motors in the Ventures and RSTD's that we ride like the most? What I'm asking is, do they run and perform better in warm-hot (summer) temps, or do they run and perform better in cool-cold (fall/winter) temps? Or, is it a matter of air thickness, and barometric pressure? The reason I asked is, sometimes on cool or more comfortable days, my bike acts like it really likes it, and is a little more responsive. Am I imagining things, or is it just that I feel better on those days? Just wondering.
  6. Hey guys, Well I picked up an '03 Venture in Reno Thursday and rode it back to Conifer CO to live at my g/f's house. I live in FL but I spend about 4-5 days a month in CO....needed another bike to ride when I'm here. The riding out here is phenominal! The ride 'home' was a beautiful route, took US50/I70 east. It was colder than I bargained for, hit snow twice. 20 degrees warmer would have made it a great ride. This bike loves the open road...nice tall O/D, cruised at 90-95 a bunch and she seems to love it. I was also impressed with her performance in the wind. It was very gusty in the Western Range, but I hardly noticed on the RSV. Impression of the bike so far.... I really like the riding position, more stretched out than alot of similar bikes. More versatile than some as far as foot placement. I like the clutch/trans. I like the wind protection. I'm happy with the handling. It looks great. Power...so so. I tend to compare it to my old Valkerie, another big bike...instant smooth speed. The Valk did drink gas like a fish. Braking...not that impressed, but I'll chalk that up to getting used to a new bike and the sheer size of this baby. So jury is out for now. I'm generally happy with everything...except one thing that I'll be working on. I knew about the whine going in, but it's worse than I anticipated. Due to the temps I wore a full-face helmet, so it didn't seem that bad. I usually wear a shorty, and once I got back to warmer temps and shed the full-face for the shorty it sounded way worse. My Valk had straight gears and a whine too. Synthetic oil made a world of difference on that bike. I'm hoping it'll help with Venture too. I'll be scouring the forum for tips and info. After being out today, I have a feeling this bike is worse than average. It has 65K on it, and I believe it was well maintained. I know it had a new clutch a couple of years ago, I need to dig into the maintenance records and see the details. If there was a factory fix I would think it would have been done at that time. Anyhow, glad to be one of Y'all now! Ride on! Chris
  7. steamer

    WNY gang

    Up date on our little vaction. we're not in DC anymore. Museums were getting boring, so we followed the sun shine. Lets just say temps were near 80 yesterday:rasberry:. Bad news, we have to head back later today.
  8. Phil and I got home from Eureka Springs this morning before the temps really heated up. It was wonderful to see old friends and to make new friends. We did have a power issue the last 30 miles. But this is the last ride until fall - we hate riding in the high 90 and 100 degree temps, and the bike is going up on the lift for it's summer maintenance.
  9. Laissez les bons temps roule
  10. Weather seems to be pretty brutal for you folks. One of the airports evidently has run out of de-icing chemicals. Hope you all stay warm and don't have to go anywhere. Hope the new year brings warmer temps for you. Not too warm with all that snow you all have though, don't need any flooding. Margaret
  11. I have ridden 2400 miles so far in the last week and the reworked seat is great! I didn't think ihat I had any real issues with the seat before but apparently I just didn't know what the thing was supposed to feel like. I have had zero butt or back pain since we left home! One thing I found out this morning though is that if the bike is parked outside overnight in 28 degree temps, it takes about ten minutes for the seat to warm up and get soft again. I am 100% satisfied with this mod and would recommend it to anyone with the pillowtop seats.
  12. So trying to get some miles on the new bike to get the 600 mile oil drain in and it 106 out side can not ride long in them temps. Hope it cools down soon. it bad when your out on your bike and hope for rain.
  13. Here in Ohio, we are having nothing but temps in the upper 90's and high humidity. I have so many things that I need to be doing outside, but I just do not have any energy. And even riding the bike, unless it is early in the morning, or after dark at night, is not as enjoyable as usual. I feel like I am not accomplishing much on my vacation this year. How are the rest of you, who are living in the same conditions dealing with this HEAT?http://cache.boston.com/universal/site_graphics/blogs/bigpicture/sol_10_13/sol01.jpg I was just wondering. YAMA MAMA
  14. Took her out for a fresh can of Seafoam and a fill-up, started to sprinkle on the way home and the temps are predicted to be in the 30's all weekend. I'm affraid this might be it for this year.
  15. Not as big a turnout as I was hoping for, but the ones who showed up are some pretty awesome folks. The ride from western Washington (Everett) to Leavenworth started out cold and foggy. As we went over Stevens Pass the temps were in the mid 40's and I was beginning to wonder if I should have put on a snowmobile suit! At the rest area 15 miles outside of Leavenworth we had to pull over and shed some of the cold weather gear. Temps were already pushing 90 degrees. In Leavenworth we met John (Old Salt) and Wayde (67mini67) and his wife. These are some very fine people and I enjoyed meeting them. We are considering another M&E plus a maintainence day for spring/summer 2010. It must have been a motorcycle destination for lots of people because I have never seen so many motorcycles in this town. I had a great time and didn't even come close to spending as much money as I usually do while in this "Bavarian Village" Special thanks to everyone who attended and I can't wait to do this again. I'm sure it will get bigger each time we do this. Pictures are at the link below. http://www.venturerider.org/forum/album.php?albumid=488 Larry AKA - silverdeer
  16. Well Muffinman is a happy guy now. His tools finally arrived. Now he can work with his own tools. The army gave him some to work with and were happy with how fast he got done what they asked. Now that he has his stuff he'll be working as much as possible and fixing anything that's sitting still long enough. His accommodations are a tent with 5 other guys. They have them partitioned somehow. I figured kinda like in an office for cubicles. They do have AC so it's pretty cool in there sleeping at night. He said the temps are down some now to only around 95. Which doesn't sound like much to us but it was 114 before. Of course that was cooler then Kuwait with 140. Just thought I'd keep you all updated on his fun in the dessert. Margaret
  17. Finally, I am nearing the end of very long list of things that my fairly new to me 86 needed and that I wanted. From finding and fixing an oil leak to new pads, new tires, rebuilding the carbs, finding and repainting to match a few replacment body parts and numerous other things, starting yesterday I am finally on the road. But yesterday was really really hot. Temps were well over 105; my thermometer here at the house registered 108.7; but I rode anyway and two up at that. Went on about a 25 mile ride. Now to my concern. The Temp Guage was just a tad over 1/2 way and in stop and go traffic was 3/4 the way to the red and the fan was running more than it was off. Is this normal in these conditions or do I have another project in store for me? I will be heading up to the Intl Rally and I expect the temps to be well over 100 most of the time I am running in and through Texas. Should I pull the radiator and have it rebuilt? I changed coolant, am running Amsoil 20/50, carbs are right on. Did the needle mod installing three #4 washers and does this thing run strong. No leaks of any sorts. Looking for input here. Thanks to all.
  18. Jared and I got in about 200 miles Sunday. Beautiful day, great temps and nice tree colors. Here are a couple pics.
  19. Heard a Gang of Hardleys going up the road today. Spring can't be far away. 60's and sunshine. How come the sun only shines on days I have to work???Warmer temps coming...
  20. I have an 89 royale that is leaking oil from something? maybe a crossover?! It is between the heads at their base, this thing runs from one side to the other and has a bango fitting on it w/small hose going somewhere. How should I fix it? #2 question --- I believe my bike to have a diaphram issue, does anyone have pics on step by step repair and how to step by step repair? I've read something about liquid tape or yamabond? All help is good help. I just bought it couple months ago, don't know alot about it except it has 28k on it one owner, and I don't think he did anything to the carbs. It starts fine but it definitely doesn't have the power it should! I did check the temps of the exhaust right at the header, soon after startup at idle the rear 2 are in the 360 degree range and front 2 slowly climbed to 185 and on up, but nowhere near the rear 2 exhausts temps, checked for spark in the fronts, both ok. When you really twist the throttle she tends to come to life a little. I'm hoping it to be a diaphram issue. Thanks for any responses:feedback:
  21. The weather, which has been beautiful here in the SE for the last few weeks is becoming more like it should be in Jan. Temps here this weekend will hit the 20's and and further north, like in SC, NC, etc, will have temps in the lower 20's with freezing rain/ice. We already had several cancellations and I sure dont want to see anyone have an incident while trying to come her in bad weather. I will reschedule this when it warms up a bit. The original intent was to help me build a deck, but since I hired someone to put down concrete pavers instead, we just decided to make it a regular type of M&E. I sure do appreciate everyone who was willing to help with this project and like I said, I will host something here at the house when the temps warm up a bit.
  22. I just happened to see this on Ebay. I wonder if it would work on the First Gen Ventures. If so, it looks like a good solution to those who have a problem with the temps running near the read before the fans come on. This one turns on the fans 20 degrees sooner. http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/Yamaha-V-max-Cooling-Fan-Switch-Vmax_W0QQitemZ190130673497QQihZ009QQcategoryZ35580QQrdZ1QQcmdZViewItem
  23. What's the average battery life on these bikes? My 05 Midnight's battery has already given up the ghost. Only has 16K on the odometer too. Anyone know if the warranty covers them? I've already bought and installed another one due to the fact we're having our first group ride tomorrow, plus the fact that we're having low-mid 70* temps and lots of sunshine both weekend days. No way was I going to be sitting home. I've got a 01 Suzuki Volusia that still has original battery in it with 20 k on the clock. Larry
  24. Buying myself a Christmas gift. Looking at a Cortech Fusion textile jacket and wondering what your opinions will be? I ride mostly back and forth to work in temps from 50 - 80 degrees normal temps in low 70's. Want a jacket thats light and water resistant with some protection. this looks like it will fit the bill. Also I'm 5'11" and carry 260lbs. Will an XXL fit? Thanks
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