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  1. Hello everyone I'm new here sort of introduced myself here and posted pics of my "new" bike http://www.venturerider.org/forum/showthread.php?137259-Welcome-to-the-forum-Harddrv1-from-Fort-kent-AB. Anyway I built a 3d printer a few years ago and to keep costs low was wondering if anyone has any 3d models of fairing for the 84 venture if so I would be grateful if you could share them or email them to me, Im not a great modeler but I may attempt to patch mine up the best I can and scan them to make them printable if I can. Or redesign them if I can but I'm hopping one of you has done this already so I can just use your thanks in advance
  2. I recently found out that my Stator is bad. I have a new high-output stator and rectifier, but I am not sure about the install. I have not found the manual very helpful in the removal or installation of these parts either. I am worried that this is a little beyond my repair abilities and was hoping to find some pictures that walk you through the process. Anyone have any ideas? Lyle Donnelson
  3. Hey All, PO of my bike has installed a set of Kuryakyn Iso grips, feel ok but seam very big. Is there a grip that is thinner? I have the originals as well, not sure if they can be reused. Is there a trick to getting the right side off, nothing listed in the repair manual, only the left side...Thanks
  4. With a new post questioning second gear repair. I got to wondering how the others came out. i know there have been a couple of people asking about it. and one did a third gear repair. How did y'all come out? did everything turn out well, have you done it yet?? Mine is still holding well. I had to change my speedo out so i'm no sure of my mileage; but i'm thinking around 6,000 - 7,000 so far. And still going strong. Thanks again RandyA !!!
  5. Rode out to Lowes this morning. When I came out to get on the trike and put on my helmet, the button on top to raise/low the sun screen had fallen off. I looked but did not find it. Came home and examined the helmet and decided to call Gmax to see what sort of $$ it would cost to repair the helmet. A very nice gentleman took the helmet model info, said he would have the entire mechanism to replace the slider in the mail this afternoon, NO CHARGE! Just want to give a thumbs up to Gmax and their customer service!!
  6. The latest post on tire plugs got me wondering which repair kit do you guys use and what are your experiences with the kits? Where do you get them and how much do you typically spend? Also, same questions for small air compressors.
  7. Guest

    My Dealer

    I have to give my dealer credit where it is due, my rear valve cover gasket is leaking on the left rear he order a new gasket and said he can put it on, or he would me let whatever I chose to do.. Being how the bike was going to be there for day or 2 I chose do to the repair.. Not many dealers like that anymore.. Oh and the gasket was no charge and so would have been the labor...
  8. Before I send them to the garbage, Are there any good reason to hang onto plastic that are broken, with chunks torn off, way beyond reasonable repair. As spare for my 89 VR of similar color.
  9. I just pick up a plastic welder from HF. does anyone have experience with this welder? I have some hairline cracks on my boxes and a couple small cracks on my fairing that i want to try to repair before i have my bike painted. Here is the welder i picked up. http://www.harborfreight.com/plastic-welding-kit-with-air-motor-and-temperature-adjustment-96712.html
  10. Does anyone here have a rear brake reservoir for an "83 VR. Mine broke a while back when I tried to loosen the bolt to add fluid. I repaired it using JB Weld and it held for a while but today it broke again. I either need another reservoir or if someone can tell me something that I can repair it with.
  11. Got the new battery in, and after a short charge she started up..........that takes a load of my mind. Now I am having problem pumping up the rear brakes, cant get the fluid to the rear caliper, I can hear it pumping air into it, but no fluid, I tried every trick I new and nothing, did everything short of tearing the cylinder down, but it was working perfectly before I tore the bike down for the repair. I am open to suggestions................PLEASE!!!
  12. I'm a new member but have been reading your posts for the last few weeks since I bought my new-to-me 1st gen. It came with a myriad of small problems, most of which have been corrected using tech info that you fine folk have posted. Many of these posts came with detailed step by step instructions and pictures to boot. As a career mechanic, I have seen repair manuals with far less information. So hats off to y'all for such a great website. Looking forward to the day when I can meet up with some of you folk. Thanks again!
  13. I have a close friend that is having open heart surgery this Thursday, they are going to remove his heart, repair the aorta and replace it. Please keep my friend in your thoughts and prayers.
  14. My clutch cover has a crack that a previous owner attempted to repair with some sort of epoxy(?). The repair has now let go and the cover leaks.. I don't know of any method of permanent repair on this material, so I'm wondering if anyone has a cover they are wiling to sell. Or do I have to go to fleabay? This is the 1300 cc engine. PM me if you have one you would like to sell.
  15. Left rear turn signal quit working. Took it apart to find out it was full of rust. Used WD40 to clean the contact areas and got a new bulb and it still did not work. The rust may have done too much damage and I may need to replace the assembly or at least repair it. Has anyone got any advice or experience removing the turn signal assembly? Thanks in advance.
  16. Does anyone know how to repair a chip off a colored porcelain sink? Or a contractor type that does this type of repair if possible? I contacted Home Depot and they have a fix kit for white but not colored. Or maybe I can get the paint shop to mix a pint and mix it with the white fix kit if possible.
  17. During my bike cleaning today i decided to try to clean the clutch sight glass. I used a screw driver to lightly scrape away the thick oxidation. Then the problem, fluid began to leak from the center of the glass. Can i repair this with sometype of glue or adhesive. I'd really hate to go through the sight glass replacement process.
  18. Is it possible to effectively repair a sintered metal part ? My daughter broke the mirror stem on her motorcycle (closed the garage door on it ) and a new replacement is at least $55 . She asked if I can repair it before she goes and buys a new one.
  19. OK all you super mechanics. I found a 1996 RSTD for $2500 on craigslist. It looks real nice in the pictures and only has 24,000 miles. Here's the bad news. He says it needs 4th and 5th gear replaced and the carbs tuned. The carbs are not a problem for me. Is there any known issues that would cause 4th and 5th not to work (linkage?, shift fork?), and how hard is it (whats involved) to do the repair myself. Would I have to remove the engine or can I do the repair on the bike? The bike has a lot of safety chrome I could swap over to my bike and maybe sell this one for a little profit if I can do the work. Let me know what you think.
  20. Does anyone know where I might find or order the right side wire guide that also holds the front reflector? I've looked in my manual and it can't find a part number so going on line to order one doesn't seem to be an option without it. Repair Ideas Also Welcome!
  21. On the right side of my fairing where the air pump control is the box is busted up beyond repair. Does anyone have this part they want to sale?????
  22. Well, my ignition switch is showing signs that it's getting ready to fail. I wired a bypass tonight, don't want to get left stranded in the middle of nowhere this weekend, headed to Copper Harbor, Mi. I have been reading the tech section for ideas on how to go about fixing the switch. How many have tried disassembling and repairing the switch ? This thread details fixing the switch. What I'd like to know is if others have had success doing this repair?
  23. Does anyone know who might repair a tci unit?
  24. This past weekend, on the Central Kentucky ride, the switch that controls the speaker/headphones got a bit strange acting then quit working altogether. When I got home, I took it apart and found one of the legs on the switch had broken off, and because of its size, will be mostly impossible to repair. I wonder if anyone has a spare that they would sell. Either the switch button or the black plastic enclosure that the switch fits in to. I would appreciate any thoughts on a technique to repair it as well.
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