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  1. before the crash I was reading about using this exhaust on the rsv any info on this subject would be apperciated
  2. Thinking about getting a Zumo 550 for 3 reasons...weather, road construction, mp3+xm. Ride mostly in ND, SD, WY, MT where alternate routes are few & far between, so knowing what's in front of me is a good idea! Have a few questions though: 1) With NavTraffic it shows road construction but it says it only has 80 markets...and none up north. Am I correct that I won't get road constr info for up here, or can I get road const but just not the up to the minute traffic reports, etc? 2) With WX Weather subscription, can I display weather on the screen simultaneously with xm/mp3 playing? 3) If I disconnect the 550 from the bike, it has a lithium battery to power it. If I take it over & crash in the lawn chair with a beer...can I use it without having the antenna on the bike connected? I'm guessing I'll be able to see the last downloaded info but won't get current updates. Thanks for the help...JR
  3. Hi guys. I have searched and read different threads about the install of new diaphragms. I bought a set for my 87 and hope to install them this weekend. I pulled one of the old ones out and have "practiced" the removal and reinstall with the old one. ' Looks like using a spray lubricant. What kind won't hurt the rubber ? How do you know if the inside seal that goes between the two "washers" is seated properly ? I was using the blunt end of two nail clippers to carefully separate the washers and then a small screw driver to push the rubber in between them. I am afraid the screwdriver might rip the rubber. Any specific info from your installation would be helpful. Thanks Bill
  4. We'd be looking at buying a USED Class A Diesel MH. I would like to be able to take the GS and both my 2 wheeler, Jeannie's trike when we head out for warmer climates in the winter. Possible full time RV living in the future. I'm looking for firsthand experience's, feedback on the pros and cons of traveling with such a load. The following info would be helpful. Trailer type. Long enclosed or shorter stacker style. (Pros & Cons) Horsepower needed to pull grades at a safe speed with a 15K pound trailer in tow. Tag axles? Slides or not ?
  5. When I hit "Mark Forums Read", I got a box/window near the top of the page called "Shoutbox" with a bunch of strange info. Anyone else get that?
  6. Hi all, I have just agreed to buy a 1990 venture royale so thought I would join the forum. I have done all the usual reading so don't think I will be in for any huge surprises but one thing I haven't been able to find much info on is expected mpg. What I have seen varies from 30 mpg up to 50 ( sounds a bit hopeful?). I am going to be covering 22,000 a year just going to work and back, I live in Vegas but work out in the desert. I also hope to do some touring so looking to see what I have let myself in for! It will be a while till I can ride the bike as I am recovering from a desert racing crash so I thought I would see what figures other people are getting for the time being. Thanks for for any info people have..... Dave
  7. Anyone have any info on the remodel of the Venture for 2010. I have heard that they are gonna completely redesign it, no more cassette player and a toned down version of the new VMax engine....Waiting on info before I buy a new bike.
  8. We went for a short ride yesterday & 86 VR quit in the middle of the street. Idled it into a lot & removed LH fairing, where I saw my throttle cable, broke in two about 2 inches from the idle screw. Towed home. The metal curved shroud & spacers were balancing in place & I saved them. I've looked-up the info on this fix & it looks like a nightmare. One end moves with the carb linkage [finger] & the other moves with the throttle. Which of the 4 cables is this? What is involved in fixing this? Thanks in advance for any info.
  9. Hi everyone! Just got to Germany where I will be for the next 3 years. I shipped our VR and trailer over and know we're ok here but does anyone know the rules in (and around) the rest of the EU? Apparently, Spain is a bust. Googling just delivers a ton of vague info. We plan on going everywhere (except the hellish part of the Middle East and probably no Africa). Thanks! Great forum as always!
  10. My daughter just called. She's at the house her and her girlfriend share. Their furnace is apparently not heating. She said they just had the propane tank filled yesterday and it seemed to be working last night. Tank is on and showing pressure. I was trying to walk her through checking and relighting the furnace. It's an Arcoaire Deluxe 2 stage Model NTP605. I had her check for stickers on the panels for relighting directions and all they could find was one that said "Autostart", no relighting info at all. I'm not even familiar with propane furnaces so I'm gonna ask.......what the hell? Any suggestions as to what I can do from here to get them fired up? Mike
  11. This is for all Hannigan Steer-Lite owners or anyone who may know the needed info... My parts are on their way & should be received in less than a week. I'm in the process of replacing the stock fork springs & 5 weight fork oil, with 15 weight fork oil & Progressive Springs. Does anyone have info on what the 4 fork clamp bolts on the Triple Tree should be torqued to? Any info or suggestions will be greatly appreciated! I also plan on installing the forks so that the top fork cover is flush with the top of the Tree. Front side flush - back side a little below to make it easy for maintenance checks. My goal is to do this once & enjoy my very nice Venture-Hannigan Trike. Thanks; John
  12. Does anyone know what company made the lights that go in the light bars that wrap around the trunk and saddlebags? I need to find a replacement for one as the lens is broken. Thanks for any info....[ATTACH]72923[/ATTACH]
  13. Ill be spending the night in the Longwood FL area on Oct 30th to 31st. Im not familiar with the area. I know there are some shady areas over there. I need some hotel info on where the better areas are. IM having some mods done to my Mustang at Lamotta Performance on 17 and I want to try to stay in the immediate area but some of the local hotels have pretty sleazy ratings so im concerned with the overall area. Thanks, Jeff
  14. Will someone PLEASE PM me, with all the details and info needed, regarding the 3rd annual LeaF Lookers Ride, in the Wisconsin Dells, on October 5th, and 6th. I have searched and searched this forum website, and I cannot find the detailed specifics of the ride, exact location, motels, etc. When I go to the VR Rallies page, it lists the ride, but there is no link for further info. What I would like, in my weird mind...is a good old-fashioned rally flyer kid of info. I see where a lot of people chat about the ride, but...that is not helpful to someone riding 2000 miles to get to the ride. I may...in fact...try attending this ride on my way back home from Happy Valley/Goose Bay. Or...may ride all the way home to Washington State, leave my Super Tenere' in the garage, and jump on the RSMTD, and ride back out to Wisconsin. So, if you have the detailed info of this event, PLEASE...PM me. Thanks, Miles
  15. Its a boy !!!!!!....Louciano William..7 lbs. 7oz....Mother and child doing great....Guess I'll have to change my info on my bio page.......
  16. Robin and I are seriously thinking about retiring in the south and are looking into 55 plus manufactured home communities. We have found a bunch in FLA. But very little to no info in any other states. We are looking in NC, SC, GA, and FL. Does anyone here live in, or know of such communities. Looking for any and all info and opinions.
  17. Rode out to Lowes this morning. When I came out to get on the trike and put on my helmet, the button on top to raise/low the sun screen had fallen off. I looked but did not find it. Came home and examined the helmet and decided to call Gmax to see what sort of $$ it would cost to repair the helmet. A very nice gentleman took the helmet model info, said he would have the entire mechanism to replace the slider in the mail this afternoon, NO CHARGE! Just want to give a thumbs up to Gmax and their customer service!!
  18. Well looking for some info guys. If we can get some info on the measurments for the valve tool I have a very talented person that may attempt to make a couple if it wouldnt end up costing more than just buying one. Here is a pic of the dimensions we need.
  19. OK, I talked to two different guys at the International about having parts chromed. But as usual, can't remember their screen names. Need info on where to send parts to be rechromed. Don't want a cheap chrome job done that will peel and flake in a year,but don't want show chrome either. Anyone with info on where to get this done, it would be appreciated. Thanks
  20. I posted the question on the ages of those who ride who are on this site. The youngest was 24 and the oldest was 77, but I lost the record of the guy who was 77. If any of you know of him, or you are the courageous one, ... post here. THEN I'll summarize by 10 youngest and 10 oldest, and groups of 10's inbetween and some of info on wifes/riders on the Queen Seat. Thanks for all your comments and help. I just need this guy's info to complete the list. JackZ
  21. I'm a member at the RoadStarClinic.com and they have a few guys that have successfully installed a hydraulically adjustable shock assembly from a GL1800 (Goldwing). There are a couple of minor mods to make it fit the RS like drilling another hole in a bracket on one end and changing bushings in the other but it works great. Without measurements I can't say it would work on the 2nd Gens but from what I see, it should. I've put 2 links below that go to 2 different threads that should have enough info between the two including the wiring how-to. I also posted a pic of the GL1800 shock and hydraulic actuator after the mods. What I find funny is that they talk about how expensive the GL1800 shock units have become to buy them used on ebay. When I went to look the highest price was $125. Anyway, this is just info in case someone wants to give it a try when their shock takes a dump on them. Link to thread Another thread http://sphotos.xx.fbcdn.net/hphotos-ash3/s320x320/577896_3423724624406_1008938154_32461466_1097849736_n.jpg
  22. Has anyone ever used the cycle tow? I have a friend that is wanting to gain some insight before he buys and uses one. If anyone has any info that would be great. Thank you
  23. I want to send out a big Thank You to all the folks on this list that have done work on their bikes before me, and have posted the mechanical and technical highlights and info, so that people that follow in their footsteps have an easier time of doing the same thing. For all of you that post info on this forum about improvements, additions, etc., and especially if you include pictures...Thank you. You know who you are, and "I" appreciate it. Today I received in the mail my new Speedhealer from HealTech, and my new Morgan Carbtune Pro, from Calif. Sportbike. Due to the info from trailblazers on this forum, I was able to pre-read all the details prior to my receiving the packages, and was very ready once the items did show up. Now, the speedo on the RSMTD reads accurately, and the carbs are nicely balanced. While the carbs were not too far out, it is nice to KNOW that they are now balanced, and that the engine does in fact run smoother. As a gearhead myself, I want to KNOW the facts of my engine...not just assume. Now, to all you VR and RSTD owners within the PNW, if anyone wants me to ride over to your place and adjust your carbs...for FREE...just let me know. If you want to, you are welcome to ride over to my place...but I am always looking for a reason to go ride somewhere. I will bring all the tools needed, so I will be happy to do the balancing, and show you how it is done. Remember...it is FREE. Thanks,
  24. Just a reminder about the Newnan, Ga. M & E, this Sat. July 7th, come on out for a good ride, good food and great friends, new and old...............check out the info here...... http://www.venturerider.org/forum/showthread.php?t=70874 :Venture:
  25. July 7th is one week away............Good riding, good friends, maybe some new friends and best of all Great BBQ........Here is the info...... http://www.venturerider.org/forum/showthread.php?t=70874 Hope to see you there!!!
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