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Found 7 results

  1. Hi all, I have just agreed to buy a 1990 venture royale so thought I would join the forum. I have done all the usual reading so don't think I will be in for any huge surprises but one thing I haven't been able to find much info on is expected mpg. What I have seen varies from 30 mpg up to 50 ( sounds a bit hopeful?). I am going to be covering 22,000 a year just going to work and back, I live in Vegas but work out in the desert. I also hope to do some touring so looking to see what I have let myself in for! It will be a while till I can ride the bike as I am recovering from a desert racing crash so I thought I would see what figures other people are getting for the time being. Thanks for for any info people have..... Dave
  2. I've had my 1990 Venture about 1/2 a year and put about 5000 miles on so far, no major trouble. However, a few days ago I took a 60 mile trip up I-25 to Denver, 95+ degree heat and 85+ mph most of the way. When The interstate traffic slowed considerably I exited and took city streets the last 10-20 miles. The temp gauge was very close to the red zone for most of the city streets, and was just a little cooler when hammering down the highway. After a few hours I left Denver the temps were cooler, I rode a little slower and the temps were normal and cycle run fine. It has 32,000 miles and coolant level is at the full mark. I beleive the engine fan works. Fuel milage that trip was 37mpg. So, Are these engine temperture extremes normal? Should I be concerned? How do these cycles run in 110 degree weather? (I'll be moving to South CA desert in a few months). Should I look into some service or maintenance work? later, Roy
  3. Hi guys and gals, just paid my dues and anxious to meet y'all. Next few weeks are going to be great for riding, temps in mid 70's and no rain that I can see. I live on the west side of Phoenix in Buckeye. There are lots of cool desert destinations around here, one of my favorite is the Desert Rose on old highway 80, about 20 miles west of Buckeye. Since I am retired, I can ride anywhere/anytime. Please check in, say hey, and lets get something going before it gets "warm". George
  4. Last Thursday my Sweetie and I were talking about trips on the bike, places we have been and places we wanted to go. One of the trips I have always wanted to take was one across the good old U S of A. Well my Sweetie said that was a trip she had always wanted to do as well so lets quit talking about it and go do it. After thinking about it for oh about ummm 2 seconds I agreed. On Memorial Day we will be leaving the San Diego area and heading to Mocksville NC. I must say that it is due to the advice, assistance and comraderie I have found on this forum that this trip will happen. I don't know many folks that would have let a relative stranger come over to thier home at 6AM to help get their bike ready for a trip like this (THANKS ROD), or other folks getting parts out the door so quickly so we could be safer (Thanks F4). I also feel good about doing this trip because I know if I should have any problems enroute there is a hugh group of folks ready to help out (THANKS FREEBIRD and all those members who are on the VR Assistance listing). Needless to say I have been a busy beaver around here since I am the travel coordinator of this family. I have been compiling list, checking routes, making reservations and working on the bike. I am now to the point that all I have left to do (yeah right) is change the oil and pack the bike, oh yeah and put the new F4 windshield on that should arrive tomorrow, oh yeah and change the headlamp that the low beam burned out on yesterday. There that should do it . . . well except for finishing scrubbing in the new rear tire . . . Anyway during the trip we will have the camera and the lap top with us so we will post as we go and when we can. We both look forward to sharing our trip with you. Maybe we can even meet up and ride with some of you. Our current itinerary is as follows. Mon May 25 - San Diego CA to just west of Phoenix AZ. This will be mostly desert riding. We will take 79 to Blythe then I10 to our destination. We will be staying in Litchfield Park AZ at my mothers home. It will be noce to see her. Tues May 26 - Litchfield Park AZ to Gallup NM. Desert day again. We will be stopping at the Petrified Forest National Park and depending on the time may even spend some time at the Painted Desert National Park. We will be staying at a Super 8 in Gallup. Wed May 27 - Gallup NM to Mesa Verde National Park in CO. Start in the hig desert end in the mountains. Will be going to Window Rock to see the Navajo Nation Museum and then (shhh don't tell my Sweetie I'm going to surprise her) we will go to the Canyon De Chelly National Monument. From there it is off to the Four Corners and then on to Mesa Verde. We will be tent camping just inside the park entrance. Thur May 28 - Visit Mesa Verde for the whole day and then tent camp again at the same spot. Fri May 29 - Mesa Verde CO to Pueblo CO . Mountain time with twisties yeeehaaa. Not sure yet on routing but will probably go via Durango - Montrose - Gunnison. Alternate route will be via Durango - Del Norte - Walsenburg. Depends on weather and mood but really hoping first routing. We will spend the night at a Comfort Inn (ahhh a hot shower and a real bed) in Pueblo. Sat May 30 - Pueblo CO to WaKeeney KS (just west of Hays). Rats on to the straight and flat. We will be going via Dodge City (wonder if Wyatt will be in town). We will be tent camping at the KOA in WaKeeney. Sun May 31 - Wakeeney to Kansas City. Oh double rats on to the freeway. We will be stopping in Milford KS to have brunch with some very long time friends of mine then on to my daughters home. (hah now it's her turn to take care of us heheh). Mon Jun 01 - Kansas City to Evansville IN. Here's that rats thing again freeway all the way. Spend night at my brothers house (I KNOW he will have some GOOD beer). Tue Jun 02 - Evansville IN to Knoxville TN. Whew of the interstate finally. Haven't really decided routing yet but will avoid intersates as absoultely much as possible. Staying at a Motel 6 (king bed for $39.99 and tax) just west on Knoxville. Wed Jun 03 - Knoxville TN to Mocksville NC. Okay I'm in the area so we MUST do it. Yep going to go do the Dragon. Hoping that it will be okay since it will be a weekday. If on the way down there it starts looking crazy will take an alternate routing. Will be staying at my Sweetie's best friends house while we are there. Her daughters graduate on Jun 05 so will will be there at least through that date after that who knows. We have not decided on the return routing but once we do I will post it. I would really like to take my Sweetie to see Mt. Rushmore and my Mom will be in Jackson WY after Jun10 so we may end up going that way on the way home. We will see.
  5. just wanted to drop a quick line. i was able to come home for xmas but i was sick for the most of it, but i got to see family still.training here sucks it just seems more like 1st army just finding stuff for us to do till d-day its like waitting for a bed to open at the prison. i wish they would put us in a base in the desert and let us run mock missions like that ran real time 6 hours time frame. well gota go on to bed wish all of ya well and cant wait to ride with ya again soon:15_8_211[1]:
  6. I know this is a long shot, but does anyone have an extra trim piece that fits over the lights on the rear of the trunk (1990) that they are willing to sell? The piece that wraps around the back of the lower trunk. It was on the bike when I picked it up, but if fell off somewhere in the Arizona desert. The trunk must have been damaged at one point because there doesn’t look like it was attached to much of anything. Thanks Al
  7. Well my RSV took a real beating on my trip to Yellowstone. The ferring and lowers look like someone took a sand blaster to them. Don't know why this trip was any different. May be all that desert we had to cross to get there. Although it's already too late, does anyone know where I could get a bra for the RSV?
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