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  1. Guest

    Highway 1 in California

    Highway 1 "Shoreline Drive" is just an incredible road. It has everything you could want in a road. Curves with Cliffside vistas of the Pacific Ocean. Little to no traffic (occasional yellow line drifters so watch out). Small, rustic towns to visit and eat lunch. The best way to ride it, is from the North so you are next to the water. You can take side trips through the Red Wood forests. Absolutely amazing views so take several days to absorb this world class road.
  2. Anyone have any experince with the Pass. highway pegs. We're using the bike more and more for vacations and the wife would like to be able to stretch her legs a bit. Any isues with them? They look as if they would interfer with your legs if you were stopped, just standing up holding the bike? Thansk!
  3. I woke up this morning (New Years Day) and laid in bed thinking about things, and a trip that I've been thinking about took the stage. I'm sure that most of you have watched episodes of "Highway Thru Hell" on The Weather Channel------I've been thinking about riding some of these roads, but of course in July or August. Do any of you live or at least ridden around the 'Highway'? We've gotten our friends interested in this also, but he added heading up NW so we can touch the south tip of Alaska also. It'll be a long ride (we live in Illinois) but it should be beautiful. I'm also thi
  4. Just installed the Baggershield Santa brought for me. Basic install quick and easy as any wind-shield. The hardware was a bit confusing at first but a few minutes thought and it seemed to come together. I went with the "low profile" hardware for the look alone. I like a low shield so I will not often use the top, only with Lori on back on the highway so I don't mind using the A llen Wrench to switch it around. Now to go for a ride and see how it feels with the extra width. .
  5. Just curious how fast the motor should be running @85mph in 5th gear. Just got my bike on the highway for the first time and it turns 4000rpm @ 85 in 5th. That seems a little high to me, but then again, this is the first time I've ridden a Venture at highway speeds.
  6. Okay I searched the forum and found some good info, however I guess my question is a little different. I am 5'8'' and would llike to be able to extend my legs out from the floorboards when on the highway. As we all know the summer and highway heat can at times add to the heat off the engine. I really don't care to have the lower air deflectors added. Could anyone with some insight on this subject please comment. We have a 5 day trip to the Texas hill country scheduled at the end of September and really like to have some pegs in place by then. Thanks
  7. I broke the arm on one of my highway boards. would like to get a replacement but there are no markings on the boards. Anyone recognize the brand? Thanks!
  8. To start off. What size is the bar on a stock 85 Venture? The grips need changing. I have the stock style rubber ons on right now but was thinking of going to foam. I always ride with gloves. Insight? What works best, and bang for the buck? I was looking at highway pegs on ebay. http://www.ebay.ca/itm/Heavy-Duty-Universal-Yamaha-Chrome-Gold-Inlay-Highway-Pegs-Footpegs-1-1-1-4-/271114329183?pt=Motorcycles_Parts_Accessories&hash=item3f1fac5c5f&vxp=mtr They look really cool. Anyone have experience good or bad? Of course the price is right. Thanks Brad
  9. Has anyone tried these passenger highway foot boards? http://www.cruisercustomizing.com/detail.cfm?model_ID=42&Category_ID=6&manufacturer_ID=167&product_ID=3515 I just ordered a set for my RSV in hopes of solving the problem they mention, "Eliminate the whine from your passenger seat". They won't ship until the 18th of August so I won't know how good they are until then. I was just curious to know if anyone else has tried these.
  10. I am planning a 'sickle trip for next summer. We plan to ride from Illinois to Niagara area then to Adirondacks, Vermont, Quebec, Maine, New Brunswick, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut, New Jersey, Delaware, Pennsylvania, etc. and back home. About 3500 miles. We plan to camp every night except if it is raining or very cold, then Mom and Pop motels are preferred. I have obtained state highway maps from all the states we will be riding through except for New York. I've spent considerable time online trying to get an official state highway map from New York, but the links
  11. Not much to say other than I have put 200 miles on my bike this morning riding laps up and down highway 41 & 26. Nice to ride roads that actually require shifting.
  12. I have an '07 Venture, 25k miles, stock engine/exhaust setup, carbs settings have never been modified (except being balanced a couple of years ago). A few days ago I changed the spark plugs and replaced the air filters for the first time. Instead of installing paper filters, I installed K&N filters. After putting the bike back together and taking it for a test ride, I noticed a (somewhat negative) performance difference. When accelerating through gears 1-4, or if I cruise around 40 MPH in 4th gear, there is an occasional sag. Overall, the bike still accelerates well, but the sag is mo
  13. Hi all, I lost the right highway peg off my 89. Anybody have one of these that you want to part with ?
  14. Hi folks, I have a 97 Tour Deluxe. I am looking for a decent and affordable highway bar soloution. The ones on my bike are real small and don't look like they are set up well for a set of pegs. Any Ideas? Just looking to be able to get comfy on the longer rides. Speaking of which, anyone had any luck with some kind of a seat cushion? My rear does not seam to be able to hang in there like it used too...
  15. Well I finally got her back together, certified and registered (new plate) and got her out for the shakedown ride this evening. I was like a little kid...so exited, I was about three click from home when I realized I didn't have the mirrors installed. Back home I went..got em on and back out again. Only two concerns; 1) a slight miss but I know I'll have to sync the carbs (new diaphragms installed). 2) she was wandering very slightly at highway speeds and I'm wondering if I need to tweak the air pressure in my new Kenda Kruz's. When I got home I was checking her over and found that the fork br
  16. Went on a ride today. Hoped to get in maybe 400 miles. After about 100 miles I started to get a backfile at idle when I would slow down into small towns, then it got progressively worse.. Zero power at idle, in order to take off from a stop you have to rev it to 2000 rpm. turned around to head home. It has power and feels right at highway speeds, by the time I got home, it was kicking in and out at highway speed and I'm getting surging as if a cyl is working, not working, working, not working.... At idle, it's popping like crazy and idling very poorly. Am I losing a coil? or is it
  17. MARYVILLE, Tenn. (AP) -- A rockslide has closed a Smoky Mountains highway popular with motorcyclists at least through the weekend. The Tennessee Department of Transportation says a slide onto U.S. 129 at the Tennessee-North Carolina state line has closed the highway in both directions. The incident was reported Friday at 7 a.m. EDT. TDOT officials later said they hope to reopen the road by Monday evening. The highway is nicknamed the Dragon because of its numerous tight curves. Warm days are here and Dragon is closed. Just an FYI. RandyA
  18. Almost, but not quite! Yesterday my wife and I were on our way back from seeing her sister who lives about a 100 miles away. We were easing along at about 60 mph on a 4 lane highway in the left lane. Traffic was moving along at a good pace when we came up to pass a slower truck in the right lane. Now get this, the road had a right curve as we were about to pass the truck. Up ahead on the right shoulder of the road was a GA State Patrol car with his blue lights flashing. About 1/4 way through this turn, the truck in the right lane all of a sudden whips into my lane with me. I shut down on the h
  19. need help finding a good high peg for a 2010 rsv . when I search not much comes up. I am sure I am doing soming wrong. 30# inseam thanks
  20. First let me say that I just renewed my membership for another year! This is an awesome place to stay for a while. Matter of fact every morning before work I see what's new. Wednesday the local Victory dealer had their demo days and I went down to try them out over lunch. Nice day and as busy as I have been at work; I needed a break. I know I will get blasted but since I first laid eyes on the Victory Vision; I wanted that bike. I have heard them all from it's Fugly to George Jetson and of course it's not a Harley. I will also tell you being an Iowa boy and these being assembled
  21. Hauled a load last week from Pasco,Wa. to Grass Valley,Ca.... I ran 395 70 49 and 89 to the top of Donner Pass in Truckee... Then ran I80 to Highway 20 down the hill into Grass Valley... It would have been way better on the bike,but that stretch of 20 was real cool.... I was on it at 5pm local time and quite a bit of traffic...
  22. Linda and I decided to take off Tuesday morning without a particular destination for a day or so. After going thru Pigeon Forge for lunch and then down the the Foothills Parkway to 129, this seemed like a good time to show Linda the Dragon as she was wearing my 2nd Vogal Tail of the Dragon t shirt. After a visit at Deal's gap, we continued down 129 then turned north to pick up another mountain road that took us to Robbinsville, NC. Whenever we turned left on the 45mph highway, in a mile or so we had a silver Toyota pickup right on us. In a couple of miles we were turning right and you got it
  23. If you are looking for more comfort for your passenger check this out. I recently installed a pair of Kuryakyn highway pegs for the passenger on my Goldwing. My wife has now ridden with them a couple of times and she said they do make the ride more comfortable and they allow her to move her feet around. They don't get in my way at all and when not in use they just fold flat against the side cover and they add more chrome. Here are some photos. Dennis
  24. The left side highway foot rest is loose. The allen screws are tight, but cant get enough squeeze on the bar. Any ideas what I can use as a shim to allow the screws to pull the clamp together tighter on the bar? Thanks for the help. Bret
  25. We just got our Royal Star Venture (what do I call it, a Venture? An RSV?) and we're both noticing WOW it's HOT on the feet. He has highway pegs so he's fine but I'm wondering if anyone has any solution for the passenger??? I really cannot STAND hot feet and would love passenger highway pegs - are there such a thing? I know you can get passenger foot rests to give you different positions from Diamond but is there anything I can get that puts them out into the wind? Thanks!!!
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