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  1. Mornin' folks, On the 8th of july I bought a 2008 venture. Now have 10200 miles loged and the rear tire seems to be wearing away really fast. Two questions, How close to the wear bars can I run it and is the stock tire that came with the bike the best? Don't seam like many miles to be worn out already. Thanks in advance Herb:Venture:
  2. When you take off and go on a long distance trip, what is the average miles you put on in a day? 1: 200 miles 2: 300 miles 3: 400 miles 4: 500 plus miles
  3. I just retired from full-time work and will leave San Antonio TX for Springfield IL...round trip of about 2500 miles. My question...how many miles can/should I REALISTICALLY plan on covering in a day? I've never taken a long trip on the RSV. I did ride from St. Louis to Wichita Falls TX back in 1977 on a Honda 450...but I was much younger then. I know many of you can ride a thousand miles in one day...I am 62 and I need to plan for what I really should try to cover. Thanks in advance for any input. Jim T
  4. Greetings... If you are just passing through, or staying in the area for a few days, Here's a list of some of the more OUT-OF-THE-WAY roads that you'll definately want to ride on. Some short, some long -- but all fun. If Your definition of fun is winding, twisty turns, 180 degree climbing and diving hairpins intermingled with long flat out straightaways. Once you've done the Tourist roads - The Grand Mesa, The CO Nat Monument, etc, You might want to check out these smaller shorter drives. So fire up Google maps in another tab, center on Grand Junction, and find these roads! The
  5. While cruising the item on EBay for sale I came across this add: http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/Yamaha-Venture-Yamaha-1989-Venture-Royale-1300-Blue-Like-New-200-miles_W0QQcmdZViewItemQQ_trksidZp3286Q2ec0Q2em14QQhashZitem588296a25dQQitemZ380148032093QQptZUSQ5fmotorcycles Does anyone believe this is really possible? A 1989 VR with ONLY 210 miles on it? It does look very clean. 3K current bid but it also has a reserve on it.
  6. When I bought my 83VR in December I had no idea what oil was being used in it. I changed it using 20w50 Valvoline regular motorcycle oil. I would like to chance to synthetic oil. In the past when I tried to use synthetic oil in cars that had some miles on them they leaked oil quite badly. My 83 has 48000 miles in it. Do you think it would be safe to go to synthetic?
  7. Hi All, I have been lurking for a while and posted a few things, mostly trying to get some more knowledge before tearing into my bike getting it ready for Spring. Great site and lots of information here! Here is the story, My wife and I started riding 2 years ago and just fell in love with it. We have a great group of friends and family who we get to ride with and it has been a new and awesome experience for us. We started on a 1982 Honda Silverwing Interstate with 7,000 original miles on it. We put 10K miles on it over the last 2 summers and it was a great starter bike for us. I sold
  8. So a few months ago, a gal I work with (she shares an office with me) had asked about my bike (she sees my crash jacket & helmet sitting next to my desk every day) and we had a nice little chat about it. Turns out, some of her only memories of her and her father were of her riding on the back of his wing. She asked if I would mind taking her for a ride sometime, of course, I said no problem - just let me know when. Well work finally slowed down some (and classes are over for a while) so we planned it for today. I roll up to her place around 745 or so. She is out on the porch waiting for
  9. As some of you may have recalled, I had a tire blow last year while running through West, by God, Virginia. It was a Dunlop D404 that had been put on a couple of months previously. I was beating myself up for neglecting to check my tire pressure and was sure that was what killed it with 5581 miles on it. For a lot of expense (towing, hotel stay, tire, install, etc.) I was able to get another D404 installed so I could get home. That was the only tire available at the time. Well - IT ALMOST HAPPENED AGAIN! I was recently on a 4000 miles run around and was meticulously checking the tire
  10. Ok I need help from all the motor heads.. I am at my wits end...I have a 2004 f 150 ford heritage , 6 cylinder 4x4 with a 5 speed in it (117,000 MILES ON IT)....my temperature gauge reads normal for a while(20,30 miles) then will go to cold, then back to normal, then will fluctuate back and forth about every 8 miles from normal to cold....I DO NOT lose any heat and the truck seems to run normal...I had a new thermostat installed about 2 weeks ago and all seemed well until today when it started doing it again.... I drive 30 miles to work. It did it once or twice today on the way to work but o
  11. Shipped my Road Glide seat off to Rick Butler this morning. I have put some miles on it and was pleasantly surprised with it for a stock seat. I've done a Saddle Sore and a Bun Burner on it so I know that I can do a thousand mile day on it with no major problems. There is still room for improvement though so I figured that with the snow on the ground, it was a great time to let him work his magic.
  12. I have a RSTD, DARK SIDER, with 109771 Put on New tire and changed r/brakes noticed the brake disk was worn. Does any one have one to sell or can u tell me a good place to buy one. The New tire was a NANKANG 165/80R/15 .. the old tire got Kumko got 29391 miles. Ride 2 up and pull a trailor. Love this bike. "PRAY FOR OUR TROOPS" [/b]AND THIS COUNTRY
  13. Mid 40's in southeastern MI today, so around noon I took off for a ride. I had been wanting to get some saddle time in on the new-to-me pillow top seats and put the rebuilt fuel pump through an extended test ride. Heck, those are just excuses.....I just wanted to ride. After the first 15 or 20 minutes, I pulled over in Marine City to check the fuel pump leaking gas and all was good. So, like a good VR always should, I snapped a pic of the bike. Notice the grey sky and the dampness of the concrete. The roads were a bit damp in places, dry in others. I continued on along M-29 through St. Clai
  14. There have been at least three other threads on this subject in the past month or two, but since this is going to be kinda long and detailed, I thought I would start a new one just for my measurements and results. We all know that reported MPG figures for the 2nd gens have been all over the map, from high 20s to mid 50s (don't I wish!). Nobody is really sure what they SHOULD be or how to compare them. I am on the trail to figure that out. My mileage has always been in the mid 30s average (much more detail below) on both of my RSVs over 50,000 miles. I recently checked and properly set the f
  15. I recently lost my 2006 VTX1300 in the floods in the Memphis,TN area. Dealing with insurance company now on the total loss settlement. Now with the basic background out of the way. I am looking at a 2006 royal star tour deluxe black. Dealer is asking $8999. Actually two dealers 100 miles apart. One bike has 4400 miles the other has 6800 miles. Got one dealer down to $7999 and am sure I can get the other down to that too. Is this a good price. Both bikes look show room clean. What are the known issues with this bike? How's the maintenance? What are the must have accessories? Is the seat
  16. I don't know how far most of you go before, but I usually start to look for gas at about 120-130 miles. The fartherest (before today) I ever rode on a tank a gas was about 152 miles... I was in the middle of NOWHERE in Southeast Missouri today and no gas stations around. Even at 165 miles, I still didn't hit reserve...I mighta went a few more miles even. How about some of you. Wally
  17. hi all now have over 12,00 miles on my c/t, it's hard to catch up with lowell. i would like to ask how many ventureriders are now runing c/t's on their scoot's now. i have pulled a trailer with the scoot over 4,000 miles with no ill effect. best reguards don c.
  18. Guest

    kickin tires on a Ural

    Been contemplating a Ural Patrol 2WD for the winter riding season... Nothing new there, except there is a dealer just 50 miles from me. So I rode down there today and chatted. SOMEBODY STOP ME! http://www.imz-ural.com/wp-content/gallery/ural-patrol/2blpa.jpg Quote in hand.
  19. Hello Everyone: As most of you know, our 05 RSTD was heavily smoke damaged about a year ago. While it was in the shop for restoration, I decided to have new tires installed. The PO had Metzler 880's on it. I did not do any research. I trusted my dealer to guide me. He installed Dunlop 404's. $611 total for tires and labor. We enjoyed 7,000 miles of two up riding last year. I noticed yesterday while installing new pipes that the rear tire is worn more than I expected. I am not unhappy. $300 for an entire season of fun is cheap entertainment. I guess I expected the tire to last more than one sea
  20. In Panama, getting ready to ride over the Bridge of the Americas into Columbia. Tell all the folks on the VR forum that I am doing fine, taking lots of pictures, and keeping a daily running story-log on my laptop of what happens each day. I hope all is well with you, and that you continue to heal well. Miles Gooo.... SeaHawks....
  21. Capt-D "Derrick" and myself took a nice cold ride around lake O this morning and put on about 190 miles I hope to do it more often but it has to warm up.
  22. I know different versions have been around, but.... YOU MIGHT BE A BIKER IF........ If you paid more for your bike than you did for your wife's engagement ring... If your Christmas cards have a picture of Santa Claus on a motorcycle... If you ride your bike to work at least two or three days a week... If you subscribe to three or more motorcycle magazines, and still pick up extras every week at the newsstand or motorcycle dealership... If you spent more on tires last year than you did on clothes... If you check the Weather Channel on Friday, knowing full well you're still goin
  23. This has probably been asked before, but.... I have recently purchased a 99 RSV with very low miles. I had to do a bunch of work to get it road worthy. I have put around 500 miles on it in the last week and have noticed that the speedometer is off approximately 10% (VERY ANNOYING, I like to know my exact speed without a calculation). When I meter the gas mileage running mostly freeway speeds 75-80mph which meters 80-85 or more on the speedometer I am getting 38 - 40 mph. Calculate the 10% odometer error that makes 34-35 mpg. Does this sound right?
  24. Hello again. I have chosen tomorrow, of all days, to take my newly purchased 2003 RSV, on a field trip. Headed to hilton head, SC. Just an overnight trip. Riding solo but packing stuff to get used to the handling with weight in the bags and trunk and top. Approx. 725 miles round trip. For some of you that's miles you put on in one day. For me it's a real luxury lately to have days off. That's said, I will report once there and the return trip how it went. ( that is of course if we are not doomed courtesy of the Mayan calendar prophecy ) Still a bit nervous due to me being very new to bike
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