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  1. Well after talking to several members who have given their unanimous endorsement, My 84's seat is on it's way to Rick Butler for modding! I honestly don't know what I would do with my Venture if not for the members here. BEST $12 buck a year I EVER spend. Thank you all for you help!~ Andy
  2. Shipped my Road Glide seat off to Rick Butler this morning. I have put some miles on it and was pleasantly surprised with it for a stock seat. I've done a Saddle Sore and a Bun Burner on it so I know that I can do a thousand mile day on it with no major problems. There is still room for improvement though so I figured that with the snow on the ground, it was a great time to let him work his magic.
  3. I need info on seat mod by butler.....Getting sore riding long miles...will this help?
  4. Ok,after following Pegscrapers article on doing the 32 mm Carb upgrade on my 98 RSTD,I must say the Royal Star has never run better.The thing pulls at all RPM's better than it did and just generally feels waaay better! I'm a shade tree mechanic at best and I was able (with Lynn's help) to get it done.Even though I did the Bigfoot mod at the same time as the carb upgrade,I ended up closing off the cutout in my airbox as it was sucking too much air.(Full throttle hollow bog sound,ran lean,didn't pull well at higher RPM.)I closed the opening and it made a huge difference. I decided not to Jet up the mains yet but I did jet up the primaries to a 17.5.I may try to jet up one step just to see.It feels pretty good now,I've put maybe 300 miles on since with more to come...I have RK pipes with the center poked out about an inch.Sounds good enough but I'd like more volume. Oh and I sent my seat to Rick Butler while I was down too and all I can say is before anyone buys a new seat,try this first. It feels great.I've only done a couple of 150 mile days so far and I've feel like I can do some serious miles without the old hot spots in the butt that I used to feel...So,thanks to Lynn Nichols and Rick Butler and all the great tech on this site,I will be enjoying my Royal Star even more now!!
  5. Just wondering if anyone has heard from Rick Butler recently? I sent him an email because I wanted to get the seat on my 05 RSTD done, but I don't want to send it if he's on vacation, enjoying the weather, or booked solid with other things. Rick if your out there let me know if I can send it to you or if I should wait.
  6. Help, please. How in the heck do you get to the Member Vendor threads. I'm trying to get to Rick Butler and Carbon 1 's ads and contact info. I'm apparently not doing something right, I guess. I'd like to get my seat redone and a couple of things from Carbon 1. Any help would be appreciated Thanks, Steve
  7. I have a Droid X and am looking to use the GPS on it. Does anyone have it mounted? I have seen the cases and just want to make sure what I buy works. Secondally, does anyone use the Butler cup holders? I was wondering about clearance for the tank. TYIA
  8. Hey does anyone know if Rick quit making and selling his Butler Thumb Nuts? I noticed his classified ad is gone for the 2nd Gens. Thanks, Wally
  9. Made it home Sun. afternoon, after going to MD at Don & Eileen's.Had a great time meeting everyone,rode up there with B2dad,B2mom,Monty,Angel,Scarry Larry,Double D, Wanderer,(a great bunch of folks) My wife & I. took our vac. time and extended the ride. Went to Va. and rode back down the Skyway & the BRP, (met up with Painterman67 & Shadow queen on the parkway),into the Smokies,then down to Anniston,Al to spend some time with one of our daughters and our son-in-law.Went to Cheaha State Park there and found another Rally so had to join in there too.Have to get seats to Rick Butler, don't know if butt could have stood much more:bawling:. Some of the prettiest country we ever saw. Can't wait to go back and do some of it again, after seat mod is done.
  10. I just got my V Star back from servicing at the stealer, didnt make out too bad, but thats not what this post is about, I took the bags off of the V Star when I took it in, so I figured I would check with Rick Butler about his saddle bag screws for the RSV. He said they would fit and its was a wise investment, it was a snap putting the bags back on without any tools, they come from the factory with allen screws and its a pain to take them off and reinstall them, not now. I recommend anyone who owns a V Star 1300 Tour get these, you wont regret it. Thanks again to Rick Butler for another fine product by one of our talented members..............
  11. The Butler Saddlebag screws arrived yesterday, very nice, now if the shop would get my bike back to me, I could put them to use, it will be nice not to have to find an alan wrench when I want to remove them............... Thanks again for a quailty product..
  12. OK, this will need to be done quickly, if at all. I am sending in my seat for a Russell Day Long conversion. Apparently, they need more than just the pan. However, my seat has the Butt Butler mod done to it. It would be a shame to send this nicely modified seat to be converted if someone locally would like it in exchange for a standard (non-pillow top) seat. Mine is studded, yours would not need to be. This would be a straight up exchange - no money involved. I will try to get some pics posted tonight. However, it is in perfect shape - no cuts or tears and both studs are in good shape. If there is anybody in the central WI area that would like to exchange, let me know. I need to get a seat sent out to Russell early next week - latest. For those that don't know, the Butt Butler modification is wonderfully comfortable. It takes a 200 mpd (mile per day) seat and makes it a 400+ mpd seat. However, I need a 1000 mpd seat and it just doesn't quite get there. My phone number is in my profile. RR
  13. I thought I'd share my recent experience with the Famous Rick Butler Bag Bolts & Seat Thumb Nuts. I communicated with Rick to buy them on Saturday... Paid Rick with PayPal on Saturday... Rick shipped them on Saturday... I received them on Monday... Installed them today (Tuesday)... They stuff works great as described & Rick's performance for shipping is fantastic. I'd recommend this stuff to all. JohnB
  14. Next project for the bike: Sky Doc's R1 Caliper mod and SS brake lines all around. Maybe some more rear lighting too. Still plan on doing the Butt Butler mod as well. Dan's also working on another accessory. It never ends!! :mo money:
  15. OK...I bought my brand new Venture on December 11th, 2009. I have worked on it all winter, and I have to tell you that I think I am DONE. That's right, I think I am done with it except for riding it. Since I bought the bike, I have added the following (and mods). Trunk Luggage Rack Lowering Links and Damper Mod Audio Wiring Mod (for Garmin Zumo 660) 1 1/2" Risers Stebel Horn Temp and Clock Gauges (clocks4bikes.com) TLC Liner Bags for Trunk and Saddlebags Garage Door Opener (ignition cowling) Mod Stealth Key Mod Butler Butt Mod Butler Seat Mod Butler Saddlebag Nuts Yamaha Luggage Rack Bag (Brand new and will be selling this). Kuryakyn 4142 Roll Bag (why I am selling the Yamaha bag) Grifter Storage License Plate Holder (very handy!) Scorpion Helmets (2) with Edset's Comm Package So, that's about it. Yes, I still have a pending Lightbar install (waiting on mounting brackets), but having seconds thoughts on those... The ONLY other items I can think of are Saddlebag Rails and maybe highway pegs...UNLESS someone fabricates a VIABLE and EASY REPLACEMENT for the cassette deck. What ELSE is there?
  16. when you're wrong about something you ought to admit it ! well i was wrong about the seats Rick Butler modified and the tour pak back rest cushions. i originally thought i would like the results ...but i was wrong...... I LOVE IT !! after being unable to ride for the past three month (during that time Rick did the mods) today my wife & i rode to Clarksville Va. for lunch - what a beautiful day and ride - the lunch was awesome (pepperoni & sausage lasagna). it was a 225 mi. round trip and my butt and especially my tailbone never bothered me. i could only get about 50 mi. before the mod and my butt & tailbone were aching and needing a break... you can spend the big bucks on all the fancy seats but the $40 for the seats is the best money i've spent on my bike. Thank you Rick Butler for the great job and the great service you provide to us here on VentureRider.
  17. I just got my seat back from Rick Butler... I have not been able to ride yet cuz of the flooding rain here in Oklahoma. But it sure LOOKS like an outstanding job. And just to sit on her in the garage has a real nice feel under the ol keester. I just wanted to publicly THANK YOU Rick for a great job... and also check this out... I sent it on Monday of this week and got it back on Friday... how's that for a quick turn-around??? AND... since Rick says I overpaid him (and who am I to disagree, right?) He'd be glad to send a set of his seat nuts that require no wrench to remove. JEEZ! I feel like I've just hit the lottery! Well maybe not the LOTTERY, but I AM a winner! Thanks again Rick for a super job!
  18. Okay, I just got back from Dallas a while ago. What a great ride! Comfy, painless, and smooth! Rick Butler did a great job on my seat and I think it may have renewed some of his interest in the 1st Gen seats. As if I cared a lot about that... I was in hog ,er, I mean Royale heaven on the way home! I mean it - Before I was in pain before 100 miles passed. Today's ride was about 400 miles and I had no pain at all. That means a lot to me. Rick is also a wealth of knowledge on our bikes and I had a great time talking with him. Rick, I hope I didn't distract you too much. I just wish we had a chance to go for a ride together. Oh, well, there's always the International Rally! Can't wait to meet some more of you folks there. Thanks again, Rick!
  19. After coming back from PIP, I want to get the padding on my seat renewed. Is this the kind of thing that Rick Butler does (first Gen)?? How do I contact him? Is there somebody else that has done a good job?? Thanks, Frank
  20. Hey Folks, Rex and I had a great time at Don's this year. Boy it was a grueling ride to get there and back but I'm glad we came. And I didn't mean to be ani-social with the other activities but I was kept pretty busy out in the back shop for Friday and Saturday reworking seats. And I hope I was able to take care of everyone that had replied to my original post. I had a list started before I got there but lost track in about a day. But I did manage to work in several of you who came up to me while I was working on seats. Sunday morning, I finished Smoke Eater's midnight seats and then went to breakfast with Don, Bob and Smoke Eater before heading back to Texas, where we made it back home around 7:30 last night. So for those who observed the Butt Butler in action, what I do to a seat is no longer a mystery or a secret. And it was a great honor to finally put faces to names as well as previous customers. So I'll probably see some of you again in August at the Hub. But this time I'm coming as Rick Butler and bringing my wife Linda. Thanks for the memories, Rick
  21. I have an 05 RSV. I sent both seats to Rick for the mod. Got them back and rode to Chimney Rock, NC and back. I love my seat after the mod. Can ride all day and don't get the burning in my tailbone. My wife says she likes the stock seat better. Nothing against Rick, he does excellent work. I guess my wife, ah em, how can I say this, has a wider load and said the stock seat is better for her. Would anyone like to swap even a stock pillow passenger seat for one with the butler mod? Our passenger seat is in excellent condition. Contact me if you would like to swap. Thanks.
  22. Hey Guys, I'm going to out of pocket for a while, starting yesterday. Right now I'm in Denver with my Mom & sister to attend my yougest brother's wedding and won't be back until after Memorial Day the 26th. Then the following week I'm taking off with Goose and Ponch to ride up to Ohio for Don's workday, where the Butt Butler is going to reworking seats. Then I'm back for about 10 days before I take a group up to Spearfish for say 10 days. So this means I really won't be back for any length of time until July 1st. But I'll be checking my e-mail and posts while I'm out so I won't be completely out communications. I've told everyone that has contacted me recently about this, but just wanted everyone else to be informed. So if you think you can get me your seat durung one of the 2 periods I'm back, I'll get it out to you ASAP. However if you can wait, get with me after July 1st. Thanks, Rick
  23. Hey Guys, Don has been trying to get me up to Oberlin for his Work Day for several years now and it seems like I always have a conflict. However this year I've decided that I'm coming, come hell or high water. But after watching Kent's thread on getting this event more organized, my question to all of you is: would you like me to bring the "Butt Butler" with me, since he won't be doing anything during this time. Now he wouldn't be able to work for free because this wouldn't be fair to all the other guys whose seat (s) he has worked on in the past. But if you thought you would like him to rework your seat this weekend, it would save you around $50 or so in shipping. But on the other hand, I would not want to be guilty of turning this social gathering of friends into a commercial affair. I have already talked this over with Don and he said it would be ok with him if you all would be alright with it. And "No" is certainly a valid answer because if you feel I should leave him at home, I'll just bring the "Bike Butler" and help turn wrenches. But if I did bring him, he would only be able to get enough foam up there for maybe 10 seats, which would also be about the right number of seats to rework in 2-3 days. And it would probably work best to have everyone that was interested, to go ahead and get a schedule with him started? So whatchathink? Rick
  24. Mods, Please move if necessary but it relates to a long trip I'm planning. I've talked with member Rick Butler regarding a seat modification he does but am not completely convinced it is for me. I am preparing to take a 30 day ride starting around Aug 1. I've already posted some info on this here already. My 04 RSV has the stock seat which is not the most comfortable seat around obviously. I am a big man- 6'5 and 275 so there's a lot of weight on the seat which of course hurts the ole butt cheeks after a couple hours. I know Rick's modifications relieves pressure around the tailbone but I really believe most of my pain is around the cheek areas. I'm trying to figure out what others have done here where the mods they made were worthwhile. I've heard nothing but good things with Rick's seat mods but I've also heard some good things regarding newer seats. Any thoughts or actual stories would be most appreciated.
  25. Guest

    Wow..a butler seat gem

    After Christmas I sent my 05 RSTD OEM seat back to Rick Butler to reshape the memory foam as it was making my arse numb. He was kind enough to modify it a second time and I feel I can now ride all day long What an asset to have for US Royal Star owners . THanks RickNorm dba Nevada Max
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