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  1. Hello all, once again, actually for the 40th time since 2018, the folks at ultimatemotorcycling.com sent me a product to review. I know my brother from a different Mother @cowpuc reads them and I hope you do too. I don’t get paid for reviewing. It is a labor of love. Comments are always welcome. https://ultimatemotorcycling.com/2021/06/13/hjc-f70-carbon-review-full-face-touring-motorcycle-helmet/ FYI I am reviewing the Klim airbag vest right now and I will tell you I will always have it on from now on ! VentureFar…
  2. So I just got a Reckless fairing for my new to me RSTD Midnight. The fairing came black gelcoated. The plan was that when the gelcoat started to fade, I would get it painted and clear coated. Well today our warehouse manager brought in some parts he had hydro dipped. They looked incredible. Just like paint and were even clear-coated afterwards. I couldn't even tell it wasn't paint. The shop locally where he had it done guarantees it for life from fading and peeling. That seems like a great deal. So now I might go ahead and do the fairing. Cost would be roughly $100. So to my questions: Has anyone done any parts with hydro dipping and if so how has it held up? I have a 2006 Midnight RSTD so everything is black. If I do this, I was planning on just going straight black on the fairing to match. Well looking at the website, I really like the carbon fiber film. So would a carbon fiber fairing look good on the rest of teh black bike?
  3. Can't ride, can't do yardwork, already did the dishes, cleaned the bathroom, made the bed, vacuumed the floors.... Guess there's nothing else to do but "tinker" with the scoot so, here's my Carbon Fiber "tinkering"... [ATTACH]72253[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]72254[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]72255[/ATTACH]
  4. All the best Larry... For the cochlear operation from us
  5. I have a Pitbull Lift and the Carbon One Lift Adapter with the legs option. The fixed wheels on the Pitbull Lift are in the way of where the feet on the legs need to go. I was wondering if anyone has this combination. The Pitbull is considered to be very stable and this is achieved by being very wide. This added width causes the lift to interfere with the legs. Anyway not the end of the world, but a little disappointing as I think it would be easier to change the oil if the bike is on the legs and the lift is moved out of the way. Thanks.
  6. I'm wondering what kind of brake pads I should get... I mean EBC is great, but incredibly pricy for a whole darn set. Found this: [ame=http://www.amazon.com/1986-1993-Yamaha-Venture-Royale-Kevlar/dp/B007RGQHIO/ref=sr_1_12?ie=UTF8&qid=1343848229&sr=8-12&keywords=Venture+Royale+Brake+Pads]Amazon.com: 1986-1993 Yamaha XVZ 13 D Venture Royale Kevlar Carbon Front & Rear Brake Pads: Automotive@@AMEPARAM@@http://ecx.images-amazon.com/images/I/51nJImUwFVL.@@AMEPARAM@@51nJImUwFVL[/ame] Don't know if they're good tho. Ebay also has that set too.
  7. Just got my Carbon One freestanding lift adapter unpacked and I am impressed. This is top notch quality and packed expertly. If anyone is on the fence about one of these get off and buy it. Thanks Larry Scott
  8. Just wanted to say thanks to the general site membership. Been very valuable to me so far. Just got back from a small (500 mile) riding weekend and everything just worked great. - My stereo was locking up after 5 min of riding (ever since I brought it home). Pulled the connectors, contact cleaner and dielectric grease...worked like a champ the whole weekend. - Installed my baggershield windscreen while the fairing was apart....perfect with just the short section (I'm 6'4") - Built my first motorcycle trailer based on the tech info in the trailer section. Pulled straight and true...and she was loaded pretty good. - Hitch from Carbon 1 and aux wiring from M61A1MECH....again perfect. - Used Carbon 1's stand to put fresh E3's on the front and rear....that and dynabeads = 0 vibration. All this added up to me having a very enjoyable, troublefree weekend. Great site, and glad I'm a member. Now to try adjusting my carb floats and using the carbtune to set my A/F screws....I like that it's free and curious if it will affect my MPG at all. I seem to be at the standard 38-39.
  9. My wife brought home a new lift for me today.I put it together and was ready to load the bike up on it, but when I looked underneath it, I am not sure where to place the lift pads. I am looking at getting one of carbon ones stands, but for now where is the best place to locate the lift? Thanks for the help.
  10. My last two oil changes I noticed that when I use the sight glass as a gauge for how much oil I've added, I can only get three quarts in and it's up to to the Maximum line. And yes, I've checked the level of the garage floor and I'm using a Carbon One Lift adapter. So the question is, is this normal? Is the a second drain plug I didn't read about? Have I been running my bike low on oil all summer? Thanks
  11. here some pics after some of my latest nightmares (taillight issues, class). i used white gauge overlays and sheets of carbon fiber for a cool custom look!
  12. the bumble bee was not running right and vgoose and carbon one helped it was a bad fuel pump and i replaced it with a a/m for 45 after reading threads on best price for a fuel pump the stealer want 299.00 for one bumble bee lexington sc 1999 rsv
  13. Help, please. How in the heck do you get to the Member Vendor threads. I'm trying to get to Rick Butler and Carbon 1 's ads and contact info. I'm apparently not doing something right, I guess. I'd like to get my seat redone and a couple of things from Carbon 1. Any help would be appreciated Thanks, Steve
  14. I can't remember how to find the MEMBER vendors....carbon one, freebird, etc. Directions please??? thanks
  15. Ok - I give up. I'm looking for info on the brackets that go on the guard to bolt the carbon one highway supports to. I bought a set from Carbon one at MD but don't have a clue what other bracket I need. These aren't anything more than a hunk of metal w/o the clamps to bolt to. Thanks
  16. Carbon One your lift adpter works great. I tried it out today. That not me in the picture. It's a neighbor.
  17. I believe Carbon 1 makes supports for front foot pegs for 2nd Gens. I looked in various threads and can't find his article. Can anyone help me with the post or tell me what state Carbon 1 resides in. Thanks.
  18. Sound like a good(but expensive idea). I want to take all the plastic off my 85, and take it so it can get molded and get a carbon fiber fairing for it. That'd be cool, but its one of those dreams that will never come true.
  19. ken

    Carbon One?

    I've been looking thru the site and can't seem to find Carbon 1. Is larry still here and selling the lift adapters?
  20. Well with a little help from Carbon one making the adapter plate we were able to get the trunk at least mounted to see what it looks like. I think it will look pretty good after trunk is painted to match. and the backrest and armrest are redone in black also a good cleanup of the chrome and mounting bracket. What do you all think?? The detachable backrest is straped to the back. Joe star4772 If anyone needs anything done I highly recommand Larry Carbon one He is just amazing. Attached Thumbnails
  21. Well with a little help from Carbon one making the adapter plate we were able to get the trunk at least mounted to see what it looks like. I think it will look pretty good after trunk is painted to match. and the backrest and armrest are redone in black also a good cleanup of the chrome and mounting bracket. What do you all think?? The detachable backrest is straped to the back. Joe star4772 If anyone needs anything done I highly recommand Larry Carbon one He is just amazing.
  22. So I just get done an 800 km ride from alberta into bc. The bike is running good but not great...it feels a bit low in power. Yesterday I decide to take off the aircleaner and have a look at how things are working. It turns out, one of the slides isn't moving. I take the diaphragms out and one has come completely apart. This is the second carbon this has happened on so I take all the diaphragms out and a third inevitable is loose as well. It is an easy fix to glue them back together. Now, it runs like it should. Check those darned slides, folks.
  23. I put an ad in the classified for a new set of Carbon 1 crash bar braces with chrome clamps for $45 shipped. I sold the bike and didn't get them sold.
  24. I've use HJC CL-33 helmets for years and always wanted a full face helmet but could never get one to work with my fat head. I've tried on every brand, style and price full face helmet and they all pinched my head and pushed my cheeks up to my eyes. I was in a local accessory shop today and stumbled across a full face HJC FS-15 Carbon Fiber Helmet. The helmet is both DOT and SNELL rated. I was intrigued by the carbon fiber and it looked really nice. After admiring it for a few minutes I noticed that it was my size as I started to put it down and thought what the heck, I'll try it on. Was I ever surprised. The helmet fit like a glove and one of the most comfortable helmet I've ever tried. My head wasn't distorted at all once inside. After studying it more I was unsure if I could get a headset installed in it or not. I left the store to do some research on headset installation and after talking to the folks at Sierra Electronics I was convinced it could be done. So, I just ordered two of them (Valerie's needs to match) from this site: http://www.2wt.org/ProductDetails.asp?ProductCode=0118 They are on closeout and in short supply. Reg retail $449 and they're being closed out at about $235 with shipping. If you ride a blue '07 they have a blue that looks like it would be a perfect match to the bike. And I was told by one store that HJC makes the same helmet branded as Joe Rocket and it can be bought for about $179. I know it is a bit late to ask, but does anyone have any experience with this helmet. Dennis
  25. Does the Carbon One work on this year. I looked at a pic of one. I think my bike is different it has the mono shock which I think gets in the way. Any help here? Has someone came across this before. there seems no sold place to put the lift. Thanks, Kregg
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