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  1. The neutral light stays on all the time on the venture. Any idea's on how to fix it, anyone? Thanks Steve
  2. Thanks folks. Appreciate it a lot.
  3. Chuck, Kim and I have her in our prayers and thoughts. Steve
  4. I'm going to put on a set of Road King mufflers on my RSTD. What size will the muffler clamps need to be? Thanks, Steve
  5. I bought a Venture trunk support rack off ebay for under $100. Took off the passenger backrest and removed the 2 quick release studs. Put on the trunk. Easy Peazy. lol
  6. I've got over 15,000 on my Hagon shock. I ride 2 up and pull a bunkhouse camper. Fantastic shock if I say so myself. I can't see how a works shock could be better. It's just twice the cost. Hagon is an old English Racing Suspension Company, well known throughout Europe for their quality suspensions
  7. It's a bad shock. Mine looked just like that. Put on a Hagon shock for 2 up riding plus towing. 2 years ago. It's a great shock and was 1/2 the price of a Works shock. It's completely rebuildable. Hagon said that if it ever failed (which they doubted it would) to send it to them and they would send a new shock back to me. Said it was quicker to do that than keep mine for 2-3 weeks or so to rebuild. Hagon is a very well known Racing Suspension company in Great Britain. They seem to really know their stuff.
  8. Saw this a long time ago. Haven't see it in a long time. A refresher on it. Yamaha dealers often will often tell you they know nothing about the whine. Here's Yamaha's Service Bulletin info on it. Motorcycle Technical Service Bulletins 2002 yamaha xvz13 Back to Technical Service Bulletins | Start Over Technical Service Bulletin Details Bulletin Number: M2002013 Bulletin Date: 6/14/2002 Year: 2002 Make: YAMAHA Model: XVZ13 Replacement Service Bulletin Number: Internal Sequence Number: 638087 Component Affected: 061100 ENGINE AND ENGINE COOLING:ENGINE:GASOLINE Date Added to File: 12/10/2002 Summary: SUBJECT REGARDING ENING WHINE FROM CLUTCH AREA. *TT
  9. Just some thoughts: Had a car once, a Pinto. I could drive it just fine for about 10-15 miles and then it would quit. Let it sit a few minutes and it would start right up and do fine for the next 10-15 miles then die. Found out there was rust floating in the fuel tank. When the car was running the fuel pump would suck the rust down until it clogged the screen. Car would die. Suction would end and the rust would float away till the next time. A friend had a car where the coil would over heat and do that. When it cooled down, it would run again.
  10. Does anyone know a link or know what's involved in adjusting the steering head bearings on an 05-09 RSTD? Lot's on the RSV but nada on the RSTD that I could find. How do you move the speedo to get to the nut, etc... Thanks, Steve
  11. Leave it at the factory settings. I've got the same one. Wife and I ride 2 up and pull a Bunkhouse camper. Does great at the factory settings. Steve
  12. Ive got a set of Mustang seats on my RSTD, 1 season old. They'll fit the Venture with a cheap L bracket added if you want the driver seat bolted down. I'm looking to do a swap for a set of Venture Pillow Top seats. My wife likes the pillow top passenger seat better than the Mustang one. What can I say ? Thanks
  13. Gotcha! Thanks. The tank should be here in a week then ... Steve
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