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  1. Good afternoon. I've googled a bit and looked around some on this site and have a quick question. Just picked up an 84 Venture and am trying to take the saddle bags off. There's a key toward the back and it does rotate freely. What do you do after you turn the key to remove the bags? I've pulled back, pushed forward and pulled straight out. I'm wondering if the key itself is actually doing anything, almost too easy for a 30 yr old lock. TIA
  2. While getting ready to go for a ride today I noticed that one of the braces that support the trunk bracket was broken at the weld. Has anyone had this happen to them? I have pulled everything and have the trunk bracket pulled and ready to go to the Yamaha shop tomorrow as they are closed today. I have attached a picture. This is a 2007 RSV
  3. hi all now have over 12,00 miles on my c/t, it's hard to catch up with lowell. i would like to ask how many ventureriders are now runing c/t's on their scoot's now. i have pulled a trailer with the scoot over 4,000 miles with no ill effect. best reguards don c.
  4. I got my Road King slips ons today. They are from an 09 bike and were never used. I looked into the input on one of them and it looked like a wig was stuffed in there. This is what I pulled out. It appears to be packing? The stuff you see is brownish, the rest inside the muffler is white. Anyone else see this? Now that I pulled it out a bit did I screw it up?
  5. I recently went out with family members to see some local musicans at a club here in town. While waiting for the show to start i was looking out the big front windows at the traffic and watched as a sidecar pulled up to the corner. It had a Velorex 700 attached just like my old one. and it looked like it was on a Yamaha like my old one. In fact it was my old rig. It pulled up in front of the club and parked. I ran out to talk to the owner who wasn't the guy i sold the bike to. He had just bought it and loved it. i told him all kinds of stories about its history and i gave him my number in case he needed any info on the bike. It was nice to see her again and see someone enjoying it as much as i did. Its always nice to run into an old friend.
  6. :fingers-crossed-emoI have a (Barn find) 2000 RSV MM only 10k mile on it. Last month when I first got it a ran a can a sea foam as recommended but I always thought is ran a little ruff. But with past BMW experience most bike runs a little ruff. Well after some late night reading someone here said that they run surprisingly good on only 3 cylinders. Well, mine does. After starting it and running it for 30 seconds my left rear (#1) cylinder exhaust pipe is still cold. I pulled the plug and it looks oily and not firing, all the rest look great. I stuck the removed plug in the wire and cranked it and it has spark. I checked the compression and its fine. I suspect a plugged carb? When I pulled the gas tank I also noticed that the Carb for the cylinder that is not running has a nice coating of Oil/Gas seepage crust. I ask you, What would the guru’s do next?
  7. Alright I really want to thank all of you for your help. I have narrowed it down to my front right cylinder with no spark. Pulled the plug and it is as clean as when it went in. Where do I go from here
  8. I have been trying to help a friend that has had a starter problem and up to now, it has been related to blowing the starter solenoid like the engine is locked up like hydrolock. This is a 96 1500. Well, now it is worse. We pulled starter earlier and cleaned it and he just finished a 3,400 mile trip. He was at the Harley drags as part of CMA support and when he tried to start his bike it made a loud crunch and now the starter freewheels. I pulled the starter out and as you can see from the gears, it don't look so good. Anybody have any suggestions? This can be mover to the Goldwing section after it has been seen. RandyA
  9. On the way into work today I pulled up to a red light. Just as I came to a complete stop the engine quit. It just stopped as if I had turned it off. I was in 1st gear and had the clutch pulled all of the way in. I immediately shifted to neutral and hit the starter and it fired right up and never missed another beat for the rest of the ride in. Engine ran perfect before and after. I know I did not hit the kill switch because my right hand was busy braking for the stop.
  10. Just wanted to say thanks to the general site membership. Been very valuable to me so far. Just got back from a small (500 mile) riding weekend and everything just worked great. - My stereo was locking up after 5 min of riding (ever since I brought it home). Pulled the connectors, contact cleaner and dielectric grease...worked like a champ the whole weekend. - Installed my baggershield windscreen while the fairing was apart....perfect with just the short section (I'm 6'4") - Built my first motorcycle trailer based on the tech info in the trailer section. Pulled straight and true...and she was loaded pretty good. - Hitch from Carbon 1 and aux wiring from M61A1MECH....again perfect. - Used Carbon 1's stand to put fresh E3's on the front and rear....that and dynabeads = 0 vibration. All this added up to me having a very enjoyable, troublefree weekend. Great site, and glad I'm a member. Now to try adjusting my carb floats and using the carbtune to set my A/F screws....I like that it's free and curious if it will affect my MPG at all. I seem to be at the standard 38-39.
  11. not sure i just dont no if the valve seats are hardened can anyone help me out with this i pulled off the side cover it says use leaded fuel
  12. Please correct me if I am wrong I don't think there is a clutch cable but I have a lot of play when pulling in the lever. One day after work my bike did lunge forward despite having the lever pulled all the way in or bike in "neutral". Don't remember which at this point, but I think it was lever pulled all the way in. This morning going to work I had a really hard time upshifting. Downshifting, no problem. Upshifting I have to push down on the pedal 2-3 times and then it will engage. I was at a stop light with lever all the way in and again bike was moving forward. I hope it isn't the clutch as I just had it down around 60k miles. I am around 78k now. Thoughts?
  13. Ok here the deal. Several times the bike has cut out like it is starving or out out of gas. One time I choked it and it started but when I tried to give it gas it bogged downand died. I leave it set for a while and it starts and runs fine. Today i brought it home and pulled the tank and the air boxes. First thing I noticed was oily stuff under the rail that holds the wires down. This is left side ONLY. Right looks nice and dry and clean. Oily and messy. I pulled the plug and it is clean and dry no signs of oil blowing by it. What do I need to look fo ras the cause I am going out to walmart to buy carb cleaner and clean it all up really good then keep a close eye on it. Any help would be great. It is a 2006 with about 40,000 on it.
  14. Man, I had some stupidity rattling around my brain friday and saturday. I think I got it all out, but here's what I did. I wanted to adjust my brakelight to come on sooner when I hit the foot pedal. So- I looked in the pdf manual I bought and found what I thought was "brake light switch" adjustment. So I adjusted it much better. Then I left the acc switch on overnight and killed the battery. Noticed that one 2 hrs before I needed to pick up my daughter and got the charger going. No biggie- all fixed up and she started right up. Got about 4 miles down the hiway and I noticed it had no power. Then it hit me "oh shiyat I adjusted the rear brake too!" I had no tools- NEVER AGAIN! So I called my wife and she came to my rescue. BUT- there was a broken down Ultra classic a mile before me with a cop pulled up behind it. She assumed it was me and pulled in behind him. He turned and walked toward her and she says loudly "that's my husband!" LOL she said it was really embarrassing when a gal emerged from behind the cop car and gave her a look that could kill. Having recovered from the embarrasment and explaining to the cop and riders she wasn't really insane, she drove another mile and finally found me. Luckily I only cooked some pad life, but it was all good once I REadjusted it and let it cool off a half an hour alongsde the freeway. The same nice police officer stopped to see if we were ok, and we chatted bikes for awhile. He even waited with us to make sure we merged back off the shoulder ok. LOL I never accelerated away from a cop so fast legally. So all the drama completed, I picked up my 15yr old girl from her mom's for a nice country ride. We got a mile away and it started pouring rain. Since it was 92 out, that was kind of fun. It stopped, we dried out and later I pulled through an area of really really expensive houses that she likes to look at. I'm talking 4-5 million each. It pays to keep these teens motivated! Rode up a dead end street with no circle and stopped. Was gonna back into a driveway and pull away, but the Venture had other ideas, deciding it was now a good time to lie down and take a nap. Daughter did great, nimbly hopping right off and away once it was apparent the bike wanted a rest. Was impressed at the foresight Yamaha had in putting those wonderful shiny chrome bars that stopped it before it got really ugly. Anyway, emergency tipover-switch test completed, she helped me pick it up and we had a noneventful rest of the ride. My hip hates me today.
  15. Ok my wife bought one of these at WalMart http://www.walmart.com/ip/Zap-Master-Handheld-Electric-Bug-Zapper/19530536 for MD, we never used it there because Don told the bugs to stay away or something. Last night we pulled it out and I must say it works awesome and it a real hoot. . .
  16. I like loud. I have drilled the back of the muufler and still think its sounds like a 90 year old man snoring. If I cut out the rear plate on the muffler and pulled out the tube would I run into a problem with the carb mix and backpressure? Would it lean out too much?
  17. Pulled rear tire off my 05 RSTD for new. Greased the splines and pulled the drive shaft for greasing. Reinstalled in reverse order and now just getting clicking when rolled. Won't move under power. What did I do wrong (1st genners leave this one alone about biggest mistake is buying a 2nd gen)
  18. ]I am in the process of swapping out the tranny of my 83 and transplanting a tranny from an 86. Now back in 2005 after the very first Vogel, I had to replace the pinion gear in it. We pulled it out, dropped the oil pan to make sure there wasnt too much debris left in the engine. Its been 7 years and I have been riding around until about a year ago and the tranny finally quit shifting and I had to lay it up for this repair. We finally got it opened up this weekend and once we did we were in for quite a surprise to find quite a bit of metal bits, not just shavings but nice size chunks of the pinion gear, we fished it out with a magnet and got all of it out. We first realized what we were in for when I pulled the oil pump out and quite a few bits of metal fell out of it and when I shook it you could hear it rattling around inside of it. Take a look at the pinion and all the metal we took out 7 years later!!! If you take a look at picture #2 you will notice that the threaded part is broken off, this is what precipitated the destruction of the pinion........and when we pulled it all apart, the rest looked fine with the exception of the star wheel that rachets the shift, one of the pins was loose, becasue the tab that was supposed to hold it in place was bent and the pin was slipping out. I believe that is where my main problem was. [ATTACH]66290[/ATTACH][ATTACH]66291[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]66292[/ATTACH][ATTACH]66293[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]66294[/ATTACH]
  19. new rear tire with about 800 miles on it. please look at pics. don't think it went straight in, i think it just caught the edge. with the luck i had last time with a nail( none at all) i will listen to sound advice on this one. i pulled the nail out without any air leakage. is there anything to do or just ride it. just don't want to loose another one at 82 mph with two up. the pic with the nail and paper is how far it went in.
  20. Ok, I pulled the forks. I have not pulled them apart yet. waiting on new seals and spring kit. I did notice some very faint, very had to see scratches just above the dust cover.is this normal? Can they be polished out? Or just leave well enough alone?
  21. My brother in Wisconsin is having trouble figuring out his 91 VR. He's paid up here but I have more time. He reported sluggish performance at speed. I had him run his bike cold for a minute and #3 didn't warm up. He pulled off his air box and diaphragm cover. The carbs looked clean, was probably cleaned by the dealer before he sold it, but he sprayed it down with carb cleaner anyway, and got it to spray up through the jets. He pulled the plug, grounded it against the case and reported seeing it spark. So he put it back together. It ran rougher than before, which sounded like a new air leak but he hasn't gone back to check. The plug wire on #3 had a cap that was pretty chewed up. He's thinking of replacing all the plug wires. I've suggested his next step is to get his ohm meter out to test resistances of his ignition circuit, but other than saying that I don't know how to do it. Any other diagnostic suggestions would be welcomed, as well as a pointer to resistance testing info. I've found a few scattered but not a definitive write up. Thanks! Tom
  22. I have an '84 Venture. I just fixed my 4th gear loss problem and put the clutch back in. Now I can'y pull the clutch lever..... Pulled the clutch back off and still can't pull the lever....steel rod doesn't move at all...
  23. I just wanted to thank the Ventureriders for all of your help in bringing out the jem in the ratty old bike I picked up Christmas eve. Without your knowledge & help finding parts, there would have been NO WAY I could have pulled this off in just over 2 months. - Thanks again!
  24. Any one in the central south central Tx area have a pop up that can be pulled behind a venture I could rent for a week in March.
  25. http://i54.tinypic.com/2u8f72t.jpg
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