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  1. Fantastic! i have my Mustang in the shop now and can appreciate all the hard work that painter put into making it look smooth as glass. What a beautiful tribute.
  2. Probably someone in there cutting out the pipes for scrap
  3. Sorry we missed this years but hope to make next.
  4. Well MJ44, you know what they say about hacks, the only people that ride one do so because they need one. I had one for 15 year and loved the old girl. It was a 1979 Yamaha XS1100 with full touring gear. A Pacifico fairing and lowers, KC removable side bags and trunk and a movable driver backrest. I pulled a 1985 Velorex 700 sidecar. My ex wife and i both road and got tired of looking foe babysitters to watch the kids for an impromptu ride. I picked up the bike foe $800 . and the side car for the same amount for a shop down on long island. Our kids rode with us everywhere after that.Kids grew
  5. One of my pet peevee's as a limo driver are people that slow down or hit their brakes but don't put on a turn indicator telling you which way they are turning UNTIL AFTER they have started the turn, making you have to slow all the way down because you don't know if they're turning left or right.
  6. we may be changing our plans as far as camping goes and may get into microtel. not sure on other two couples. My friend joe has had problems at work where he may not be able to attend.
  7. so sorry to hear about this. Another case of a cager not even looking in thier rear view mirrors. Hope she heals fast and is able to get back in the saddle next year. Our prayers and out to her. hope shes healing fast.
  8. a wave a nod or even two fingers raised on the handle bars. its all the same. but its a choice thing. Don't over think it.
  9. I bought my 85 because the bags resembled the FJR that i couldn't afford.
  10. Endubidubly! Cowpuc! and 87 is a first gen! or should we say the better, faster, prettier of the generations. Not that the second gens are bad...... they just aren't first Gen's that's all.
  11. Maybe Yamaha should make one to compete with the Slingshot and the Spyder.
  12. For a second GEN??? YES DEFINITELY! Now if it was a first gen it would still be a baby:stirthepot:
  13. Great Pics i was expecting to see the 3 cylinder engine??? i don't know why ? they didn't make those until 69 i think. Good looking old iron.
  14. So sorry for yo and your wife. the loss of a child is never easy. We send our prayers.
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