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  1. Ok, I think I'll go with the points out after my very recent experience with an aftermarket pump and still having the original I'll be fine, I hope! Last fall I installed one of those exact fit, made in China units that I found on EBay for $15 (that should have been a clue but it had a lot of satisfied customers) and this past Saturday, with 110 miles on it, it crapped out! Even whacking on it like the "recommended rescue" for a stubborn pump, wouldn't give me more than 3 or 4 miles before starting to die again, quite unlike the factory pump that only needed some encouragement after sitting fo
  2. I've been run Kenda Kruz tires for the last 7 or 8 years on both my Venture and Gold Wing. I'm at 10,000 miles now and at the point where the rears could use replacing. The handling is great and they're not bothered by metal grate bridges or those darn tar snakes. Back when I was running Dunlops I darn near wrecked on those snakes on a warm day.
  3. Haven't ridden the Midnight Venture much in the last couple of years as I've been unsuccessfully trying to sell it, but I put a new battery and fuel pump in it this summer and took a nice ride on it a couple of weeks ago. Love riding it, thought about triking it but at $13K to convert, it's not happening. Maybe a sidecar for the wife? She likes the idea.
  4. Yep, that's my problem. The disc I have is apparently only a service manual even though parts of it look like an owners guide.
  5. Thank you! I've seen that pic somewhere before but couldn't find it anywhere on my disc.
  6. I can't even find the answer to this question on my owners manual disc. On the fuel shutoff, is it the "pointy" end or the rounded end that tells you whether you're on reserve, shut off, etc?
  7. According to all I can find about this part number, it doesn't fit any of the RSV's or TD's. 2 different sites, including the link first showing these points say this part is a no go. Are they wrong?
  8. Sounds like you and I had the same experience with the float chargers. Since I'm getting 14V when running, I'd think the R/R must be good. Looks like I'll be ordering a new battery soon. Thanks!
  9. Barely over, 14.05-14.1. Manual says it should be 14 so I'm thinking that little bit is in the ballpark.
  10. I'm wondering if other Venture owners notice their bikes' batteries failing more often than with other bikes they may own? I have a 2006 Venture and it seems like I need to replace the battery every 2 years, much more often than in my '86 Goldwing. Both bikes have the same brand AGM batteries but the one in the Wing is about 4 years old while my Venture battery is only 2 and won't hold a charge any more, just like the previous one in this bike which also died at 2 years. I've done a load test and that checks out fine. Voltage while running is just over 14V so I know the stator and regulator ar
  11. Off Road Express in Erie PA has a great reputation. Hopefully I won't have problems with it about 180 miles from home.
  12. Looks like everyone's responses help my decision, thanks very much! BTW, I did the clutch upgrade about 10K miles ago, best thing I've done to the bike since owning it. What a difference! And yes, definitely need the steer lite option, anyone triking a bike would have to be nuts to not rake the front end unless you have biceps like Popeye! I just wish there was a dealer closer to me, looks like the closest one is about 180 miles away. Oh well.
  13. Been running Kenda Kruz on both my '86 Wing and my '06 Venture. Scalloping on Metzeler's drove me nuts and the price from Chaparral Racing on the Kenda's was less for the pair than for one Metz. Handling on both bikes is outstanding compared to the Metz's also. Tried an upgrade Bridgestone on my Wing a couple years ago and it was bald in 5K miles.
  14. I have a 2006 Midnight Venture, 58K miles, in great shape, needs nothing, and am thinking trike. Problem is, it seems no one but Hannigan offers a real trike kit and the nearest Hannigan dealer is almost 200 miles away. There don't seem to be many Venture trikes for sale, and as well as I know this bike it would seem to be logical to have this one done. At 58K miles, does this make sense to spend maybe $15K on it? What's a reasonable life expectancy on my Venture? It's either that or trade it in on a Wing at roughly $27K plus my trade.
  15. According to Amazon's fitment chart that point set doesn't fit our bikes either. Does anyone know for sure that it does? I have an iffy pump in my '06 and would love to know for sure.
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