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  1. Yeah, I will never forget that memorable ride through a dairy farm that you captained. One in a million experiences!
  2. I could never avoid you. You know so many people in Ontario that I'm sure they report sightings to you so you can keep tabs on anyone you like. 😂 I will inspect it today. If it is good then I can glue it back together? Burlington is a nice ride. 😀
  3. Exactly what I have happening now. Left rear slider not moving. Cylinder #1 I believe. Anyway, I removed the cover and carefully removed the diaphragm to inspect for holes. (shouldn't have any, replaced 2 years ago with less than 1000 kms on them) when I pulled the slider and diaphragm out, the black portion of the slider stayed put. I had to stick my finger into the slider to slide it out. Should that happen or should it be attached? Do I need glue or a new slider? Thanks in advance. P. S. I am getting better at doing this stuff alone. And what I mean is "without having delivered to C
  4. Good luck. Pics of the finish line please.
  5. Yes, she is a beast to get up on the stand. I was standing straight up on the stand and pulling back, but she just refused. Rob and I both had to yank her up. Good luck with that Rob. Hope you get it worked out.
  6. The Ontario government has changed direction on helmet law in Ontario. No longer required by law. Start date to be determined. The reason why is very interesting. Read the full article here. https://canadamotoguide.com/2020/04/01/opinion-ontarios-helmet-law-reversal/ What will you do once this starts? Thomas
  7. Excellent! A nice project for a warm day. I'm putting that on my "to do" list for sure. Thanks!
  8. Sally and I started with painting the front foyer. After I agreed to that little project, someone told me that "paint the front foyer" is woman code for "paint the whole house". This warning wasn't too far off. The front foyer extended to the second floor. We are done. (brush drop) Other than that, we are keeping to ourselves. Like Marcarl, we have gloves for shopping when required. We have Amazon Prime video, Netflix, basic cable, and Android box for movies. The most recent emergency was running out of chips and dip. A must have with movies, dontcha know. Stay healthy everyone. Keep your
  9. We had such a great time. The combination of good friends and good food is always a recipe for fun. Thank you for organizing this Ben. Sally and Thomas
  10. Oh Happy Day! Look what just arrived! Now I have to learn how to use it. I want her to run smoother rather than not run at all. Thomas
  11. I always think of you guys when I get lost when it concerns the Venture. Maybe someone can watch me try it myself and guide me along to get it right. I need to put on my "big boy" pants and learn how to make this simple adjustment myself. I truly appreciate your offer. If you want to have a coffee and watch, I would love to see you. Thomas
  12. I just ordered the Carbtune Pro from the U.K. Total was approximately $130.00 Canadian delivered. Once I get it I will be following the step by step instructions from the Tech Library to try it myself. Fingers crossed. Thomas
  13. I replaced the stock speakers years ago with Alpine car speakers. I don't recall the model number but they sound much better than stock. I believe they are rated at 200 Watts peak power. They were reasonably priced at around $50 for the pair. Thomas
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