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  1. Any chance you have one more set? Or, that same set available? Thomas
  2. I would be interested in a set. If it's not too much trouble. Thomas
  3. I have my own pic to add. Just to be clear. You guys are the best! Reserving a spot for me and all...
  4. So, I had this happen 3 times. Pulling out of a parking space in 1st gear and then a "click". She popped into neutral. The second time it happened I was leaning into the turn. Needless to say, the bike and I ended up on our sides. This is quite a concern for me since I don't want this happening in traffic. Has anyone experienced such a thing? If anyone can give me some guidance on where or what to look for to correct this, it would be greatly appreciated.
  5. Links are there but pics don't show up unless opened. Is there a way to have the pics show up to make it easier to print complete with imbedded pics? Thomas
  6. Sold! The guy who bought it is going to send it to Zanzibar. Paid cash.
  7. This thing followed me from Quebec. I think I will keep her. She's a beauty! I'm going to clean her up a bit and remove some of the decals.(most notably, the stuff on the sides of the fairing). She is loaded with toys and I can't wait to rider her.
  8. Sally has a stylist who admits that she came home one day to find awesome chunky stew in a plastic container in the fridge. When her mother came home, the stylist thanked her mom for saving some stew for her. Her mother abruptly stated she hadn't made stew. She was eating leftover chunks in gravy dog food. Mmm, Mmm, good.
  9. I have that sound at 3000 rpm. No matter what gear I am in.
  10. Cleaned out the old system, gave it away and installed this Pyle unit on dark polycarbonate sheet cut to size. I used a rotary tool to remove the mounts for the old system. Mounted the bracket and hooked it up. I stream music from the phone but also use a USB drive with over 4000 songs.
  11. When I had mine apart, i opted for changing the whole sound system. I don't have any cassettes anymore so I went with marine grade Bluetooth enable stereo sytem. Connected to my phone and streams for as long as there is fuel in the tank.
  12. Midicat

    Engine Oil

    I thought about adding seafoam and letting it idle for a bit but my impatience keeps me from going to that extent. I will try it... One day. I always have the bike on centre stand and engine hot when starting an oil change.
  13. Midicat

    Engine Oil

    So here's my question. I have had my bike serviced at a bike shop. Oil change only and when I pick it up after service the oil is perfectly clear. How do they do that? Now that I change my own oil, I can never get it that clear. What is the secret?
  14. @uncledj After reading your post in Gen 1 Tech Library on collector repair I was interested in the idea of a couple of sheet metal screws to hold the baffle in place. So, I thought I would give it a go. I have another collector but thought this might be simpler and also made sense to me. I gently laid the bike on the right side. Marked the tack welds on the bottom with a circle and drilled for screws on the marked dots. Broke 2 bits in the process but got it done. I stood her back up and started her.... Purrs like a cougar now. 😀 No more rattling! WOOHOO! Thank you for your fidgeting that brought this solution to my attention. 👍
  15. Yes. The whole purpose of removing it was to switch to a spin-on adapter. That bolt was looking far too tired to keep doing this for much longer. 😂
  16. I had exactly the same problem with stock oil filter cover. My bolt looked just like yours. I bought this as a last ditch effort to get it off. Worked like a charm. The spiral edges inside the socket dig into the bolt head and don't let it go. Worth the money and saved a lot of aggravation.
  17. Yeah, I will never forget that memorable ride through a dairy farm that you captained. One in a million experiences!
  18. I could never avoid you. You know so many people in Ontario that I'm sure they report sightings to you so you can keep tabs on anyone you like. 😂 I will inspect it today. If it is good then I can glue it back together? Burlington is a nice ride. 😀
  19. Exactly what I have happening now. Left rear slider not moving. Cylinder #1 I believe. Anyway, I removed the cover and carefully removed the diaphragm to inspect for holes. (shouldn't have any, replaced 2 years ago with less than 1000 kms on them) when I pulled the slider and diaphragm out, the black portion of the slider stayed put. I had to stick my finger into the slider to slide it out. Should that happen or should it be attached? Do I need glue or a new slider? Thanks in advance. P. S. I am getting better at doing this stuff alone. And what I mean is "without having delivered to Carl to save the day."
  20. Good luck. Pics of the finish line please.
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