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  1. Thanks @saddlebum, I was wondering if I could use something to stick it with
  2. I am talking about seating the sliders into the carb. I found these on ebay and they come mostly assembled just need to put the pin in
  3. I just got a new set of sliders and when I went to install I can't get the diaphragm to stay in the slotted groove. I can get them in but having only 2 hands I have to take them off to put the cover on and the diaphragm pops off. Any suggestions?
  4. Got her started and she is sitting at about 4000 rpms have to figure out what is wrong before I can ride
  5. Happy Easter to everyone
  6. "A slip of the lip is no fault of the mind" unless alcohol is involved
  7. pulled the engine out to use in the one I am riding, but had to change the transmission as the one in the venture was bad.
  8. I can give you three VIN JYA1UM00XGA000412 1986 VENTURE ROYALE (this bike is no longer) BLACK WITH GOLD JYA1VE009GA000114 1986 VENTURE BLUE JYA1VE006GA000331 1986 VENTURE BLUE
  9. Well I should say what did I do to my Venture over the last month (with alot of help from Marcarl and Saddlebum). As you may know I bought 3 1986 Ventures and was happy to ride for the beginning of the Summer. I noticed a problem with a miss on one of the cylinders so I took the bike to Marcarl and got the news that one of the exhaust ports was not working and air was leaking. So I brought another of the bikes to him and found out that the transmission was done. So he and Saddlebum did the right thing and told me to scrap these and buy a new bike:crying:. I stated that I like this bike and would like to fix it. So the engines came out of both bikes and we swapped the good transmission to the good engine. The rest went out. That was all buttoned back up after a week of waiting for the gaskets to arrive, and then another week for the gaskets that we forgot to order when we ordered the first gaskets. Got the bottom half of the engine all done and then they told me we should do the service on the valves because they have probably never been done since leaving the factory, so valves are now serviced. And covered up after much swearing:bang head: and head banging. Then it was trying to get the engine back in the bike, not quite as easy as you would think, but after a few tries with the engine on a floor jack we decided to try a motorcycle jack, which actually worked when the bike was tilted out of the way and then over top of the engine. Pumkin back in and rear wheel on, it's starting to look like a motorcycle again Then came the fun stuff like finding out only one of the brakes were working, we discovered that someone had tried to delink the brakes bysealing the hose on the back master cylinder but did not attach the left front brake line to anything. The back caliper was seized so that was pulled off the third bike. Then the rear master cylinder was deemed to be "crap" by my instructor Marcarl, so that also came off the third bike. The bike is all back together now and yes it does run and shift and ride. I went for a 2 hour ride this afternoon and nothing fell off, so I guess we did an adequate job.
  10. Well where to start. I have 3 '86 Ventures engine worked in one, transmission in the other sooooo...., pulled both engines, swapped the tranny gears of one engine from the bad engine to the good engine (obviously), and started to put it back together. Now I did not do this by myself, I have a big shout out to MarCarl and Saddlebum, these guys are amazing, who have been teaching me about the engine and how to do what we are doing. I never would have attempted to do this by myself but with their help I am learning a great deal about how it all works. I had a week off to work on this project but now it is back to work and fitting the project in as I can. I hope to be back up and riding soon. Will keep information up to date as we are working on it.
  11. Happy Belated Birthday Carl, Hope you had a great day!
  12. I am using premium gas from Shell, Esso and Canadian tire. For the extra $2 bucks on a fill I was hoping it would be worth it, well ........maybe after a carb cleaning.
  13. The sliders are not sticking, so how do I unplug the jets?
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