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  1. Hello all, Been a lurker for the last year and I'm finally posting as I need some help and couldn't find the answers I was after in prior posts. I'm afraid my V4 thinks it's only a V-twin! Forgive me that this will be rather long, as I want to give complete information in hopes that will be better able to assist me. Background: I have an '89 VR (Cali model, if it matters) that I bought almost exactly a year ago and have been slowly restoring and returning to road duty on a budget. Approximately 34,000 miles. When I bought the bike it would only run on full choke, and poorly at that.
  2. Please oh great and wise ones... I'm going nuts here. About two months ago now I got stranded at work on my 99RSV. Rode to work just fine. When I went out to start it to go home, the starter turned and turned but she wouldn't start. I pulled the two back plug wires (cuz I could reach 'em) and stuck a screwdriver in there. No spark. I got the bike towed home and checked the other two plug wires. No spark there either. Checked resistance to the coils, and I'm easily within specs. Same on the batt'ry voltage. I then skipped all the other smart things to do and ordered a new pick-up coi
  3. Im appealing to the wisdom of this site to find a mistery. Well here goes. I'm not getting a spark on second cylinder. I've gone thru the diagnose on the clymer's manual and all indicates is the igniter unit. I've changed it twice and same. I've switched the wires from the front primary coil to the second and I get a spark. Hence it's not the coil. A mechanic friend said it was the pickup coil. I changed it. Same symptom. Both sparks and caps tested and good. The only thing left is the stator, which test fine and produces spark in both coils. Any suggestions? Thanks!
  4. Here's the numbers key as a .pdf file attachment -Pete, in Tacoma WA USA NGK Spark Plug Number Key.pdf
  5. OK, I tried out the Colortune yesterday, and I don't think I am impressed at all. My plan was to use the Colortune on one cylinder, then compare the CO % of that cylinder with the others using the exhaust gas analyzer. Since I cannot find any published specifications from Yamaha for the right CO level on this engine, that seemed like a good way to approach it. The problem is that the Colortune does not seem very specific. I could turn the fuel mixture screw a LONG way in either direction without seeing any change in the color of the flame. After turning it out a lot I did eventually see
  6. '87, sat 4 a long time, 14k miles Had issue with fuel in carbs that a $600 injection into the dealers retirment fund did not cure! Flushed w/carb cleaner/blew everything out and then washed with engine cleaner Now no spark at plugs. Backtracked all steps cleaning and drying e/thing, still no joy! Juice at coils though. AND NOT RIDING ON HOLIDAY WEEKEND! HELP!
  7. I'm gonna change my spark plugs myself. Looking at that project closely, It appears I might have to raise the gas tank to get to the front two plugs, Am I thinking right?
  8. Alright I really want to thank all of you for your help. I have narrowed it down to my front right cylinder with no spark. Pulled the plug and it is as clean as when it went in. Where do I go from here
  9. What spark plugs are the best to use in an 83. If it matters the YICS has been disabled.
  10. i am trying to get a set of non resistor spark plugs, i can get them but without the projected tip. does it make a big difference on our bikes?
  11. hello everyone my trobles still contuines i replaced the stater cover gaskit leaking real bad went to start bike will not start i did not disconect the wires to anything any ideals what to ck i pulled a plug no spark bumble bee 1999 rsv
  12. On my 84 Venture I have 1,3,and 4 synced but number 2 will not, It also when warmed up will go from 1000 rpm to 2000 rpm up and down and have noticed a small back fire when running down the road. And at a idle you can hear it miss and then smooth out. I have good fire to number 2 spark plug. I checked the slide when runing and moves the same as the rest and checked the diaphragm and it looks good cant find any holes. Orlin
  13. went to NAPA this morning to get a spark plug socket to change my plugs(none of mine fit the NGK). Was advised by buddy up there that it is 18mm and they don't carry a spark plug socket to fit it....OK here comes stupid question,WHAT DO YOU GUYS USE TO CHANGE YOUR PLUGS WITH? Just a regular 18mm deep socket? or do I have to get one from the Yamaha dealer.OR??????????
  14. Alright i know spark plug replacement should be straight forward. But I've used every swear word i know, and I've even made up a few. I'm trying to get the new plug into the front cylinder on mt 85 venture royale. the other three went right in. do i have to take off the whole front to gain easy access to that spark plug. Pl;ease help, I'm at my wits end. thanx Lazy
  15. I got this fine scoot today, it needs a little TLC but should make a fun toy. I found it at the curb with the trash while on my way to move a boat. It's got compression & spark so it should run.
  16. Is there a trick to pulling the wires from the spark plugs?? Do the just pull off or are they screwed in somehow?
  17. My 89 VR, last year, ran fine. I normally run an ounce of SeaFoam in each gas tank, and at the end of the year on a full tank I put in about 4 or 5 ounces of Seafoam, then ran it about 30 minute ride, then top of the tank. Now it is ready for the winter lay up Sometime in Jan of 2012 during a nice day I took it out for a mid winter warm up. Just to make sure everything was running ok. It ran perfect until the last 5 minutes. All of a sudden I could tell that I was not getting the normal throttle response. At a stop light I noticed that it was idling at less than 500 rpms and I could hear w
  18. I was doing some spring maintenance this past weekend which included changing the spark plugs on my RSV. I took some photos of how I easily installed the spark plugs without worry of cross threading by using a plastic tube to start the threading and hand tightening. I know that I read this tip somewhere (probably here) but thought I would post a photo of it for those who may not know this trick. The handle at the top of tube is a nail punch which made it easy to turn the tube and when the plug was hand tight you could see it slip. Once hand tight simply pull tube off plug and torque to spe
  19. So I'm in the process of removing the 16 valve cover bolts and adding washers to stop my couple of small leaks. I'm also replacing the spark plugs as I work in each area... I pop off the spark plug cap to replace the front left plug and I see what looks like a big washer behind it... When I removed it, it was a 1984 quarter. How the heck did a quarter get in that tight area behind the cap...? That just hits me as weird... the plugs looked like they were in for a long time... but it's a 1989...
  20. I'm trying to get my bike going its been sitting for a long time, I've had a long running issue with the starting system its never been dependable so I pretty much gave up on it. Well another thread on another members starter switch problems got me looking at mine and long story short I jerry rigged it up so it now will dependably crank with no problems, its still not %100 correct but it works. So now I'm trying to get it running, I had a heck of a time at first, needed to clean the carbs out some ether & its running, not good but it ran. I could tell it wasn't running on all cylinders bu
  21. if you have the latest December 2011 MCN. Downtime files has my letter. Seems he does not have a "for sure" answer to my question. I did have an issue with #2 carb, which is now fixed. But that does not explain why all the NGK caps and spark plugs failed. He thought maybe oil got into the caps. FYI- No, that's not it. I truly believe NGK is now making junk(which I have stated before). And think about it. OEM caps are roughly $25-$40, NGK $4. So you get what you pay for in this case. I have a total of 6 or more bad spark plugs from NGK in the last 3 years resistor and non-resistor. Remember the
  22. About 25,000 miles ago my 2000 venture failed and would not start.....after checking everything for several days finally figured that the pick up assembly (part # 4nk 81670-00-00) had failed. Its also called an Ignition pickup pulse generator. The first one I replaced was ordered through Yamaha. This time I will get a used one from Pinwill. What I would like to know is if anyone else has had this problem or maybe I am just special. By the way I looked through the forum and could not find anyone else with the same problem....Both times the pick up assembly failed it was in the my garage, a
  23. Can anyone give a quick tutorial on what the codes on spark plugs mean? for my 83 VR (1200) The manual says I need DGK DPR8EA-9 or X24EPR-U9(Nippon Denso) (is Nipon Denso the manufacturer???) The plugs that are in the bike from the PO are NGK R DR8ES-L (which the largest CTC in Canada (Kingston, ON) doesn't stock! so...what do you folks recommend?
  24. My original caps did not fail internally. But had oxidized from age. And due to the high cost of the OEM caps. I replaced them with NGK caps and new copper core wires. NOW-After having ALL my NGK replacement caps fail internally with little mielage on them. Which I posted on another thread. FYI- This will happen to them all. They are junk. NOW, I am wondering if anyone has found 7mm graphite or other wires with RUBBER caps like older cars use...that fit properly on our small (in automobile terms) spark plugs??? I know we are to have some resistance in the wires or caps....thus graphite type
  25. Well figured I would post this here just to see if we have any out board Techs or folks familiar with this engine. Here's what I have got. 1995 Yamaha 225TXRT. Carbureted (6 individual) 76 degree V6 First noticed the problem as a surge sensation running at 4000, would get an intermittent burst for 1-2 secs then drop back. Had a little miss stutter I could detect coming up on plane, but otherwise planes easily (226 GW Seafarer). Replaced spark plugs, ran the same. Ran it for about an 1 hour after that. Checked the plugs and number 2 looks new. Here's what's been done. The engine has spark
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