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Found 14 results

  1. I removed my Yics system months ago and capped the ports with rubber vaccuum caps that i got at an automotive store. I capped the inner Yics hoses (bolt and clamp) since i couldnt reach them and used a cap on the outer ports. Recently, i started getting the popping back and then the strong gas smell. After looking closely during a break on a ride, i noticed that one of my rubber caps had deteriorated to a point where it was just attached by a thin piece of rubber (huge vaccuum leak). I need to find good quality rubber caps. Any ideas? When my bike started popping and smelling .......i started thinking Yamaha Tenere again, but after finding out my problem is a little one, i am keeping my comfortable beast. Would this type of leak be enough to cause the light popping on decel or should i look elsewhere as well. I did synch my carbs before my cross country trip. Is it time again?
  2. I have had my 84 for just over a year now, and it's always had a slight sound that I've found annoying. I only noticed it at idle, but then I probably wouldn't notice it at an RPM or a speed much above that. I would guess it's what other members have been calling the Jetson car sound...sure seemed like that to me. Well I've finally traced mine down to the YICS system. I guess that after exhausting other possibilities, it just became necessary to check. I tried spraying the system, but never noticed any change in sound or rpm. So I pulled off the YICS chamber(s) and plugged all of the ports/hoses on the engine...and the sound has gone away! I submerged the YICS chamber(s) and found a tiny, tiny leak at the seam on one of the chambers. It still seemed to hold vacuum pretty well, but under pressure there was 1 bubble escaping every couple of seconds. Just thought I'd share what I'd found, since it seems a pretty common malady. The Jetson car sound is gone...but now I can hear the clutch!
  3. I've got 2 Ventures, an '83 with YICS and an '88 without YICS. Twisting the throttle wide open, the '83 accelerates briskly and without delay from a starting slow rolling speed, but the '88 seems to pause a moment before full on response, with no popping back through the intake or other indications. Almost like the machine is thinking about what the twisting of the throttle is all about. The carbs are clean and well balanced, pilot screws adjusted well, fuel level correct, engine starts quickly cold or warm, and has a nice steady idle. Is this delay just the nature of the beast, or should I expect instant response like my '83? -Pete, in Tacoma WA USA '83 46K miles Avon tires '88 52K miles Bridgestone Spitfire tires
  4. What spark plugs are the best to use in an 83. If it matters the YICS has been disabled.
  5. What all is involved in disabling the yics system
  6. I am new to these venture bikes. I used to be big into the xs bikes. Plain and simple. But these venture bikes caught my eye and decided to buy one. I keep hearing about CLASS and YICS. What is it exactly. I am trying to get the bike running tip top. So far I have taken it up the road and man does it ride way better then my xs did. Much more comfortable. I think it handles better too.
  7. I noticed that the rubber hoses that connects the YICS to the engine are quite soft! They really flexes a lot on idle. Is it a good idea to replace then with stiffer new hoses?
  8. So there I was geting rid of the YICS on my 83 and then I started to think, could the lines be hooked back up together in the same way as the Jason mode or along with the jason mode to help the low end power in any way ?
  9. Let's see, I replaced the carb boots and o-rings, plugged the holes for the YICS, cleaned the K&N twice and oiled (one swipe accross with the spray), pulled the diaphrams (they still look new), soaked all the holes and blew them out, and synced the carbs (not that far off) and it runs like poo. Have not driven it yet, don't trust it. It was much smoother with the YICS on unless I goofed somewhere. It even kind of backfires up into the airbox. Blip the throttle and it is somewhat slow to come to idle. Hard to keep it at 1k rpm. When I added the plugs and the think for #2, after the sync, I noticed the idle jump up a few hundred rpm. Turned the idle screw back down but hard to keep it at 1k rpm. Thinking about emptying the tank (whats left) and putting new. This and the gauges today is making me lose that lovin' feeling.
  10. I came across this information while looking for other stuff and I have never heard this procedure or tool mentioned in regards to carb sync. Can anyone comment on this? The later models of Yamaha (1982 & newer) use a YICS ( Yamaha Induction Control System) which is basically a vacuum balancing system in the intake manifold. A gallery is located just below the intake passages connecting all four intakes together via small air passages (approx. 1/8" ) the gallery itself is approx. 3/8" in diameter and 16" long on the 1100's. ( one of these days I'll convert to metric )To balance the carbs and set the idle mixtures properly the YICS must be rendered deactive so a true vacuum can be established. A special tool is required to seal the YICS passages while this adjusting is going on. The tool incorporates three rubber hose sections to act as seals, they are located in such a way as to isolate the passages from each other. To use just remove the gallery plug, it's located on the left side of the engine just below the carburetor inlets, should be 12mm. Slide the tool all the way in until the fender washer come in contact with the tube. Now while holding the bent part of the treaded rod tighten the wing nut till firm. Hook up your gauges or carb sticks. Start the engine and allow to warm up. It is normal for the engine to idle slower than normal so you may have to increase the idle speed to 1000 - 1200 rpm. Now proceed to adjust the idle mixture on each carb for maximum rpm. should be approx. 1- 1/2 turns out. Sync. the carbs for even intake vacuum balance. Shut down and remove the gauges & YICS tool tighten the gallery plug to 100 inch pounds ( firm but not gorilla ) reset the idle speed and your finished!! How it works, tightening the wing nut squashed the rubber hose sections and causes them to grow in diameter sealing against the gallery walls. the section closest to the wing nut is positioned directly under the #1 cylinder passage sealing this on from #2,3&4 the second seal is set between #2&3 isolating these two and the end seal is between #3&4 so intake vacuum is now independent and not shared by the other cylinders. BTW the YICS system helps the cold start back fire that the non-Yics machines are prone to. You can achieve similar results on the older machines by connecting the carbs together. just get some rubber gas line and two tee connectors remove the rubber plugs from the balance tubes and hook the four carbs together using the tees on #2&3 and the rubber hose. You'll notice a slightly faster and smoother idle.
  11. I've been meaning to remove the YICS chamber on my 83 before it becomes a problem. I bought some caps to plug the ports with, but got reined-in very quickly when I tried to get a good look at the inner YICS cylinder ports : the outer hoses are no issue, but I can't even see the inner ones. So my question is this : is it possible to remove the YICS hoses & cap off the ports without having to pull the whole carb rack ? It looks way too tight in there for my hands. I do have a 4-yr old, but she isn't all that handy with a pair of pliers (yet). Just wondering...
  12. Do I have to worry about the YICS when synching the carbs? I looked at the tech tip and it didn't say anything about it. On the XJ11 there is a special plug that seals it off.
  13. Cleaning out the garage today, took off the YICS and the plastic covers that go over the valve covers last year, just sittin' on the shelf-GOTTA GO! If anybody wants them for postage, PM me. May throw some other stuff on here if I find any. First come, first served, I'll check messages later on. I believe the YICS is still sealed. Dan
  14. As part of trying to get rid of the off idle skip on my 83, I removed the hoses and plugged the ports on the YICS system. The bike runs so much smoother and I can not tell any significant difference in power, so what did the YICS system actually do? I noticed on the 86 engine that the ports are not even machined for a tube for the hose. RandyA
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