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  1. All well and good, and I'll likely build a mechanical one just for the heck of it..... and because I've got all the materials already...........somewhere in storage. -Pete, in Tacoma WA USA
  2. Carb Stix is my response. The motorcycle speed shop near me primarily uses the Motion Pro Carb Stix, a 4 tube mercury manometer, but also has several others including the Carbtune and various mechanical types. They say it works best and is most accurate, but use the others where the Motion Pro is unsuited. This speed shop builds and tunes drag bikes and track racers as well as service regular bikes. -Pete, in Tacoma WA USA
  3. mc tuner shop techs will tell you a mercury manometer is most accurate. Pete, in Tacoma WA USA
  4. They don't cost that much, just buy one. Pete, in Tacoma WA USA
  5. Sounds like you didn't do the 'spit bubble' test for the valve stem like everybody else does in tire work, even if the work performed by someone else. I carry spare valves, a stem tool, and electric compressor for those kind of events. You should do the same..........what's the boy scout motto again........BE PREPARED Pete, in Tacoma WA USA
  6. Heat helps keep yer feet warm in winter. Pete, in Tacoma WA USA
  7. I LIKE. your motorcycle boots as seen in bottom pic....... Pete, in Tacoma WA USA
  8. Air in system will self purge first time you ride. Pete, in Tacoma WA USA
  9. Well that was pretty jam handy for sure. Pete, in Tacoma WA USA
  10. Only fluid behind those covers is coolant. The cover keeps the plug from popping out. Pete, in Tacoma WA USA
  11. I use an angled air chuck. My scooters have 90* metal stems and the air chuck works on them slso. Pete, in Tacoma WA USA
  12. If I lived there and had to rebuild, it would be a well constructed geodesic dome with a rapid pressure equalization sytem designed for tornado response to keep the building from exploding from sudden external depressurization as the twister goes by. Pete, in Tacoma WA USA
  13. I put a heeltoe shifter on my first Venture but went back to conventional after a couple seasons because I couldn't relax for realization my heel could easily accidently cause an unwated/uncluthed gear change. Now I won't ride a bike with a heeltoe system, unless it is an old relic Harley like I first learned on. Pete, in Tacoma WA USA
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