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  1. I just purchased an '07 Royal Star Venture with just under 10,000 miles on it. She is my first liquid cooled motorcycle, but I think that she is making too much engine heat as my feet are getting too warm and I am feeling more heat than I think that I should for a liquid cooled bike. Granted the ambient temperatures are a bit warm here in Georgia, but I still think she is running a bit warm. I had the coolant system flushed about three weeks ago but no change. I do not have a hot engine light at all. Would really like to get this fixed. My next step is to replace the thermostat, but looking for some advice first. Thanks. Verner
  2. My mechanic tried everything. slime, silicone, aired up many times. He took it off of the rim and I polished it and tried again. Now it is sitting near the wood stove with approx 60+ lbs of air in it for the night. One side just won't go no matter what. Maybe the heat will do it. If that doesn't work, I'm going to take it to the tire store and see if they will use their blaster on it. If that doesn't work I'm taking my heat gun to the shop and we'll try that. I'm listening__________
  3. My bike is pushing 76,000 and I've never messed with the air drier. I read somewhere u can remove the desiccant and dry it back out in a low heat oven. Has anyone tried that?
  4. Hey Guys: I would like to replace both my rear turn signals as well my front ones with LED's. I don't want to loose the 4 way flasher, what can I do to get this all together? Sponge Bob It's a dry heat!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. Okay I searched the forum and found some good info, however I guess my question is a little different. I am 5'8'' and would llike to be able to extend my legs out from the floorboards when on the highway. As we all know the summer and highway heat can at times add to the heat off the engine. I really don't care to have the lower air deflectors added. Could anyone with some insight on this subject please comment. We have a 5 day trip to the Texas hill country scheduled at the end of September and really like to have some pegs in place by then. Thanks
  6. Last weekend our local Star group (Star 186) rode to Mammoth lakes for three days. The temperature while in Mammoth was great 82. But getting there and getting home was HOT 108. WE had a couple of people start to over heat even though they were drinking lots of water. And most of them were wearing cooling vests. The question is (and I know there are a lot of opinions but looking for medical facts), what is best for re-hydration? I had a road construction worker tell me that he drinks pedialyte instead of Gatorade. He said it keeps him hydrated better. Is there something else that works better. I want to start carrying something for this kind of situation.
  7. Barb and I just got home from a 2 week long, 4600 mile trip. Boy was it great! The first part was down to Murfreesboro, TN to watch our 12 year old grandson quarterback a football game. Then we met up our friends (that ride a '12 Gold Wing) in southern Illinois and the 4 of us headed for Colorado Springs. There we visited the Garden of the Gods, and then Pike's Peak. For those that have never ridden up Pike's Peak on a motorcycle, I'll say that it should be on every touring rider's bucket list. Wow!! We've been up twice before, but it's been 20 years since the last time, and it was in our truck both times. As we were going up, I was watching my heat gauge climb into the red, but then we sped up a little and the grade wasn't as severe, and it cooled back down. A little later, we got stuck behind some real slow 4 wheelers and I had to go back to 1st gear quite a bit. Also there are some real tight corners with a steep grade that like 1st gear. Well, the Venture heated up again and the gauge was about in the middle of the red band (Mk II). On the CB, my friend Bill came on and said the his heat gauge was almost pegged. We pulled off on the side for a bit. As soon as we stopped climbing, my heat gauge came down quickly, but the GW took a bit longer. We started back up again and the Venture did pretty good, but the GW required another stop near the top. Up on top at 14,000 feet, the temp was 34 degrees, and it was very windy (30-40MPH). The ride down was even better than going up. Now I could relax more because I didn't have to worry about stalling on a tight, steep curve, or the bike heating up. There were quite a few bikes on the Peak the day we were there. Did I hear somebody in the back say "where are the pictures"? OK, I'll post some.
  8. Was putting the side panels back on after replacing some of the louvers that had come apart. I noticed how the bad louvers were warped, and figured it must be from the excessive heat they're subjected to. As I thought about it, I don't remember ever wanting to open them, and how even when closed the heat coming through them is uncomfortable, so I decided to block them. I put a thin piece of insulation over them, with a dab of silicone at each corner to hold them in place. If anyone wants a bit of this insulation to do this, let me know and we'll work something out.
  9. I changed out my rear tire this week after 11,200 miles, and it was the poorest performance on a rear tire I've had in 4 years. I'm a big fan of the ME880, and I've always gotten 15K+ miles from them, and significantly more on the front tire (my current front tire has 22K on it, and still has very good tread). I'm wondering if the combination of more long distance trips over the last 9 months, greater weight on the back (between riding two up and/or carrying heavier luggage for longer distances), and especially the more excessive heat conditions we've had this year on our trips are all playing into this poorer-than-average mileage I got this time around on the rear tire. Or maybe I just got a sub-standard tire back there to start with last time around. The date stamp on it was 5110, so it wasn't a very old tire when installed in September of 2011. I always keep 40 - 42 psi in the rear, along with 25 to 30 psi in the shock, so those variables are pretty consistent. Is there any intel on overall motorcycle tire performance with heat as a variable? I've Googled the subject, and there's not much out there.
  10. Well, you don't need the weatherman to know it's HOT outside!!! Today I did a complete brake job on the wife's Monte Carlo to include new pads, rotors, and hardware in 90+ degree heat. Thank God for air tools!!! Took a break after each wheel by coming inside and enjoying the air conditioning, we have it set for 70 degrees inside. I also have ice cold water, soda pop and iced tea and of course beer!! We are spending our evenings outdoors and put a fan inside the gazebo and watch TV ouit there! So, the questuion is, what are you doing on these hot days and how are you keeping cool??
  11. stay hydrated and take breaks to cool off. in heat like this u can dehydrate in a hurry & burn even faster....
  12. Sacramento is hitting a heat waive around 105 this weekend. So I would like to know how to cloth under garments properly in this type of heat. Since I'm coming into that area. First of all I leaned the acro ATGATT for riding in extreme heat. But what about under garment. In more reasonable riding temp from 70s to 80s, under my Tour Master Transition Jacket with zipper air pockets and my Tour Master Air Pants, I wear a T-shirt and long jeans, so when I reach my destination I just remove my riding gear. So when one is riding long distance and gets caught in a heat wave of like 100 + degrees what would be best to combat the heat. 1) Keep the Jeans and T-shirt on. 2) How about Shorts and a T-shirt. 3) How about a specility item. The thinest, undergarment that has excellect moisture wicking properties. If 3 is the best recommendation then, being that your entire body is giving of moisture would full length sleeve or short length sleeve be better? 4) Or maybe something better??? Oh, all this would be in consideration with one wearing a cooling vest and a cooling neck wrap. I know also that one needs to have a large hikers drinking back pack. Inaddition to water one needs something like Gatoraid or Propel drink also.
  13. i just want to say to every one i know how important leather and ridding gear is. but today i was behind two bikers who where in full leather. at a stop sign. well one of them started to kind of rock side to side on his bike. i thought he was just doing it to keep his balance. when all of a sudden the bike and him tipped right over to the right. right into the biker next to him taking both bikes down to the pavement, the one ridder managed to keep his bike on the crash bar. the other one did not look good at all. by the way i put my flashers on and got out to help. i called 911 and the ambulance attendent said it looked like a heat stroke? the guy was screaming in pain his arms and legs cramped up so bad they had a hard time getting a needle into him. we pushed his bike off to the side of the road. and called his brother to come and get it. nothing major broke on the bike. sso just saying be safe out there we all like a nice day to ride but it,s 91 out here today. and that heat can kill you.
  14. I am headed to Omaha tomorrow to pick up a new to me 05 Tour Deluxe! I have been keeping my eye open for one in my price range and this one came up! I know I'll take some heat from some of you old timers but don't you just love it when I come back from time to time!
  15. Just wondering if anyone here has painted all their side covers on the motor when the redid their bike or engine repair. I have seen some painted various colors but I am talking flat black here. If you have, and took pictures of them I would love to see them, I have painted mine with high heat matt black, havent put them back on yet, but I am debating on whether to leave them flat black or go with some clear coat over them to give them a little shine and help protect the paint better.
  16. I might be one of the few people who have vents on side covers and fairings that are still intact. My question is what did Yamaha do to create some resistance on the vents to hold them in place? It seems the vents have a mind of their own. When I don't want heat, those open. When I want some cool air, those ones shut on me. Any help would be appreciated before I try to rig something up.
  17. I have a 08 RSTD, has anyone come up ideas to help with the heat on the drivers feet?
  18. i just got the gloves for christmas and wore them 4 times a total of maybe 16 hours with the heat on. Just thursday I thought the heat wasnt working. i blamd it on the bitter cold and kept riding anyway . Saturday i noticed the light on the rocker switch was blinking . The switch looked great when i oppend and inspected. the gloves work well plugged directly into the power source. has anyone else had a problem with the switch. It has been used for 5 rides tops, The sloder joints look good but the bpower cuts off when moving the wire. Can the wire have broken inside the insulator so soon?
  19. I had a 2000 Venture and when it had about 80,000 miles Yamaha gave me a new set because of visible heat cracking......When I took them off they were still very smooth and no cracks showing on inside. The reason for this post is I have 93,000 on Midnight Venture with heat cracks showing on the outside......OK friends what the real deal here?...JK
  20. Has anyone changed out their Tail Light for one of the Halogen or Xenarc bulbs? Also, what about changing the turn signals to a brighter bulb that are available. I'm concerned about the heat build up especially in the turn signals, but it's winter in the Northwest and I want all the light possible in the dark and rain. Thanks George:depressed:
  21. I'm in the Seattle/Tacoma area, and we are receiving a record amount of snow and Ice rain. So this morning I lost power. No Problem for I've wired my home to accomodiate a generator about 15 years ago. I have everything except for Range and Dryer for the generator puts out 30 amps. Now last year I had a new gas furnace/heat pump/electronic filter. I was told when the power goes out and being that I have a generator for power, all I have to do is set the furnace to EM Heat. This setting is to bypass the heat pump and only allow the heat to be operated by gas. I get power to the thermostat but the furnace does not kick in. Prior to the new furnace the old furnace worked on the generator just fine and the new furnace electricial system uses the same power source as the old furnace system. If any one has any suggestion please let me know.
  22. ...I'm all wet. I need some recommendations on rain gear. I've got a pair of Frogg Toggs, but they're too bulky and not heat resistant. They're great as far as keeping the rain and road mist off my shins, but the right leg has too much extra material that winds up resting on the exhaust. It's already got a hole in it behind the right knee, and it left a tarnish on my pipe (which I can fix.) I'm basically looking for rain gear that's not baggy. Even if it's something of a heat resistant rubber pant suit that's loose enough to be easy going over the top of my jeans and thermals. Btw, as GAWildKat just took the liberty of reminding me, I'm not on a Venture yet. I'm on a Suzuki Volusia 800, and the exhaust runs down the right side of the bike, just below my knee.
  23. AHHHHH the benefits of snow,,,,, it's pure white, it quiets the neighborhood, it keeps people indoors,,, it kills the gnats and mosquitoes, it does a number on flies. It comes and goes and makes Christmas pretty. It's fun to slide on and sled on, because of snow we have Hockey and skiing, and snow-boarding, and horse drawn sleighs. It keeps some people south and makes others head south, and so leaves more room for the rest of us. The cold gets rid of the heat, and makes one look forward to the heat once more. It gives a guy time to do work on his scoot,,, and that is most important!!!
  24. I have been riding year-'round since the late 60s, and I have never had grip heaters or used electric clothing. As I get older, however, I am finding that the painful fingers when the temperatures drop below 30 are less acceptable, so this year, I started experimenting with grip heaters on the RSV. I really like the stock grips on QuickSilver, so I didn't want to just replace them with heated grips; that left either wrap-around heater covers or the under-grip heat strips. I first ordered a set of Oxford HotHands wrap-arounds. These are specifically labeled for use ONLY on 1 7/8" bars, as they will make the grips too large when put over grips on 1" bars. I decided to ignore this and try them anyway since I have very large hands. Turns out, we are both right. The HotHands are quite thick, and when put over the RSV grips, they feel overly large. I was easily able to get used to them, but most people probably wouldn't. In addition, the HotHands only have one temperature - High! To modulate the heat, the only choice is to turn them off and on periodically. My next try was to order a heated grip kit designed to install underneath existing grips. These consist of self-stick mylar sheets with heating elements bonded to the surface. The ones I ordered use a dropping resistor and two position switch to provide low and high heat options. More on the resistor later. Before I tried installing the heater kit as it was designed, I wanted to try and make my own set of grip wraps that could be removed easily when not needed. First, I chose to use buckskin, since I had it available and I thought the deer skin grips would be comfortable and functional. Although the buckskin worked very nice, I think rubberized nylon or canvas would have been a better choice. With the leather, I am concerned about the long-term effects of water, and when washing the bike I have been either wrapping the grips in plastic or removing them. Here's a picture of the heat strips and Velcro on the buckskin: [ATTACH]5015[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]5016[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]5017[/ATTACH] Important: If you are going to make a set of wrap-around heaters like this, you need to be careful to get the kind of elements with the SAME amount of heat on BOTH. Many sets made for motorcycles have one that heats a lot more to compensate for the damping effect of the cold metal bar directly against it on the left side. The dropping resistor is a bit of a problem - these get HOT when the grips are on low, hot enough to burn your fingers. There is at least one other brand of grip heater kit available that uses two separate heating circuits instead of the resistor, and I would use those in the future instead of the more common type with the resistor. I used some plastic wire wrap to hold the excess wire and the resistor (it came all soldered together), and then just stuck the wire assembly down behind the throttle cables and the fairing. (note - after using these for a year, just having the resistor and wires stuffed between the throttle cables and the fairing as shown in the picture has worked perfectly - the heat from the resistor has not damaged anything.) [ATTACH]5018[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]5019[/ATTACH] Finally, I just wrapped the wires from the grips once around the existing bar wire bundle and routed the wires from the left grip and the power plug through more of the plastic wire wrap across the front of the handlebars. The tach mount made a convenient place to mount the switch. I am currently powering these from the power plug in the fairing, but will permanently wire the switch next time I split the fairing. [ATTACH]5020[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]5021[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]5022[/ATTACH] I am quite happy with this solution and think this is what I will stay with! Goose UPDATE - one year later: I have used these grip heaters for two winters now, and I love them. In November we took a weeks ride up to Pigeon Forge, Tennessee, and the weather for three days all the way there was low 30s and solid rain. Of course, the buckskin grip heaters got soaked, but that just made them work even better, as the water absorbed the heat and kept my hands "steamy" warm. Even when my winter gloves got so wet that just making a fist would cause water to stream out of them, these grip heaters were too warm to leave on Hi very long. After the grip heaters dried out, they are still in perfect shape. One of the things I like most about them is that I only have to have them on the grips when really needed. Here is an updated picture of the dash and location of the switch between the tach and the right handle bar. [ATTACH]14364[/ATTACH]
  25. OK...I finally got a few minutes tonight to see about putting my bike back together as a refresher....1988 VR, replacing the steering bearings. So...I put the bearing races and triple tree in the freezer to "shrink" them Races went into the neck just fine! I was told to put the bearings in the oven at about 200' or so to expand them, then tap them on with some PVC pipe. Question....how to I pack the bearings? Before the heat...they'll just melt the grease out of the bearings and make a mess. After the heat?...Still, will the grease not just heat up and run out? And by the time I pack them...will they not cool off too much?
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