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  1. The wife and I set out on a ride this afternoon on our 2013 RSV. Beautiful day, lots of sun and a temperature around 79F. As were heading down the interstate at 75MPH I start noticing that I'm feeling more hot air around my legs than normal and at about the same time my wife asks if I've changed anything on the bike since our last ride because her left leg is a lot hotter then usual. Everything sounds fine and the tach is still at 3500rpm as normal for that speed. We've only gone about 12 miles from the house at this point so with both of us noticing a difference I pull over into a weigh stati
  2. The temp has been 102 the last couple days. I've got a 45 min commute to work (mostly interstate). The last 2 days, when I pull up in the parking lot, I can smell antifreeze. These are the times when I wish I could see the engine temp like I could on my last 5 motorcycles. The bike is not leaking any coolant that I can see. It's not smoking. I don't feel any change in performance. Is there any way I can find out if the motor is running too hot? What would y'all do if you smelled antifreeze after a long, hot ride??
  3. when I push the start button down the lights draw down and it blows the ignition fuse . The main wire going to ignition switch on side of bike gets very hot when key in on position. Any ideas ? I have replace the starter relay and the starter cut out relay Please help...
  4. I have a '99 venture with the standard smooth seats. I have ridden up to 400 miles with minimal discomfort. I bought a set of pillow seats and installed along with pillow backrest. I want the Mrs. as comfortable as possible. Are these as comfortable as they look and are they hot in the summer? I weigh around 150lbs. Thanks to all and have a Merry CHRISTmas!!
  5. Hi. This is a question mainly for those of you who live in hot areas, like 90 plus, regarding engine temp. Now I know the gage catches alot of flak for inaccuracy, but what I've noticed is consistent. If I'm riding at any kind of steady speed in cool weather, my 87's temp runs at about 1/3, where there's a little gap in the green line on the gage. I'm assuming this gap indicates "normal" which I think is 180, right? As the weather warms, it doesn't hold there. When the weather gets over 90 or 95 temp tends to run more like 2/3 or 3/4, right about where the fan kicks on. At mellow speeds
  6. Hi! New to the forum and relatively new to MC maintenance so appreciate the help and patience. Searched the forum and did not find anything already here that helped. I am 2nd owner (I think) of a 96 RSTD with about 45K miles I have owned for about 1 year. Previous owner made a lot of stupid mods I am still discovering and fixing. It is my commuter bike and drive about 60 miles round trip daily. For the last week I am having trouble restarting when it is hot. The lights on the speedo fade out when trying to start and I have to open the throttle all the way for it to start. Also starts a
  7. KIC

    Funny video

    Thought I would pass this video along: OK.. I had to add this one too .. hot wheels for big boys: [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=06Q6berM0j0&feature=player_embedded]Chris Burden - YouTube[/ame]
  8. Just messing around on eBay and decided to look at the Honda Rune. Couple 2004's out there for $16k & $17k. I think they are smoking something. Guess they forgot they weren't hot sellers to begin with. Take off the 1 at the beginning of that # is more like it. I like the looks of them personally.
  9. Hopefully someone can advise me on this issue. I just installed new oem pads on the rear of my 05 RSTD . I noticed some drag when I pushed the bike back and the rotor is hot after a 2 mile test ride. Did I do something wrong? Will the pads wear in?
  10. I just changed out the wheel bearings on my 99 RSV (with 50k miles), then took it for a good 3 hour ride today. When I got home I checked around for heat from the bearings when I noticed how hot my final drive gets! I could touch it for say 30 seconds but any longer would start to burn my finger. I replaced the final drive oil with 80W90 gear oil in the spring. How hot are these units supposed to get?? It was a 3 hour ride, so it perhaps should have been rather warm? I noticed when doing the bearing job that theres a bearing visible on the wheel side of the pumpkin. Is this something
  11. Put a new starter (V-Max 1200 4 brush) on my 84VR. Using silicone as a gasket material on sidecover however when I tighten the sidecover the starter drags really bad to where the wires want to get hot. It seems when I tighten the top screws on the left it starts to drag. Any ides?
  12. Sailor

    Toy run

    Had a great toy run here yesterday. We started with 40 bikes two years ago, got 80 last year and 120 this year. Hoping for 150 next year. Not bad for a small island. Last year we raised $2000 and a truck load of toys for underprivileged kids. I know we did better this year. Got to get a lighter Santa suit though. The one I borrow is heavy duty and it is hot, hot, hot in August.
  13. It is VERY Hot around HERE in Missouri IT'S SO HOT ..... REALLY - HOW HOT IS IT ??? .....the birds have to use potholders to pull the worms out of the ground. .....the trees are whistling for the dogs. .....the best parking place is determined by shade instead of distance .....hot water comes from both taps. .....you can make sun tea instantly. .....you learn that a seat belt buckle makes a pretty good branding iron. .....the temperature drops below 90 F and you feel a little chilly. .....you discover that in July it only takes two fingers to steer your car. ....
  14. Successfully kickoff to international. 65 people showed up for pre mixer with more to come. Now sitting around campfire having Hot Sex and enjoying good company..
  15. anybody have a windshield laying around that they want to get rid of. i'm looking for one to cut down to make a shorty for hot weather riding. it may even get painted so scratches aren't a big problem either. let me know. thanks
  16. Last weekend, in temperatures too hot to describe http://www.dailykos.com/story/2012/07/11/1108494/--Hopeless-to-Hope Enjoy Steve
  17. Well, you don't need the weatherman to know it's HOT outside!!! Today I did a complete brake job on the wife's Monte Carlo to include new pads, rotors, and hardware in 90+ degree heat. Thank God for air tools!!! Took a break after each wheel by coming inside and enjoying the air conditioning, we have it set for 70 degrees inside. I also have ice cold water, soda pop and iced tea and of course beer!! We are spending our evenings outdoors and put a fan inside the gazebo and watch TV ouit there! So, the questuion is, what are you doing on these hot days and how are you keeping cool??
  18. two weeks ago I had a problem i know others have had. It was a hot night and the idle on my bike started to go up. I could not get it down so headed home . there i lubed all my throttle cables and choke linkages then finally readjusted my idle getting it down to around 1000 rpms. i latter realized this may have been a vacuum leak problem and have seen that suggested here by others as well. What I'm looking for here is a previous thread from someone that may have had this problem and hunted down the offending vacuum line so i know where to look and how to fix it to prevent it from happenin
  19. “When your dish goes out, you can’t study game film. When you can’t study game film, you lose to Alabama. When you lose to Alabama, you get depressed. When you get depressed, you buy a Harley. When you buy a Harley, you meet hot, young ex-volleyball players. When you meet hot, young ex-volleyball players, you go on joy rides. When you go on joy rides, you end up in a roadside ditch. Don’t end up in a roadside ditch.”
  20. Guest

    BMW bikes being sued?

    Better than McD's hot coffee lawsuit http://now.msn.com/now/0428-bmw-lasting-erection.aspx
  21. Good Morning everyone, Here is my story, I have been chasing an electrical problem for awhile now concerning my headlight. I knew it was loose connection somewhere cause the fuse wasen't blown and the headlight would work off and on. I checked all the connectors to a point where i was about to run my own hot wire to the high and low switch. Never did i think about the factory instructions on how to install the driving lights. I'm thinking this is the factory who is telling me to tap into the hot from the headlights so they must know what their doing. (WRONG)!! Believe me, dont use their in
  22. Hi guys, i have a 1300 from 1990 and when i try to start it, it won't turn over. i have checkt the battery and need to by replaced (broken). when i try to jump start it whit an external battery the cables come very hot and smoking, but still the starter will only turn once or twice and very havy and slow. any ideas before i go shopping? thnx, Ice
  23. I've been thinking about installing a large Home backup Generators one of these years. Probably 20 KW or larger. Anyone have one or have installed one. Like to get myself educated on the pros and cons, also open to suggestions if there might be a better idea. I currently have two propane furnaces (1 for main floor and one for basement apt -rental) and a propane hot water tank all supplied by a 500 gal propane tank. When I upgrade appliances I would consider going to propane ranges and dryers. Need enough power for the following: Main floor home Basement Apt (Complete Set of applian
  24. Looks like it is getting close to time to replace the hot water heater. It is still heating just fine but apparently is full of mineral deposits, rust, etc. My wife notice last weekend that the hot water was muddy looking. I've lost count of how many times I've drained and flushed and drained and flushed and drained and flushed. It take forever even though I replace the drain valve with a straight through ball valve. Even with the ball valve installed and the vent opened, it takes a long time to flush. I've actually got it running fairly clear now but still no perfect and I think I wil
  25. I picked up a spare rear rim to try a CT. Went searching today for a tire and it seems that the Kumhos have all dried up. What's the current "hot topic" tire that's available these days? About all I have seen would be the BFG in the right size. TIA, Iz
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