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  1. Hi I'am new to biking bought a 2003 royal star venture with a voyage kit on it.Had all kind of problems with it.I took it to a voyage dealer he relined it back up and tighten loose bolts.He said wheels were toed in more then likly from voyage.He corrected that problem,however in some curves it's hard hard hard to handle.I talk to three trike builders in our area .They tell me voyage trike kits are real problem.That not much can do for them. That even a product like ez steer won't help. I live in cleveland tn. so roads are windy.I was told by two trike builders not to wast anymore money. The problem is the three wheels work against each orther in a tight turn, no why to slove this.
  2. Any other RSV Voyager "trike" riders in PA out there? Have you seen the article in the December 2009 ABATE of PA newsletter? According to PennDOT, the Voyager trike kit is not legal in PA! It's because with the Voyager on the bike, it has four wheels on the ground, not three. According to PennDOT, the state Vehicle Code states that a motorcycle can have no more than three wheels. I've looked it up, and by strict letter of the law, it appears that they are right. But, come on, aren't there better things the lawyers at the largest governmental agency in the state could be doing? Hopefully ABATE will be able to get the law changed and/or get the courts to throw this out. My disabled son LOVES riding on our 2000 RSV with the Voyager trike on it, but he can't ride without the stability the kit provides. Check it out, this could be an issue for any "trikes" that have more than three wheels, like Tow-pac.
  3. :Happy Birthday:I just want to wish my husband, Moped, a very happy birthday. It has been fun riding through life on two wheels with you all these years. Yama Mama
  4. Anyone know of a way to get the residue from stick on tire weights off? I found a web site for professional detailers and a lot of them are detailing motorcycles also and when I posed this questions most said to use 3M general purpose adhesive cleaner. Anyone used this? I don't believe this product will do the job.
  5. Consider the following please. Instead of buying the full HF trailer with car topper kit for $399 with the 8 in wheels, How about the HF small utility trailer #90153 frame with the 12 in wheels. And one of the hundred or so used car toppers sold on craigslist? They are averaging 50 to 100 bucks. Different shapes sizes and colors to choose from. Saving a bit of coin and getting something a little more customized. I plan on adding a plywood floor to mine first so I can remove the topper and use it to haul other things. (and with our car too). My only question for the crowd out there that already have the HF kit trailer #66771, How are they attaching the car topper to the frame? Dave
  6. What are the wheels made of. The specifications just say cast.
  7. KIC

    Funny video

    Thought I would pass this video along: OK.. I had to add this one too .. hot wheels for big boys: [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=06Q6berM0j0&feature=player_embedded]Chris Burden - YouTube[/ame]
  8. Been xmas shopping at the HD shops. My wife really likes their cloths. High quality at a high price I tell her. She really came around with this new bike and has taken an interest in my riding. Im glad after 30 years on the road. Did you guys know that some Harleys have four wheels ? After a month of bickering with my salesperson at my local Ford dealer and a counrty search I bought a new truck. First time they were offered in white.
  9. Tx2Sturgis, Brian, here is a rig that is being slowly moved...that combines your line of work with my old line of work. http://www.autoblog.com/2012/11/06/this-192-wheel-vehicle-is-carrying-nuclear-waste-to-utah-right-n/?icid=maing-grid10%7Chtmlws-main-bb%7Cdl4%7Csec1_lnk3%26pLid%3D232024 This rig weighs in at 700,000 lbs., can only be moved at 25 mph, and will take three weeks to go 800 miles. Oh, and it is 400 ft. long, and has...192 wheels under it. Imagine the pay that this truck driver...or crew of them...are getting to move this.
  10. Need some advice I have an opportunity to buy a ’70 BSA Rocket 3 750 triple for $5K. Been in dry storage covered for 30+ years. One owner. Has racing wheels and tires w/ original tires and wheels in boxes that go w/ it. Copper color, looking at it today to determine condition and will post pics. If it is in good condition would it be worth 5K? I know nothing about BSA.
  11. The pasted message below was my last email that I sent to chrome pros in Corpus Christie Texas. As you can see the customer service sucks big time. While the wheels came out nice, they also left in the dampeners in the rear wheel, causing me a whole ton of extra labor to remove them. Unfortunately for me I didnt order them through Ebay, but directly on the phone, which may have given me more protection. But, if there is no response from them by Friday then I will file credit card fraud charges against them with my Citi card. So, some of you PM'ed me about this company possibly considering using them for plating. Right now I would not recommend them to anyone. Ill see what happens after Friday. Sure do wish that we had a member in the Corpus Christie area to go there but apparently not. "Ben, this is the third email that I have sent you. You still havent answered my previous emails. When we spoke on the phone you promised to inspect the return core wheels this past Monday and issue the 485.00 credit as you promised to my card. That has not happened. I spoke to another rep on Tuesday who assured me that the wheels would be inspected and a credit issued. When I asked for his name he hung up. Still no credit to my account nor any response from your company. You had no problems responding to my inquiries for the last few months but now that payment was made all that I am getting is the runaround it seems. I need a commitment from Chrome Pros as to when the credit will be issued. Jeff Koppelman"
  12. This company is still making trike kits for the 1st Gen. I emailed them and they sent me a brochure. The price is $5995.00. Wheels and tires not included. Check out the brochure.
  13. Has anyone used or know of anyone that have used the retractable motorcycle support wheels? I've got an uncle who's turning 85 this year and he sayes his Harley Dresser and his 1500 Gold Wing are getting a little heavy in the parking lot:shock3:. He doesn't want a trike or a sidecar. I don't know the pricing on these, but the video looks interesting. Mabeline http://www.trikealternative.com/
  14. www.ChromeProsPlating.com 4531 Ayers, Suite 412 Corpus Christi, Texas 78415 Im looking for someone who lives in the area who can go to the above shop and check on my wheels status. What started as a 3-4 week wait is now hitting its 6th week. They say one of the wheels had to be redone but something just dont sound right. Right now im not too happy with their customer service. When speaking to them on the phone they come off as phony. If you can make it over there PM me and ill send you my order #. Thanks, Jeff
  15. Teaching my Grand Princess to enjoy riding..... ....anything with two wheels...
  16. Ok, Getting ready to put a bunch of miles on the Tag-Along in the next few weeks, so time to get rid of the crappy Chinese bearings. They have probably 6000-7000 miles on them. I took the wheels off and removed the old bearings, only to find they look almost perfect. As mentioned in a post a good while back, the seals were still leaking, probably due to the lack of polishing of the sealing surface, on the axle, during manufacturing. This seems to not be a problem as both wheels were still completely full of grease. The Honda Moly was a lot more "liquid" than when I put it in there, but was evidently doing its' job, very well. Oh well, I have new Timken bearings, along with new seals, on order from Motion Industries, here in Jackson, MS. All should be here in the morning. Fore those interested; The bearing part # is 30205M (It is a cup and cone set) $18.15/Set The seal part # is 30 X 52 X 10 A-NBR $ 2.18/Each Gonna pick them up in the morning and go two blocks down and get a couple of pounds of dry ice. :cool10: Oh and go by and pick up a new tube of Honda Moly from BigBoyinMS
  17. I have been sanding the wheels on my 99 to begin polishing them. I still have a long way to go. I looked around at several chromers and polishers and was amazed at their quotes. One polisher, who I liked his work alot, came in at a price higher then some of the chromers. Best chrome price I can get is about 700 bucks. The polished wheels came in just over that. Guess ill just have to knuckle down and finish what I already started myself. The cost is just too prohibitive to farm it out.
  18. Just curious. Several weeks ago there was a set of chrome RSV wheels on Ebay for around 750 bucks from ChromePros wheel exchange. Did anyone here buy them?
  19. I am a brand new rider and just got my first bike. While learning how to ride at a relatively slow speed, I dropped my bike on the left side (into grass). Nothing appears to be broken on visual inspection, however I can't even push the bike when it is in neutral. Does anyone have any ideas as to why I can't push the bike in neutral? It shifts into first and neutral but not into 2nd or above. I am more concerned why the wheels appear to be locked up even in neutral. Feedback is appreciated
  20. I had a fairly long conversation with Jim Gooch of HMS today and one topic was the rear wheels, Jim stated that any 4-100 15x7 wheel with an offset between 38-40mm would be just fine on there, no worries of any tire or wheel rub. Being able to use a 38 or 40mm offset greatly increases the selection of wheels from which to choose. The larger the number the more to the inside the wheel moves. I also asked about the rear brake line from the rear master cylinder to the T block, it is the Yahamama stock line. I am going to replace it with a braided stainless line. Hope this helps some who may want to put different wheels on.
  21. Yesterday afternoon, I got around to installing the new Avons that I had ordered. Ran into something that I found a bit strange. I had my last set installed and balanced at a local shop. They didn't have much weight on them but what I found strange was that when I removed the existing weights and then put the the wheels with newly installed tires on my balancer, they showed to be HEAVY exactly where the weights had been. I found this on both the front and rear wheels. On both wheels, I ended up adding weight to the exact opposite side to where they had previously been. It leads me to believe that maybe the shop that balanced the last set didn't know what they were doing and actually had put the weights on the heavy side instead of where they should have been. I didn't notice any problem when riding it but there was only about 1 ounce of weights installed. Anyway, I got them done, new breaks installed front and rear, engine oil and rear end oil changed, rear splines greased, front fender rail that I bought from Pioneer at Maintenance Day installed. Polished the chrome this morning and it sure looks pretty sitting in the garage. Now I sure wish I had time to ride it somewhere.
  22. I am having the tires replaced on my 1987 Yamaha Venture Royale. It there any maintance I should have done while the wheels are off?
  23. Well I got a question, Im into Phase 2 of the Firefighter RSV and part of it is polishing the outside ring of the wheels and powdercoating the spokes the color of the bike. I think I know my answer but do I need to remove and replace the wheel bearings or can it be done without removing them. Dont really want to mess with them but If I need too I will. Scotty
  24. As always, we had a wonderful time at Vogel! http://venturerider.org/forum/images/smilies/happy65.gif It was great seeing everyone, our old friends and meeting new friends! Even our daughter Jacque and her friend Jimmy were able to come and they really enjoyed hanging out with us! It inspired Jimmy to get his bike out when they got back to Huntsville and they went on a 100 mile trip into Tennessee! http://venturerider.org/forum/images/smilies/whistling.gif We might even see them on two wheels in the future at one of our meet and eats! Here are the pictures we took!! Once again, it was so good to see everyone! http://venturerider.org/forum/images/smilies/bighug.gif http://s7.photobucket.com/albums/y262/venturerider/Sleeperhawks%20Mechanic/2011/Sleeperhawks%20Mechanic%2020110820%20Vogel/
  25. Not bike related but no where else to turn that I trust. I've had my 2004 Grand Am in garage 3 times for slow leak. Was told it's because of the alloy wheels being damaged/corroded. Can I put innertubes in these? New wheels are too dang expensive to contemplate right now. Thanks and God Bless. Mike
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