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  1. Put close to a 1000 miles on last week.I went to ky. Stearns and Cumberland falls.Then took 25 back to tn.I had problems three times on turns that worried me. I order risers for handel bars. THANKS TO ALL for help
  2. thanks happy trails i have a car tire on back of bike.i was told it should come off.the car tire is flat surface therefore with the voyager tires being flat sureface they work against each orther in turning.that also they don't stop as good mostly on wet road . i was told never put one on front of bike .that they could kill you on wet surface.
  3. thanks fishrepair email is lawrencewaibel@yahoo.com
  4. Thanks for the information .Did you change the rake?
  5. Hi I'am new to biking bought a 2003 royal star venture with a voyage kit on it.Had all kind of problems with it.I took it to a voyage dealer he relined it back up and tighten loose bolts.He said wheels were toed in more then likly from voyage.He corrected that problem,however in some curves it's hard hard hard to handle.I talk to three trike builders in our area .They tell me voyage trike kits are real problem.That not much can do for them. That even a product like ez steer won't help. I live in cleveland tn. so roads are windy.I was told by two trike builders not to wast anymore money. The problem is the three wheels work against each orther in a tight turn, no why to slove this.
  6. Hi my wife and I just started biking.We have 2003 venture with a voyager trike kit on it.I had alot of problems with it and had it resit up.Much better dose not shake and eaiser to steer.Dealer said wheels were toed in.The 3rd one he had like this.Most likly this way from voyager.However at times with slants in road at slow speeds I can not hardly turn bike.IT goes where it wants and on some curves real hard to handle.WHAT CAN I DO? Should I sell and go with true trike ?I have been told these kits do nothing but wear you out and are nothing but problems. We live in cleveland tn. looking for pople to ride with we are in sixties.
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