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  1. I'm looking at a trike kit, for the same reasons add everyone else my age. I like the idea of switching back and forth from two to four wheels. How hard is the riding adjustment between indirect steering of two wheels and direct steering of three or four? Thanks. 2006 RSV
  2. I have a friend looking for an RSV Trike. No Voyager kits. Anybody have a lead?
  3. Any other RSV Voyager "trike" riders in PA out there? Have you seen the article in the December 2009 ABATE of PA newsletter? According to PennDOT, the Voyager trike kit is not legal in PA! It's because with the Voyager on the bike, it has four wheels on the ground, not three. According to PennDOT, the state Vehicle Code states that a motorcycle can have no more than three wheels. I've looked it up, and by strict letter of the law, it appears that they are right. But, come on, aren't there better things the lawyers at the largest governmental agency in the state could be doing? Hopefully ABATE will be able to get the law changed and/or get the courts to throw this out. My disabled son LOVES riding on our 2000 RSV with the Voyager trike on it, but he can't ride without the stability the kit provides. Check it out, this could be an issue for any "trikes" that have more than three wheels, like Tow-pac.
  4. Anybody out there using a car tire on an RSV with a Voyager trike kit on it? I spoke to my local Voyager dealer today, and he suggested that it might make the Voyager ride too hard, and/or bounce too much? Anyone heard of this being a problem? I have an 11 year old son who is wheel chair bound, but he LOVES to ride the RSV. However, he has gotten too big (5'10" tall and 190 lbs!), as have I, (240 lbs) for the recommended max weight, according to Yamaha. I ordered my Voyager trike kit today, and thought it might be a good time to switch to the car tire to get the extra mileage, since lean will no longer be an issue. But the MTC dealer strongly recommended against it. Any and all comments would be welcome. Thanks. Don from PA
  5. :fingers-crossed-emoI want to take the voyager trike kit off of my 83 Goldwing 1100 and put it on my 88 Venture Royale 1300..the adapter kit would cost betweem $800.00-$1000.00...I think I could make one if I had a template...can anyone help me find a template or a used adapter kit ...thanks
  6. Ive got a 1984 1300 voyager that is having overheat problems. Ive flushed the system, replaced the thermostat. any help will be greatly appreaceted.
  7. Be prepared to see a 2008 RSV Red/Black Voyager Conversion passing through VA, PA & NY. This Friday (8/10) I'm riding from Richmond, VA to Rochester, NY. I prepped my bike so all you see is a quiet smiling guy riding though... oil changed rear brake pads replaced final drive gear oil changed Voyager kit re-aligned OEM mufflers from Canada installed Nankang Rear Tire replacement for terrible Avon Voyager light wiring re-done CD changer/player installed fixed broken right rear turn-signal light Going up for a High School & Friends picnic in Hamlin, NY on 8/11. If anyone sees me, beep/wave to say hi! JohnB
  8. Took a Vulcan Voyager 1700 out for ride at Detroit Bike Week today. VERY nice bike. I think it blows the Venture away in handling and ride. Real nice dash. Gobs of power. Man when you bang second gear, yikes, she takes off. Makes me think about a new bike.
  9. It's getting much closer to when I plan to trike my '09 RSV. I first considered the "4 wheel" route, then decided on the Hannigan trike. But I'm seeing a lot of bikes with the Voyager style kit. Talking with a couple of owners of both styles I'm again thinking of the Voyager kit. Much less expensive and removable. I would only remove it if needed however. I hate to keep flip flopping on this, but either way is expensive and I'm just concerned that the Hannigan (roughly $16K set up the way I want it) would be overkill. The Voyager riders I've talked with have both really liked their kits and their wives did also. But so did the Hannigan rider that I talked with. I even went up and looked at the HD Trike (sorry) and also test rode a Can-Am Spyder. I really like the Spyder except for the driver foot position. Before I commit to something this costly I REALLY REALLY want to ensure that I have all my ducks in a row!
  10. :)I have a '82 Goldwing Interstate 1100 with a Voyager conversion Kit on it ..which I really enjoy..I also have a "89 Venture Royale 1300..thinking about switching the Voyager to the Yamaha...any pros or cons to this....just looking for input...Thanx
  11. I wasn't aware of some of tee alternatives to regular trikes that are available these days - especially for those of us who are, uh, financially challenged. Or maybe you only need the trike when you stop ... or maybe some days are better than others. Here are a couple of links to some of these companies. A guy in the Goldwing chapter that I belong to has the Voyager kit on his. Basically, he needs it when he has a passenger. When he's solo, he's OK to handle the bike at stops so he can remove the wheels in about 10 minutes or less! http://www.trikealternative.com/ http://www.mtcvoyager.com/ Don't know the pricing on the Trike Alternative kit, but the Voyager is $4,100 US and is a relatively easy do it yourself job. And for those of you looking for some kind of Voltage meter to install on your bike, here is an interesting one - the Battery Bug. http://www.argusanalyzers.com/ Andy
  12. I got the 91 Voyager looking and running good needs more work but it kicks but, I am gonna sell my 86 VR if anyone is interested. IO replaced the windshield, mirrors left side fairing that I found that had some damage from a garage fire but was better than the one that was on there, synced the carbs and found split vacuum lines I fixed, replaced the crash bars and put new highway pegs on and kinda cleaned it up. I went for a nice 90 mile ride this morning and it rides greats expert for the cruise that works intermittent. I also put a Butler mug on it. I don't like the floorboards that are on my VR I would rather have the pegs like on this voyager.
  13. Guest

    2011 Voyager pictures

    I sure hope I don't get pop for these lights...It was either blue or clear...
  14. Found a picture of the first Generation Voyager..just thought I would pass it on....
  15. My 91 Voyager has the battery light on but it has a new battery and it is getting 14v at idle I am wondering if it has the same battery sensor that the VR did for wet battery's. If someone has a clue on Voyagers give me a shout, this is my first one. Tom
  16. This seems to be the correct forum to post this request. (If not, I apologise - so just respond, okay?) Seriously though folks, I have fitted a Voyager outfit to my 2004 RSV and now need to hook up the additional lights fitted thereto. The Voyager is obviously wired up, with a 7-pin flat plug and I have acquired the matching socket and cable to wire in to the bike. I've been told by other 'Voyagers' that the best place to do so is just aft of the battery. I would assume that would be correct, and I would just use normal 1-into-2 splicing connectors? I'm okay with doing it myself, having dabbled in auto wiring (and house wiring) for many years. The other option is to go to the harness and connectors beneath the tail light - the ones all curled up under the number plate bracket. Any clues, ideas, opinions and/or advice please? Thanks for your collective time. I know it's valuable.
  17. Hi; Does anyone have an electronic copy of the Voyager RSV Installation Manual? If so, could you send me a copy. I've got a used Voyager kit which came off a HD & need to check over installation before I spend $660 for the hardware & manual from mtcVoyager. In there great wisdom, their support wants me to pay for a copy of the manual, even though I will get a printed copy when I buy the kit in two weeks (when I have the kit money). BTW... anyone have a mounting kit to sell? Anyone? JohnB
  18. I am thinking about selling the Valkyrie and going with the Kawasaki Voyager or a Victory Vision or Cross Country. Any thoughts?
  19. Thinking about installing a Voyager Kit on a '91 Venture Royale. I can ride the bike just fine, but since I tip the scales at 150# soaking wet after a good meal, I have some trouble when the GF (who just happens to out weigh me a tad....) is aboard. My riding buddy has a Voyager Kit on his RS TD because he has bad legs, and he loves it. I've done some work on his bike, so I have a good idea of what's there, but I'd like to install the kit myself, so I would really like to know about any "gotchas" there might be. Any input will be greatly appreciated. Y'All ride safe...
  20. I've had my Voyager Kit for a while now (got it the week before Rolling Thunder), and we love it. When we bought the kit we did not order lights because I don't care for the stock Harley lights they use. My friend has a Voyager kit with lights on his RSTD, and because the sun washes them out, they are useless. What I'm looking for are lights that I can mount on the fenders, but I don't want to do a lot of sheet metal work. Drilling a couple of small holes is fine, but I don't want to have to perform major surgery. I would like to use LEDs, but I'm not opposed to incandescents..... Any input will be greatly appreciated... BTW: I've looked on Super Brite LEDs dot com, and their lights require cutting major holes in the fenders...... Thanks.
  21. I am in the market for a cycle and have narrowed it dowm to the Venture or Voyager. I had a 2003 Goldwing but had to sell it because of the riding position. I like the standard features the Venture comes with and the Warranty. I am a 300lb guy and ride one up almost all the time. Are there any power issues with the 1300CC engine? I was leaning to the Voyager with the 1700cc but need advice from current owners. TYIA
  22. I was in Austin this week and saw an old Voyager (late 90's, maybe) with a chopped tinted windshield, no trunk, and with a flat black paint job. At first glance I wondered what it was. Didn't get to see it up close, just in traffic, but a unique looking bike. Most have to much bling, but in this case less was more. Sorry no pics.
  23. Getting a Voyager Kit installed on my '91 VR and my riding buddy has a Voyager Kit on his '97 RSTD. We both need covers. I've read stuff about the Hannigan covers (Sorta like a Nelson-Riggs????). What's the deal? Will a Hannigan cover fit over bikes with Voyager Kits? Thanks. Y'All ride safe
  24. I've been looking for a low priced used trike kit to install on the bike so we can see if this is the way to go for me and the princess. We found one in the classified here on theVR sit, So we took a road trip 300 miles out to MA. to pick up my new to me voyager trike kit.One day round trip,total of 600 miles,plus tolls.Very happy with the kit so far...Today I'm checking craigs list,just to see if thier's anything I can't do with out,when I come across a voyager trike kit not 8 mile away from me for the same price!!!AAAARRRGGG.:bang head: anyway, if anyone is looking for a trike kit with attachments for a 86 goldwing there is one for sale in Ovid NY.for $1500.00,obo.Will also fit most any bike with the right attaching kit.
  25. I have the opportunity to pick up a 94 Voyager at a really good price so I'm thinking about making it my ride for the summer. Does anyone know what I need to look for before I purchase it? I am trying to find a good Voyager forum for some feedback as well.
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