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Found 25 results

  1. Hello everyone I'm new here sort of introduced myself here and posted pics of my "new" bike http://www.venturerider.org/forum/showthread.php?137259-Welcome-to-the-forum-Harddrv1-from-Fort-kent-AB. Anyway I built a 3d printer a few years ago and to keep costs low was wondering if anyone has any 3d models of fairing for the 84 venture if so I would be grateful if you could share them or email them to me, Im not a great modeler but I may attempt to patch mine up the best I can and scan them to make them printable if I can. Or redesign them if I can but I'm hopping one of you has done this already
  2. Ive got a 1984 1300 voyager that is having overheat problems. Ive flushed the system, replaced the thermostat. any help will be greatly appreaceted.
  3. A big thanks to SeekerFor who sent this list to Marcarl who sent this list to me who uploaded it for you. whew.....anyway, it is a complete Yamaha parts list for the 1984 Venture. I hope that some of you find it useful. I have uploaded it to the First Gen Tech Library: http://www.venturerider.org/forum/showthread.php?p=701545#post701545
  4. This is the official Yamaha Parts list for the 1984 Venture XVZ12TD. http://www.venturerider.org/parts/XVZ12TD.pdf
  5. I have a 1984 venture which I'm in process of getting running.. I have a lead on a 1991 venture the guy wants 300.00 dollars for says it ran last year .. but couldn't get it started this year . He said he put sea foam in it ... I have not laid eyes on this bike yet.. just wanting to know if it is a waste of time ? So will any of the parts from a 1991 fit a 1984??? thanks
  6. I'm new here so please bare with me... I'm looking at a 1984 venture 1200 .He is wanting 1100.00 for it.. Here is what he has told me : It has 33,000 miles on it , the air suspension is fully functional , has all body pieces except for passenger foot rests .. tires have less than 100 miles on them ... It needs a new front caliper and pads , clutch slave cylinder , carbs need to be cleaned/tuned to run properly... He said it hasn't ran since last November. I have never worked on a motorcycle except for routine maintenance (2007 v-max).. I have work on my own cars since I was 16 I'm 43 now
  7. After some winter maintenance, I started the bike up for a short test drive. When I came back, coolant was leaking pretty badly from the weep hole under the water pump. Guess its time for a rebuild... After searching the forums last night, I haven't seen a complete parts lists or technical aid anywhere, so thought I'd try to document it all in one place. A couple questions: 1. I found in another post that P/N: 1FK-12450-00-00 is the newer metal impeller and that the plastic one was only used on MKI 1st gens. Can anyone (or a few people) confirm that this is indeed the metal replac
  8. I have a 1984 Venture with the 1200cc engine on it (locked up), will a 1985 1300cc mount up to my 1984 frame and swing drive arm? Also will the electrical plug in as well or will I have to do mods to make it work. Thanks any help and or pictures would be appreciated.
  9. We would like to find a larger trunk for our '84 Venture. Our weekend away showed us we need more room. I know I saw the answer here but I can not find it. Does a trunk fom a 1985 fit onto the bracket on a 1984? The '85 is larger isn't it? If I go with an '86 and newer, I know I would need the mounting bracket, does the newer one bolt right up or are there mods needed? Thanks, Dave
  10. For anyone that might be interested, there is a 1984 engine available for $199 on eBay. It's only too bad that the shipping costs almost as much as the motor! I have purchased several items from this Seller and he has been great to work with. Highly recommended! http://tinyurl.com/XVZ1200-84-engine Terry
  11. Will a First Gen MK 2 rotor fit a 1984? Thanks, Dave
  12. hi dont know how to get it to show up? but its in my profile. let me know what ya think? its off my exgirlfriends cell phone so not the best ok and thanks its a 1984 royale its faded some so if anyone can tell me what color it should be/ and if anyone has a pic . of what it should look like let me know. many thanks oldgoat aka james
  13. Dan, I need a replacement radio/intercom/CB control unit. Poledar has one from a 1984 1st Gen will it fit my 2007 2nd Gen???????
  14. Does any of the many wise folks here know if a luggage rack from an 1986 would fit m pn my 1984? I am considering the one on eBay listed here http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=220436035151&ssPageName=ADME:X:AAQ:MOTORS:1123 Thanks in advance Dave
  15. I've been lurking for a while reviewing different threads and picking up information here and there from the forum. About a month ago I bought a 1984 Venture Royale from a forum member. This bike joins my 1982 CBX, 1988 ZX10 and 2002 Mean Streak. I've always liked the Venture as I had a 1984 I bought in 1990 that had a sidecar installed by the previous owner. The SC was color matched to the bike and could be unbolted in about 5 minutes. After about 6 months of riding with this rig I thought I knew how to handle it. I couldn't have been more wrong. Going around a slow speed curve in 1991 with
  16. Thanks to all who replied to my other posts. I have a 1984 Venture that wouldn't start, it would turn over but backfire and not run. I read thru a bunch of post and have arrived here. I've pulled the plugs and replaced (they were a little black ble ack but not what I'd call fouled. I peered into the tank and can see some rust, so how much rust should I be concerned about, I would think any rust is an issue, but I'd like to hear from the experts. I drained liquid from all four carbs and I call it liquid because it didn;t really resemble fule it resembled shelac, and smelled more
  17. Looking for a trailer hitch for my 1984 venture, If you have one you would sell please let me know. Thanks
  18. So after three different posts and multiple times veiwing Freebirds Barnett Clutch upgrade thread I finally pieced it all together why my new Barnett pressure plate wont work on my 1984 VR. BECAUSE ITS A 1984 VR and not a 1986 or newer LOL. So I now have a $150.00 dollar paper weight or an almost new (never rotated in the basket) Barnett Clutch spring upgrade for your 1986 or newer VR or VMAX. My bike shop special orderd this for me and are now refusing to give me a refund. My total cost was 147. and change. I will take $145 and I will pay shipping in the US to any one who is looking to upg
  19. Is there anything available? I have a few tapes to listen to but I have to upgrade to something better. You would think with such a great bike, someone would have invented a replacement for the old sound system. I have an iPhone and might try to integrate it in to the sound system somehow. That way I could use the phone and music features. I also saw that the unit says intercom but I have not found a place to plug in headsets. Am I missing something here? Has anyone come up with a way to replace the factory sound system with something a lot better? Any help is appreciated. 1984 Venture Roya
  20. when i got my 1984 venture from my father in law. he told me not to choke it or the plugs would fowl almost instantly. i am quite sure this is because it is running to rich. this could be caused by dirty carbs correct? jets maybe. Also when idling it mifires every 5 or so seconds out of the left exhaust could this be because of dirty carbs too? it runs perfect when your riding and come to a stop idles good. so im just wondering where i go now i need my choke i dont like taking the tank cover off and sprayin panther piss in to get it started when its cold lol also what is the exact p
  21. i have searched sites and found how to drill out the 99 and newer ventures. i was gunna try that but thanks to another member on the forum{sorry i dont remember the name} i found that it is not possible to do it like i have seen. i have a 1984 venture with the cones on the end. the pic i saw on the others didnt have the pipe stick out so i guess it didnt have cones. so i would like to know the best way to do this. thanks very much
  22. I ran across this while surfing. http://www.govdeals.com/eas/itmDisplay.cfm?itemID=11&acctID=1589 Ad says 1984 but it sure looks newer than a 1985. I didn't know they made Venture police bikes.
  23. Folks, I have a cracked glass cover on the headlight of my 1989 Venture. I can fix it, but I noticed CaptinKirk has a 1984 Venture he is trying to part out to recoup his money. Would the glass headlight cover from his 1984 fit my 89? I think it will not....but I sure would like to help out Captinkirk rather than someone else on ebay. Thanks.
  24. I just bought a 1984 venture (not the royale) and don't have an owner's manual. I downloaded the pdf service manual but I would like an owner's manual. Can anyone help ?
  25. Hello all, I need some input... Has anybody attempted to attach 1986 or better bags to a 1984 VR? I assume it is possible because of the similarities of the frame. I wold appreciate some experienced input! Thanks!-Matt
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