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  1. Hi everyone, I've got a 1978 xs750se and after replacing a bad regulator rectifier with a ESR310 from electrosport.com**, I noticed the headlight stopped working. I put a multimeter in the connectors of the headlamp wiring plug and both low beam and high beam are registering 16-17 volts at idle and upwards of 28-30volts when throttle is given. I imagine that this blew the headlight. All the other lights, turn signals function properly still. Think this could be a bad (new) regulator rectifier or there's a wiring issue somewhere along the way? Thanks for your help! It's brutal not riding be
  2. Hi Guys, I'm in the process of upgrading to LED bulbs on one of 86 Venture Royals. I have already converted the headlight and it sure makes a difference. I have read several articles and forum posts of guys who have already done this and there have been several references made to "Jumper the CMU for headlight, running, and brake lights" so the dash warning indicator isn't constantly lit due to the CMU thinking there is a bulb burnt out caused by the greatly reduce electrical draw from the more efficient LED bulbs. Although there is very detailed info about converting to LED's, I have
  3. Please help! On the way down to Panama City yesterday my low beam went out along with the driving lights. I still have the high beam, and the headlight fuse is OK. Does anyone have any thoughts or suggestions before I search for the dealer here? Also, if the bulb simply needs changed, how do I do that? The owner's manual and the service manual are not much help...
  4. I have an 88 venture. The headlight is not working. From what I can tell the headlight power wire comes from the fuse to the starter switch on the right handle grip. From there it goes to the headlight. I am getting power from the fuse to the switch but nothing out. Is the starter switch a momentary switch that shuts the power off to the headlight when starting? Is there a way that I can clean the switch or something I can do with it. I took it apart and it looked alright to me. If not would it hurt anything to simply by pass the switch. I hate to get into doing thing like that but I
  5. Dear Owner's Manual: I know you say simply, "If the headlight bulb burns out, replace it as follows. 1. Disconnect the headlight coupler and then remove the headlight bulb cover." 2. Remove the headlight bulb holder by turning it counterclockwise and then remove the defective bulb." Excuse me sir.........I'm stuck back at HOW THE HECK DO I GET AT THE HEADLIGHT COUPLER!?! Anyone? Do I need to remove the fairing? Or just that one allen screw on the headlight chrome trim ring? (I tried that........and nothing else seems to want to pop off.) Or do I hire a tiny little person with tiny littl
  6. I have a '83 standard that I have been altering the electrical system since I got it last year. So far I have added the Shindengen R/R, a cooling fan run timer, a Internatrix security alarm, replaced the fuse box with a ATO style, moved the TCI onto the top of the airbox and today I would like to share the installation of a HID Bi-Xeon headlight. [ATTACH]37353[/ATTACH] I bought the HID kit on Ebay for only $58.00 and the shipping was free from Hong Kong. The package arrived in 6 days! I had followed the previous thread on the projector type headlight replacement but didn't like the chang
  7. I just bought the SpeedMetal 2200/2400 Lumen LED headlight conversion kit from CycleGear for $60. I don't know he long they'll have this sale, but they have it every so often. I wondered about the light pattern, so I removed the headlight from my bike and took it down to my workshop. I used a big wooden 'C' clamp to position it in a repeatable position. Before I took the Sylvania Silver Star bulb out of the headlight, I applied 13 volts to it and observed the light pattern on the basement wall. I marked the top of the main part of the light beam with a marker, and then repeated
  8. Here I go... New to me Trike & now I need to Check it over, setup & add-ons: 1) Get out the Mecury Carb-Sync - checked OK - no need to adjust 2) removed stock ignition & replaced with DynaTek 3000 - set on performance profile 3 with red line of 7,500 rpm 3) removed stock clutch pressure plate - installed/converted to Barnett Clutch Spring Conversion plate (good old purple) 4) checked out HID headlight kit - decided against it 5) ordered Signal Dynamics Diamond Star headlight modulator 6) ordered Diamond Star Plug & Play harness 7) ordered Hella H4 100/80 Halon watt
  9. I just recieved my headlight AND brake light modulators. Where did you all mount yours and make the connections???? I heard you can access the brake light wiring under the seat.....and I'm going to be mounting the Yamaha passing lamps at the same time (useing the relay), so I assume I'll have to seperate the fairing....and that's Probably where I'll install the headlight modulator. Any tips or advise would be GREATLY appreciated. Thanks all!!
  10. I have in perfect condition the Jack Daniels Old No 7 headlight visor and passing lamp visors off my 2nd gen. I'm looking to swap them out for a plain set. To my knowledge, Ronnie, the previous owner had used Harley spot lights as his driving lights. They appear to be the same size as the Yamaha ones but I can't verifiy that the passing visors will fit. If anyone is willing to trade for the whole set, or even just the headlight visor let me know. http://i278.photobucket.com/albums/kk86/jason1gp/venture/IMG_1924.jpg
  11. Do any of you have this light in the 5 or 6k lighting range and if so how do you like it. http://www.motorcyclehidxenonlights.com/Yamaha-XV1300-HID-Xenon-Lights/ My driving lights are L.E.D. and very bright and make my headlight dim and look yellow I see better with the driving lights on. So I am looking at installing a new headlight. I like the Kuryakyn phase 7 L.E.D. a friend has it on his Harley, but I cannot find any info to mount it on a Yamaha Venture. Your knowledge would be appreciated.......Ron
  12. Has anyone installed the complete set ,headlight and passing lights ? And if so how do you like them?
  13. Stopped at the grocery store after work with everything working normal. Came out, fired up the VR and no headlight and dashlights no CMS backlight. Engine started OK, turn signals, tail light and brake light were working OK too. Checked the fuse box found no blown fuses or weak or corroded holders. Wiggled and pulled the start button. Also checked the headlight bulb which was good. Are the headlight and dash lights connected in some manner or did I win the lottery and get two problems at once? I'm at a loss. Any ideas? I need to ride this thing to work tomorrow morning.
  14. How do I remove the chrome ring around the headlight? The bike (RS Venture) has the chrome visors on all the lights and I bumped the visor on the headlight and it came off. I need to get the chrome ring off to put the visor back on. I removed the bolt at the bottom, but something is still holding on. I need your help. Thank you! Owen.
  15. I'm sure I should have known this but..... I was installing my new ClearView screen which requires removing (at least partially) the front fairing piece. I've had that off once before but this time I notice that there is a knob on the left side way down near the bottom of the fairing for adjusting the headlight. Don't know why I never saw it before.
  16. I am working on an 88 venture and have a fault on the display...it is when the headlight on low beam....I soldered all the connections in the CMS...but when the low beam light is on the warning light is on and the display shows the headlight...any information would be great...Thanks in advance.
  17. I was Messing with my project car when something inside my head clicked. My bike is still disassembled and I ran into the house all greasy to grab my headlight housing and run back to the garage... I am upgrading my Fiero GT from using a single ugly 80's headlight to dual Hella projector headlights. Guess what, they will fit in the Venture's opening and I believe there is enough depth for them to fit completely. Problem is, this will delay my getting the bike on the road so I am looking at another option.... Does anyone have a front headlight assembly they are willing to sell cheap,
  18. I've read on this happening to others and could use a little input. My 03 Venture I have installed an HID headlight bulb I installed as instructed running Power and ground from Battery installing a switch with a small dash light to insure power and plugged into the original headlight connector, Now it lights right off but will go out some times as soon as I hit the road others times later down the road, once I get rolling on down a long ride it seems to stay though I haven't gone far when sun is down. I had noticed that the old h4 bulb(55w-100w) would seam to go dim then brighten before but
  19. Got to looming at the headlight bezel only read and noticed it was lopsided, apparently previous owner ( real big dog ran him thru a picket fence) Does anyone have or know where I can get one, , , preferably used, ,
  20. Does anyone know if the " silver bucket" inside the headlight assembly comes out ...im installing a "led" headlight from "trucklite"???????????
  21. I need some help...I just recently switched to LED turn, run and brake lighting. They work great thanks to Custom Dynamics. I also changed my driving lights to LED Sun spots and they too are great. So here's the problem: I have a Phase 7 LED headlight to replace the original, but HOW DO YOU OR CAN YOU REMOVE THE METAL HOUSING BUCKET FROM THE GLASS? I need the housing in order to mount the new LED bulb. Is this possible because without the metal housing I cannot mount the new LED bulb? If I cannot use the metal housing can anyone shed some light on a possible alternate solution. I really canno
  22. Just reassembling my '86 VR and have a stupid question about the little bracket located beneath the front of the fairing. This bracket has a grommet on each end that appears to slide up over two pins protruding from the bottom of the headlight assembly. My problem is this: I hang the left side of the fairing on the bike, and all the mounting holes line up perfectly. All, that is, except this little bracket. Per the shop manual, there is a screw on each fairing half that secures to the fairing. It appears that the grommet on each side should slide up and over the headlight "pin". I have tried a
  23. Hello everyone, I hope someone can help me with this problem. I have a 86 VR that I just got a couple of days ago, this is my first big street bike, anyhow, when I picked the bike up everything worked fine, I could tell right away carbs need cleaned and battery is draining fast. I got the bike home and went to start it for a friend, I noticed the dash lights were not working, I'm referring to the lights that light up the speedo and tach, the lights above for blinkers and such worked fine, so I walked to the front of the bike to find that the headlight was not working. I checked the fuse and bu
  24. I bought this really nice aftermarket headlight that was advertised as fitting an RSV using my existing bracket. Problem is you have to remove the mounts that are welded onto the metal headlight case of the stock headlight and glue them onto the plastic housing of the replacement headlight. Not wanting to destroy my stock headlight before I fit the new one, and not wanting to pay $50 plus shipping from Pinwall, I thought I would check to see if anybody has a broken one setting around that I can canabalize for the mounts...
  25. I have a strange thing that bugs me. In the morning when I start my bike up, the headlight icon will light up for about 5 minutes then goes out. It does it less if it's warm out...strange. Any ideas?
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