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  1. Stay the way it is. Sooner or later Yamaha will come out with a new Venture. Then the membership will climb back up.
  2. Rear shock. Expensive when it starts to leak. But not all of them do. Seems to be hit and miss.
  3. Hey Rick..... Jason Isbell _____ Traveling Alone Brian Burns_______Border Radio
  4. Battery Tender won't charge a gel cell properly I don't think. It may keep it topped off but can't get it charged from totally dead. Hook it up to a six or ten amp charger and let it charge it. I ran an oddesy down three times to totally dead leaving the ign switch on in the garage for a couple of days. It still lasted me about four years doing that.
  5. Good luck and may God bless you both Don.
  6. How high do you have the IC? If I crank mine up past about 12 it starts making a clicking/hissing noise.
  7. We got live tarantula's walking around here. You want a moving one ?
  8. IC controls the volume. How high are you running the IC. Plugging directly into the phone I don't think your gonna hear it. The audio out of the Zumo or Nuvi is feeding into your AUX. There is a master volume on the Zumo's that needs to be adjusted all the way up. Don't know about the Nuvi's
  9. The cable allows you to use your Bluetooth phone on with your Garmin and your helmet mic. Unfortunately it only works with certain Nuvi and Zumo's or Garmin with a "Mic in" on the device itself or the mount. When a call comes in you just hit answer on the Garmin and start talking into your helmet mic.
  10. Both of those went out today. Should have them by Tuesday or Wednesday unless USPS is still trying to catch up.
  11. Thanks Wayne. That's the noise canceling ckt. They can hear you fine usually but just a little low. The good thing is even at 80 they won't know your on the bike. I found myself yelling into the mic a couple of times. Started cupping my hand over the mic and then I quit losing my voice. But the wife said she could hear me fine.
  12. Everything you ever wanted to ( or didn't) know about headlights At least you don't have to stop and get out now to change to high beam... http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Headlamp
  13. Windows 8 machines will not just let you reformat the drive and re install 7. Its a pain to do dual boot or anything else on the new machines. The bios actually talks to the system for a "Secure Boot" now... StartisBack is a really cheap fix and makes win 8 very close to the old 7 interface. I have it on several machines or I would have tossed win 8 a long time ago. Biggest problem is a lot of accounting software and other stuff we use won't run on 8. So we are still buying machinces with 7 pro on them. Mid April you guys on XP will need to get off of it. MS is dropping it then. NO MORE fi
  14. For that much money I could get a 22 foot car hauler down here with ramps.. Way too much.
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