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  1. I don’t ride anymore. I’m giving away my Morgan carbtune to the fist who messages me. you just pay shipping
  2. I finally came to the conclusion it time to sell my 2003 RSV. Havent rode it in 3 years and just put a bunch of work into it to get it running top notch for a new owner. Problem I have is I put lots of work into it to make it a Firefighter Edition. Looks great but I know things like this sometimes make it harder to sell. I did have one person who is a firefighter say they want it and when I was asked if the 7000 selling price was negotiable it said no. Now with all the accessories on it and theme work. He came to look and they thought he would bargin. Still told him no and he keeps sending eba
  3. I think at this point if I cant get it running tonight I may just opt to pull the carbs out and give it a good once over. Not much for the chemicals splashing everywhere thing. If I cant run whatever cleaner through Ill just pull em.
  4. After sitting in Mothballs for 3 years its time to do some rehab on the Fire RSV and put plates back on it. Over the last few years my life has changed dramatically and my hobbies of kayaking and Triathlon (Swim Bike Run) have taken a lead in my life and quite honestly I lost interested in the RSV. Started it occasionally but that became fewer in between and now it will barely start. I know it needs some real TLC and time to get her back to her glory. A good wash and wax will tend to the outside and no doubt some new plugs, Battery, Fresh oil wll do most of the rest. My real Questions come do
  5. I own a tire shop and here it is Prior to 2000 the date code had 3 numbers. After it went to 4. Therefore a tire that says 063 is the 6th week of 1993 and a tire saying 0603 would say 6th week of 2003
  6. Ah All the names I remember. Honestly its tough when you park it for a while to get back on it. Basically Im right in the middle of Tri season so every day there is training and I don't work far enough from home to make it worth riding there. Tried to figure out what to do with it. As it is right now I know she needs a battery and a good run with fresh gas and seafoam. Other than that to my surprise she started right up on the battery tender. Bigest problem I have right now is I want a camper and been trying to sell my boat for 3 years and that hasn't budged so Maybe if the bike goes the campe
  7. Actually its been great. No time on the bike. Ive lost 85 lbs and training for Sprint triathlons with plans to go longer next year. Planning on Selling the bike as all my time is spent on my Racing bikes.(Pedel) and the bike hasn't been rode in 3 years. Just at a different place in life.
  8. Popping to say hello to all those that remember me and the Firebike
  9. I want happy at all. I actually took it out and sold it. I found that if you arent a aggressive rider that always wanted it in a very high rpm over 70 then it is no good. I would love to see a ratio between the original and the Vmax. Know that wont happen so I thought the original was better after trying the Vmax.
  10. Thanks for all the comments guys. Worked hard on it when I decided that I really didnt like the Harley rigs so I would make my own. Now all I need it time to fix the stator cover leak and for the knee to get better.
  11. Thanks guys. It was a work in progress. Now with all my added responsibility I usually need the truck. Maybe a trailer to look like a hose cart!! LOL
  12. I Stopped being lazy! Tell me what you think!
  13. I dont get on as much now a days but feel free to {PM me anytime. I am currently a Lt in the Redbird hook and ladder co of the Riverhead FD www.riverheadfd.org I have 15 years of experience so I can answer most questions. My first advice is to get familiar with the NFPA regulations as OSHA rules. Honestly they make us do alot of unnessasary stuff but those are the laws. In addition to that the insurance companies have a huge affect too. Where equiptment is and what it is. All that affects the insurance rates of those you protect. Besides that firefighters always want lots of stuff they don
  14. I will think about it Condor. I really want a rear about the same miles as my bike. Another also contacted me about 9 minutes before you with a rear about 20 thousand. Close to my bike. Do you know how many miles on that rear your getting. I have a higher mileage rear I bought on ebay so I dont need to trade I could just sell but Id rather a lower mileage rear than the one I have already. Scotty
  15. Ive had a few offers but I plan to entertain a trade for a low mileage rear first. Its the last step to the project and I plan to paint it. If no one wants to trade I will set a price later and offer it to the first who replied. In the trade I plan to make an even trade. Scotty
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