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  1. Although this has nothing do with our veterans, this is a perfect mission for the Patriot Guard Riders. Whether protecting the families of fallen soldiers or the families of these fallen children the families have a right to grieve in peace.
  2. I put a modular home up 10 years ago and feel it was the best decision we could of done. Our house is about 2200 sq feet and came in 4 blocks (2 first floor 2 second floor). The attched garage was stick built . The quality of the the home is excellant. When walking into modular home you would never know it was not stick built unless you know what to look for. You can design any house you want and they can build it. We took a stock design and modified it to our likings. The quality of cabinets flooring, etc is what you want, just like stick build houses. We toured about 5 different factorie
  3. I don't have a suggestion on how to solve the problem but as a Uhaul Dealer I know that all Uhaul trucks have Metal Floors. So drilling thru them will cause some issues for you..
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