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  1. I've had that since 2011. Nice try
  2. My subscription is about due and I don't think I'm going to renew. I'm riding less and less while working more. I used to check site 3 or 4 times a day. Now I'm lucky to get on once in 4 days. I enjoyed my time here and all the fun nights in the chat room. It was fun meeting some of you over the years out at Sturgis. As of now I am planning on heading that way again this year. If it works for you, I'd meet at the Blue Line for some pie. I really enjoyed the last time. I will probably browse the site from time to time and who knows may even join back in. But I will still keep up with some of
  3. You just won the internet for the day with this post! Isn't it funny how the ones that are the most proud, shouldn't be?
  4. My home town doesn't have a paved street, all gravel. River 2 miles from my house is starting to flood. Fisherman are on every bridge. Saw a newborn calf tonight at my cousins farm. Watched 100's of thousands of geese migrating through last week. That means several bald eagles following the geese. Had to stop in road tonight and wait for 5 deer the walk into my trees. Pretty random observations, but I wouldn't trade where I live for anything.
  5. I live on east side of state. I have friends that say the best time to ride the hills is the week after labor day. Kids are back in school so tourist numbers are down. Bonus is starting to see fall colors. Most all of the businesses are still open. Easier to find lodging etc. As far as Deadwood itself. It isn't very big, and it has the historic main street. You have to think of Deadwood as the Black Hills. Study up on the area. 50 miles each way from Deadwood is some of the best scenery and riding you can imagine. Even take the suggestions Casey has said about rides and do a you tube searc
  6. My wife has been a vet tech for 31 years. Came in contact with animal last fall and had to get shots as a precaution. Let me just say this......NOT CHEAP (in the thousands)
  7. If you like tinkering etc. I'd watch sites like cranky ape and watch for toy haulers. Can be bought cheap. Most repos need some fixing of some sort.
  8. Sunday night we had 9.1 inches officially at the weather station in town (20 miles away). I think I had more than that. Anyway it broke a record set In 1927.
  9. I was outside with my lever action Daisy. I went to reload it after shooting and the pivot pin that attached the lever to the gun fell out. So naturally I thought my gun was broke and unrepairable. I went into the house, gun in one hand, lever in the other blubbering away. Mom asked me what was wrong. I held up the gun and the lever and all I could blurt out was "my cock fell off". She burst out laughing and it made me cry even more. I don't know how many times I've been reminded of that over the years...
  10. Seldom do we see a fox anymore. We have so many coyotes now that we never used to have.
  11. Out here on the farm if I see skunks I take care of them. Alot of the time they are sick. The exception is in the spring. Snow melt usually forces them out of their homes in culverts and such. If I have a live trap out, I attach a wire to the trap and make a couple of revolutions around the trap, with the other end of the wire a safe distance away. If you catch a skunk you can stand a safe distance away, pull on the wire, and it will roll the trap upside down allowing the door to open and letting the skunk walk out. Once it is out and away from the trap I can dispatch it. The trap doesn't s
  12. Wait until somebody has a garden with sweet corn......... I have trapped a few raccoons. Usually use cat food, or an egg. I've even used a golf ball. Had the racoon the next day. I suppose he was curious.
  13. As a neighbor to the west (South Dakota) I've always wanted to make it over to Pork in the Pines to meet all of you. The timing and farming don't work out the best, which is unfortunate. You've got a lot of people sending thoughts and prayers your way. Take care my friend, hope you are feeling better!
  14. Dropped by last night after I got home. All the lights were turned out including the porch light........
  15. Really nice looking bike! I ride a 2011 Road Glide and love it. Best part is making it yours. I did handlebars matching pegs, floor boards, grips, quick tatch backrest and drivers backrest from HD when I bought it new. Could've gotten along without the matching stuff but it thought what the heck, I'm only doing this once. Only other thing i added from HD was the"Heavy Breather" air Breather when I did the stage one 2 years after I bought it. Each year at Sturgis I add something, I know I can find stuff cheaper on line etc. But I can put my hands on it and give it a look over. I have stuff
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