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  1. Finally got the headlight mod finished tonight! As the weather is taking a turn for the wet side I was stuck in the garage and only got a short ride around the block but it is an awesome improvement. I didn't get a chance to do any before shots on a dark road before I did this but I will post some later when I can get out with new setup. I did some pics in the garage to show a little bit of the difference between the SilverStar H4 I had and the Hella H9 Modules. A little side by side comparision........... Now this is only is a dark garage at about 10 ft. but you can see the pattern difference.
  2. Hi Have seen the thread about the muffler mod where you cut and move the end pipe section with a Dremel wheel. Is this also recommended on a bike with 4 mufflers? I don't want anything too loud, but my bike still has stocks and is a too quiet.
  3. I have tried to email mgammon 65@sc.rr.com About the marschall mod cb up grade with no success. Has any one else been able to email him? Or can any one help me out. Thank you cheny
  4. I need info on seat mod by butler.....Getting sore riding long miles...will this help?
  5. Ok, looking for a little help. 2012 RSV, everyone says they can't hear me well on the CB. They say it sounds like I'm whispering. Changed out the factory head gear and mic and replaced with J&M top of the line unit, no change. Changed out the antennas (Marshall Mod), no change. I can find no way to adjust the mic gain. Any ideas???? Don't know what to check next. Thanks. John
  6. I did the ground wire mod on an 86 starter that I had after my original was dragging a little. It seemed to really help the starter and it cranks over good. A couple of weeks ago, I picked up an 09 RSV starter and as I understand it, it should be a 4 brush starter. It came off a bike with 40K miles and looks very clean. I was the only bidder on ebay and got it for $29.95 plus about $13 shipping from Pinwall. I am getting ready to remove the exhaust collector on the bike and replace it with one that I cut open and repaired that rattled before. I was thinking about putting the 09 starter on the bike since I was going to have the exhaust headers off on the front. My question is; does the newer 4 brush starter also need the ground wire mod or should it be ok the way it is? RandyA
  7. I believe my CMS (computer monitoring system?) is damaged. Has anyone attempted a repair of the board or logic chips? I have an '89 VR and have had it for 3 years. It had a sealed battery when I got it and I know about the "resistor Mod" for the "Battery Level Warning". When I read about the Mod--I looked at my bike and saw that the probe was removed and wired into the fuse box. Mod done--right? I have recently addressed the issue of a weak charging system and shortly after solving that issue--my Battery Warning came on. I looked closer at the probe Mod and realized there was no resistor installed! I immediately installed one--then another---then a 100K "pot" in an attempt to satisfy the CMS. With the pot--I was able to try voltages as low as 2.2V with no success. I traced the rest of the circuit to the connector at the board, but all was good. I took the CMS apart looking for any obvious damage (blown caps--etc.), but all looks perfect. Despite this, I believe something within the CMS must have been damaged. I decided to unplug the red "LED" until I can fix it properly. Any help would be greatly appreciated--Shawn
  8. What you all think not done yet still need to finish off. Joe
  9. I want to mount on our '07 RSV, and for the life of me, I can't find the thread where this mod is addressed. I'm pretty sure it is simple, but that's about all I remember. Anybody else know about this? Thanks. Bert
  10. Anybody have any imput on this topic? Wife and I are contemplating building a new house. I know roughly what type of dollars we would be looking at for a stick built or even a redi built home moved to our farm. Today out of curiosity I stopped and looked at a few modular homes. I was rather impressed with what I saw, and some of the dollar figures impressed me even more. I can save alot of cash going this route. The mod would be put on a full basement just like the stick. Its obvious that there are things in the mod that arent as quality as the stick/redi built. So my question is, is it worth going with a mod for the savings? Or does it come back to bite you in the end? The stick we looked at is a very high quality home, kind of a cadillac I guess you could say. So id say the mod is more like a chevy. So am I fair to say both are good, and it is more like a chevy vs. a caddy?
  11. Anyone have a black face cassette player laying around? I want to do the "storage" mod. My face is broken and won't stay closed. Thanks!
  12. I have a 2008 Venture. I am considering doing the Marshal Mod. The instructions refer to keeping the current two antenna set up. Can the AR-1A splitter be used to convert to a one antenna system on the 2nd generation Ventures?
  13. i have been going back and forth on the seat mod new seat or replacement and modification of a comfier seat. my seat is a pain in my rear end and i doubt that the butler seat mod will help a great deal. i dont want just a lil betyer I want comfort. Mustang seats want $600 for thier seats and I cant fork up that much. i can do $100 or so in the next few weeks or christmas for a $300 seat but No way i can get $600 for a seat past the wife. i think I can shave and make brackets for a nice road king or electra pillow top seat.; any ideas
  14. ......... fine Swiss watch! Short version of a long story. Last fall I bought a 89 VR and took it to Earl and told him to do whatever it needed to make it run like new. Well, he kept the bike over the winter and spent many, many hours going thru the bike from top to bottom and front to back. He did everything but remove the engine from the frame. He sent me a two page list of all the things he did to the bike. In April, I picked up the bike and decided to have it painted because I had to replace the front fairings, as they were damaged on the left side. The bike was blue and the fairings were black (thank you to Doug Nordin for the fairings). So, off to the paint shop for three weeks. Well, now I have it done and took a ride on it to Bongobob's 4th of July BBQ. I have to thank Earl for all the hours he put in over the winter, working on the bike. The bike runs so smooth, I can't believe it has the same motor in it. Thank you, Earl. You have no idea how happy I am with your work. I am now going to have it pin stripped and then will be finished with it. Also, a big thank you to Rick Butler. Your seat mod is so comfortable, I can now ride for hours. Everyone should have your seat mod done. Below is a pic of the bike after it was painted. PS....to Earl: I already have a list of things to do to the bike next winter! Clutch mod and SS lines to start.
  15. There were some items that used to be in the classified section that I thought SkyDoc was selling that I don't see anymore. I am looking for the needle shim mod that was sold as a kit. I thought at one point I could get the diaphrams and needles all assembled so it was a quick and easy plug and play mod. If anyone knows where I can get a kit like this, please post here as I would like to order these parts before I have carbs synced. Thank you, Bob
  16. I finally got around to doing the mods to my seat that I had planned for a while. The nice warm temps we have been having here lately reminded me that riding season will be starting soon. I've done this mod on two other bikes in the past and it's very easy to do. Took me 2 hours yesterday while sitting at my living room table and that includes cleanup Anyhow, I created a webpage showing the mod for anyone that might be interested in doing this yourself. I'll update it with my impressions after I get my bike out of hibernation and get a long ride or two in. Pillow Top Seat Mod
  17. hey is there a list to sign up on to request a a seat mod from steve at md that is if he's going to be there this yr. I'm thinking i'd like to have mine done now old age is setting in lol
  18. Was considering on doing the hole punch thing this week as shown. http://www.venturerider.org/forum/showthread.php?t=302 So now that this has been a while how are folks doing with this mod? My tank is already removed anyway so I myself will give it a shot! Jeff (BOOM)
  19. http://www.motorcyclepartsandaccessoriesblog.com/mark-your-calendars-for-jp-cycles-32nd-annual-open-house/2011/04/07 If I've posted this in the wrong forum, I apologize, and ask that a Mod please put it where it really belongs
  20. What is the best gauge set to use for the 2nd Gen. the sunpro 2 inch or 11/2 inch to put into the cassette area. Who had the mod kid for doing the install? Thanks
  21. I found this in the 2nd Gen tech library (although it also applies to 1st Gen's as well): http://www.venturerider.org/forum/showthread.php?t=501 As I'm always looking for ways to improve my '99's performance and fuel mileage, I want to give this a try, but I'm still a little confused. The mod calls for a "tee" to be installed if the AIS system has NOT been plugged (mine has not). If someone has done this, please let me know what this is referring to and how it needs to be installed. The rest of the mod seems quite basic - just a 1 1/2" to 2" hose connecting the nipples on each side once the vacuum hose and cap are removed. Don, you weighed in on this back in '06, and I was wondering if you still think this is a beneficial modification to make. Thanks.
  22. Has anyone ever tackled this job? Since the shock has less than 5K miles on it, I don't really want to replace the entire thing. But, considering the progressive spring mod if it's not horridly difficult.
  23. my wife & i were coming home from a beautiful ride on the Blue Ridge last Saturday. after we stopped for a late lunch, my wife wanted to go into one of her favorite department stores.....as i waited outside a man and his wife stopped to talk to me about my RSTD.....said he used to own a '97 TD and what a great bike it was..... he said i could get a set of 'front' turn signals from an '04 and earlier RSTD and mount them on the rear in place of the original turn signals...which would provide a running light as well as a turn signal .....he said the older fronts lights had an 1157 bulb and that i would need to tap into the red wire to make the running light portion work...has anyone done this mod??
  24. Just did the mod, as suggested i picked up both 1k and 2.2 k resistors. the instructions say one or the other will be the right one...??? does that have to do with the batteries power or ?. any way i went with the 2.2, got it hooked up turned the key and no computer icons or red flashing light just the display back lit. the bike still fired up normal. i wiggled some fuses and tried again and it worked normal. wiggled again and the problem was back. would using the 1k resistor instead do anything for this or is it just complete coincidence?
  25. Keep in mind I know almost nothing about these bikes (so far) but I have a vast background in building cars so I'm not completely stupid. I've already started doing a few mods to the RSTD but I have a couple of questions that I couldnt find the answers for.... and yes I searched. Mine is and 06 and it has cruise control and I've already done the AIS plugging and Jasons mod. Now when I did Jasons mod I connected both runners on each side... but in the write up it mentioned I had to T into 1&2 to keep the cruise working, also it mentions T-ing into 3&4 for the ignition module to work right.... Does the 06 need both of these or did I do extra plumbing for nothing??
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