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  1. I have a kinda weird problem with my '09 RSV. It sat for 2 months and the bat died on the start attempt today when my friend who was storing it went to drive it back to me. Then when he got it running, it stalled out a couple of times and he thought he ran out of gas. He topped up the gas and got it to my house finally but as he came off the highway it started to run rough again. So much so that it would only stay running with full choke and any attempt to add power would cause the bike to die. I drove my buddy home in my car and when I got home 2 hours later, I tried the bike again and it fired right up with choke. However, any attempt to take the choke off and it would die. Also, as the bike warmed up, it started running rough, even with choke on. It almost sounds to me like it's missing on a cylinder or two, but I have little experience with this V4. All my previous bikes were twins. The bike was bought new in May and only has about 3000 miles on it. I was thinking that maybe it picked up some bad gas and the carbs are gummed up? Maybe run some Seafoam through them? I can't drive it right now due to a busted ankle, but if i have to I can get the dealer to pick it up. It's got the warranty after all. Hmmm... i just had a scary thought... is it possible that when my friend boosted the battery, he could have maybe fried the ignition module? Anyone ever heard of this happening with the RSV? I don't recall any specific warnings against it in the owners manual or on the battery compartment lid.
  2. Started up the 87 VR today and pumping fuel onto the ground behind the center stand. It looks like it is coming from the bottom front of the fuel tank. Only running out (very heavy) when engine is running. Is the fuel pump located there? Is there information on taking it apart so I can determine what is leaking? Thanks for the help Mike
  3. The wife and I set out on a ride this afternoon on our 2013 RSV. Beautiful day, lots of sun and a temperature around 79F. As were heading down the interstate at 75MPH I start noticing that I'm feeling more hot air around my legs than normal and at about the same time my wife asks if I've changed anything on the bike since our last ride because her left leg is a lot hotter then usual. Everything sounds fine and the tach is still at 3500rpm as normal for that speed. We've only gone about 12 miles from the house at this point so with both of us noticing a difference I pull over into a weigh station and take a cursory look at the bike. I don't see anything out of the ordinary but the engine is much hotter than I've ever felt before so I decided to head back home. Got home and turned the bike off and then turned the key back on but didn't start the bike. I was startled to hear the fan came on as I've never heard it before in the 2 years we've owned the bike. Even after an 1100 mile ride through Kentucky last month not once did I hear this fan come on when at a stop. Anyone have an idea as to why my bike was running so hot after less than 25 miles? As I said it wasn't an especially hot day and I'm a little concerned about this. The oil level is fine and was actually just changed 6 weeks ago prior to our SS1K to Mobile 1 synthetic 10W40. I did notice a small bit of oil on the garage floor, maybe the size of a 50 cent piece, after it had sat for about an hour. It looks like it came out of the middle of the 3 drain lines under the bike (see pic). I've never had oil under the bike so again I'm concerned with all this. Any help would be appreciated.
  4. The temp has been 102 the last couple days. I've got a 45 min commute to work (mostly interstate). The last 2 days, when I pull up in the parking lot, I can smell antifreeze. These are the times when I wish I could see the engine temp like I could on my last 5 motorcycles. The bike is not leaking any coolant that I can see. It's not smoking. I don't feel any change in performance. Is there any way I can find out if the motor is running too hot? What would y'all do if you smelled antifreeze after a long, hot ride??
  5. Hello all, Working through my "87 project, coming along well. I got a set of rebuilt carbs for a deal and put them on, been reading all of the threads on adjusting, very interesting indeed. So, I have it running fairly well, but to do it I have the idle mixture screws out about 4 or five turns, I know that is not right, but for now that is where they are. I worked through adjusting the butterflys according to one of the threads, and now it will start pretty well, and doesn't crack and pop so badly on throttling down. Here is what I am noticing now though -- It was smoking when I was running it tonight (All of this is just running on the center stand) so I took the flashlight to see what and why. Well there is gas dripping out of at least one of the hoses that come out of the top of the carbs, some kind of overflow for the bowl I'm guessing. So I shut her down right now. Don't need to burn my bike down, right. So any insight, what does this mean and what should I do about it? Of course I am working toward getting them syncronized, but for now this is where I am Thanks for all of your help David
  6. I was just in Pep Boys here in central Jersey today and besides the usual Rotella 15-40 diesel (which I run in my RSV), they now have two different Castrol 15-40s (both for diesels) and for the first time I saw the Mobil Delvac 15-40 as well. A veritable potpourri of oils to choose from if you like running diesel oil, which I do. Anyone know if there are any significant differences among them or are they all basically the same?
  7. Does anyone use the gloves alone, without the vest/jacket, etc.? I was thinking about hippo hands too. My hands are the one part of me that gets cold beyond the comfort range that is acceptable to me. I was trying to imagine running the cord from the gloves to ??? I think normally they plug into the jacket/vest, right? I'm looking for suggestions.
  8. OK I have the resistor connected to the BLINKER WIRE, and then to the same ground in the plug. The blinker blinks but no running light. Changer back to 1157 (with R still installed) and have blinker and running light as they should be. Change to DIFFERENT LED and (still) have blinker but no running light. 4 different LEDs do this. Doug
  9. Well we are on a roll now. Last Saturday the lazy half of my heart restarted so I am on 6 days and counting now.:dancefool: This is the longest stretch of running on all 4 chambers since September when this all started. Since Sept there was a one day run, and a 4 day run and now this run. Hoping it will just stay running this time.
  10. So I get my LEDs, get the load resistors installed, and now the polarity of the light socket is wrong. I got no running light and a dim blinker, reverse the bulb and Ii get the dim running light. I would like to pull the wires from the plug and reverse them, I know there is a little tongue in there that won't let the terminal come out the back of the plug housing, it works much like a wire tie locking mechanism, I'm SURE there is a $85.00 tool that will pop right in there and do what I need done, I'd rather cut wire and re-solder than spend that kind of money on this. Paper clip is too big, my 1.4mm precision screw driver is too big but will slip in along side the terminal end. So If I reverse the wires (one way or the other) what will (if anything) happen at the rear blinker? I don't think anything will... I'm just askin'. Any ideas?
  11. Ok, Trailer wiring question. I found an led stop turn strip. I put two smaller LED's at the top of the trailer as stop turns and hooked the center to running lights and was going to do stop then it dawned on me I was running a four wire system so they are stop turn. I am running a four wire system. Short of running another wire is there a way to grab the stop / turns from both sides, run it through some relays so I can get another center brake on the trailer???
  12. It appears that the Venturers website is back up and running.
  13. I've heard 30 mpg, 35, and I've heard of a Venture getting 40 mpg. Before the ignitech, I was getting 33-35 MPG. Now its 28-31 MPG with the ignitech. I haven't purified my Air Cleaner--again, its also a K&N. But what else? Is it something the Ignitech TCI is doing? I KNOW 100% I am running RICHER than I should be, as I can hear the popping and firing in the H-Pipe in the lower RPMs (2-2.5) it cleans up, but I noticed I got 32 MPG ridding her in the high RPMs, vs the lower RPMs yesterday. I rode from Hanford to Madera, and coming back I had enough gas to 2 up my sister from Hanford to Tulare, filling up on Huston and 99's Shell Station. I'd like to have my 35 back, or heck the 40 would be nice. I'm not going to take apart my carbs and chk the diaphragms, or sliders just yet... not until I've got replacements. Just in case they're the issue. Though She is running better now with the SeaFoam. Or am I hoping too much from the ol' Gal?
  14. I am in the middle of changing out the side reflectors for LED's. Now the lights i bought from JPCycles.com came with two wires...a yellow and a black. I have read the other threads and I am curious about something... When i was messing with the wires on the bike, i discovered if i hook one of the wires to the running lights and the other to a turn signal, i get a running light that will flash when i hit the turn signal. Can someone explain why/if it would be bad for the electrical system if i hooked the wires up this way?
  15. In Panama, getting ready to ride over the Bridge of the Americas into Columbia. Tell all the folks on the VR forum that I am doing fine, taking lots of pictures, and keeping a daily running story-log on my laptop of what happens each day. I hope all is well with you, and that you continue to heal well. Miles Gooo.... SeaHawks....
  16. If this has been asked already, I'm sorry. I searched and didn't run across this particular question. I have an 84 VXVZ12, and after a year of working on the bike it's running pretty well. The problem is that I can sync the carbs and it will purr like a kitten, but after a couple days of spirited riding it's running a little bit rough. Not enough to suspect anything new, so I just sync it again. Then the cycle repeats. Any ideas why? Anyone else have this issue?
  17. thanks to the awesome help of Tazmocycle the 99 RSTD is running it has a fowled plug but running also some carbon build up on the lifters that should clean up with seafoam but it runs and as far as im concerned it runs better than it has all year cause it hasn't run at all this is an anniversary gift from my wife last year and i finally got to ride it although a short ride around the block. it felt good to chase the front tire and handled great now to get the front brakes to work right they want to stay engaged not relasing i guess from sitting for so long i will flush the brakes tomorrow :cool10::cool10::bighug::bighug:
  18. So I thought I had it licked but back to the drawing board I guess. My 85 is kinda new to me. I bought it awhile ago but until the summer I just sat and waited for my attention. PO needed money and it was to good a deal. I have done alot of work thus far, from draining the gas tank to replacing the fuel lines and filter and ran a can of sea foam thru. After the filter was changed it seemed to run better but today I went for a good 200km ride and its not fixed. I have not opened the carbs yet. I was hoping to avoid that, seafoam has worked on other bikes I have owned in the past.....I believe the bike sat for 2 years ish before I got it. On the road it pulls ok up to 4000rpm then dies....like its running on pilot jets. Check the plugs and they are black? To much fuel? New air filter. The bike starts and idles perfect. Just won't pull on the road, I mean these bike were known to pull.....hell its a vmax motor....ideas as to why it would run aok up to 4000rpm and then die's out....hard to stay at 100kms/hr in 5th?? My Buell would go 100 in 1st/2nd!! HELP! Any, even bad imput is ok with me:) Does someone in Ontario excell at carbs? My budget is kinda tight and it seems to be a big job if the carbs need to come out according to my searches on the site. Thanks a bunch!!
  19. Last Friday I finally completed the 87MKII 1st gen and got it back on the road. It's been on the center stand for about a year while I worked all of the known bugs out of it. At first I had a performance issue with old gas at the bottom of the tank but after running the tank dry and filling with fresh gas, then adjusting the idle it seems to be running great. I haven't had a chance to put a lot of miles on it yet to evaluate if the 4200 rpm stutter has completely disappeared. But, so far there has been no sign of it. I'm also expecting the 26MPG issue to have greatly improved. I'll report after a tank of gas or two has been spent. As always I would like to express my profound and sincere thanks, gratitude and pride in this forum and all of it's distinguished members that have graciously assisted me directly and indirectly in this on-going Labor-of-love. That assistance has been in the forms of advice, technical knowledge and support, donation of needed parts, well written and timely technical articles, friendships and camaraderie. And, so much more impossible to express in my limited use of the language, and without tearing up. Within the next few days it will be time for me to detail, service and return the 07 Midnight Venture That I have been riding for the past two years. That bike has been on loan to me by another true and valued friend who has generously allowed me to use it as it was my own. Now it is time to get him reacquainted with his bike since not riding for the past two years. Hopefully, I can encourage him to join and become involved in this forum. I know because of the type of person he is, and the nature of the people on this forum that he will find a motorcycle home here in doing so. As I have. I'm sure that he will soon discover as we all have, that it will be the best $12.00 that can be spent.
  20. Today was a beautifull day in the Cascade mountains of WA state, and my sweetie and I rode our '88VR from home here in the Tacoma WA area, over Chinook Pass (Hwy 410) and down the eastern slopes stopping at Whistlin Jacks Lodge for a huge fish and chips lunch, then on a little farther on to see the newly realigned highway replacing the one that was buried in Americas biggest landslide on record, then turning around and came back home the same route. 264 miles round trip and achieved 49.63 mpg by keeping to the posted speed limits, and running mostly on cruise control. Amazing..... for me that is. I think my bike is running well........ and I just might squeeze a 245 mile range out of a tankfull of 89 grade fuel. Just sayin...... -Pete, in Tacoma WA USA '83,88 Venture
  21. Well I had the back wheel off to change out the tire. Noticed the fuel filter hanging out there under the rear fender. Thought to myself, it would be a convenient time to change it out. On my way to the shop to swap tires picked one up at Cdn Tire. Wow what a difference. Fired up the bike and it goes through the hole rpm range now with no stumbling at all. I was thinking it needed diaphrams and such. Been running seafoam and helped a little. Just wanted to pass it on. If your ride is running like SH*t, maybe the $4 fix, not the $100 one needed:) Brad
  22. :fingers-crossed-emoI have a (Barn find) 2000 RSV MM only 10k mile on it. Last month when I first got it a ran a can a sea foam as recommended but I always thought is ran a little ruff. But with past BMW experience most bike runs a little ruff. Well after some late night reading someone here said that they run surprisingly good on only 3 cylinders. Well, mine does. After starting it and running it for 30 seconds my left rear (#1) cylinder exhaust pipe is still cold. I pulled the plug and it looks oily and not firing, all the rest look great. I stuck the removed plug in the wire and cranked it and it has spark. I checked the compression and its fine. I suspect a plugged carb? When I pulled the gas tank I also noticed that the Carb for the cylinder that is not running has a nice coating of Oil/Gas seepage crust. I ask you, What would the guru’s do next?
  23. I have put about 300 miles, 25 miles one way to work, mostly freeway on my '83 standard since getting it back together recently. Today on my way home, it started feeling like it was running on 3 cylinders (again), then got progressively worse. It was barely running on the off ramp, wouldn't rev and died at the light. It would crank, but not run. I pushed it about 200 yards to a parking lot and called work for a tow truck (I am a dispatcher for AAA- nice perk --free tows). After waiting about 30 mins, i tried to start it and it fired right up. It ran like it had up to that point. I made it the last 2 miles or so home. I do have the replacement TCI, mounted on top of the airbox. Any ideas? I am thinking fuel pump/filter? It felt like it was running out of gas.
  24. 843.251.7789 Hi everyone. On big trip. Running lights out. Stuck in parking lot. Power at fuse is good. I desperately need someone who could possibly explain where else to look. Help! 86' Venture
  25. I wanted to wait a little bit til I was sure but I was getting 39/40 MPG on the RSV riding 1 or 2 up on the 2 lane roads running 60/65 by speedometer and I was getting 34/35 MPG riding 1 or 2 up running 80/85 by speedometer on the Interstates. I was in Asheville and I asked Muffinman what this color tune I had seen him do down in Vogel was all about. He explained so I had him do mine. WOW is all I can say. First off let me say I had one carb that the fuel/air mixture was WAAAAYYYY off. The first thing I noticed was how much better it ran and how much more power and quicker response it had. It was so different even the wife noticed it right off. Now here is the kicker. I rode home from Asheville (1 up)in 11.5 hours 703 miles and used a total of 18.09 gallons at speeds of 80/90 by the speedometer. That is 38.86 MPG. That was what I usually got on the 2 lanes. Now here is the even better part I have run 5 tanks through just riding the 2 lanes running over to friends houses, riding out to eat and riding up to Galena and back. I put on a total of 907 miles at speeds between 60/70 and a few miles at 80 or so ( all ny the speedometer) and I used 19.79 total gallons for a whopping 45.8 MPG. Needless to say I am ecstatic with the way the bike runs first off and am tickled with the gas mileage This was how it ran when I first bought it. I can't think Jeff enough for doing this. If you see him and your bike isn't performing like it used to I recommend you let him work his Magic.......Thank You Muffinman:thumbsup2: ps forgot to had I can now run close to 200 miles before I go to reserve used to be around 168
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