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  1. Started up the 87 VR today and pumping fuel onto the ground behind the center stand. It looks like it is coming from the bottom front of the fuel tank. Only running out (very heavy) when engine is running. Is the fuel pump located there? Is there information on taking it apart so I can determine what is leaking? Thanks for the help Mike
  2. I'm planning on getting a 1986-1993 Venture.I used to ride a 2005 HD road king.Does anyone know how they would compare top heavy wise.I was use to the road king but had to be careful when riding double and stopping on steep inclines.Also how about the handling.I want a bike that is happy in the mountain curves.
  3. This is the lyrics to a Kenny Chesney song and it describes how I feel today & most days .... We never know when our lives will change with a phone call that no one ever wants to get .....In rememberance of my son Garrett Heath Harden 8/4/89- 12/11/98 tho it has been 16 yrs I still wear the pain like a heavy coat...The only thing that gives me hope,is I know I'll see him again some day. "Who You'd Be Today" Sunny days seem to hurt the most. I wear the pain like a heavy coat. I feel you everywhere I go. I see your smile, I see your face, I hear you laughin' in the rain. I still can't believe you're gone. It ain't fair: you died too young, Like the story that had just begun, But death tore the pages all away. God knows how I miss you, All the hell that I've been through, Just knowin' no-one could take your place. An' sometimes I wonder, Who'd you be today?
  4. local "have everything" shop just got a handful of these mortar tubes. watertight, deep, heavy. $30.00 !! score! 24inches interior height, 6 3/4 diameter.
  5. Has anyone used or know of anyone that have used the retractable motorcycle support wheels? I've got an uncle who's turning 85 this year and he sayes his Harley Dresser and his 1500 Gold Wing are getting a little heavy in the parking lot:shock3:. He doesn't want a trike or a sidecar. I don't know the pricing on these, but the video looks interesting. Mabeline http://www.trikealternative.com/
  6. Since I never had the chance to really carry it, and finished to purchased one this is the big detail I forget on this: HOW HEAVY IS THE 2ND GEN IN COMPARATION WITH THE 1ST GEN? I know that is much heavier than my 1997 RS, but don't know the difference.
  7. I rode this wonderful RSV and was about to put down the $4,500 for this *****in bagger. My brothers friend wanted me to try his 05 Royal Star Tour Deluxe. What a difference. The front end on the Tour was so responsive and the bike seemed so powerful. He does solo long hauls and uses a kuryaykn gran tailgater. Then he stripped down the Tour without the windows and back seat and it was a very neat looking bike. So I went back and tried the RSV and it was a heavy feel but and decided the Tour was more my style and versatile for our next Mexico Yellowstone adventure. Thanks to all. Do they let Tour owner on this site? Normax
  8. Just filled up the 89 and was thinking about how much other places were charging. Tucson Arizona Paid; $3.659 ( okay $3.66) 87 Octane 126 mi - 3.7 gal = 34mpg It appears to me that if I use a heavy dose of Seafoam my mileage drops. This tank will not have any additives.
  9. I am going to go look at a pop up tomorrow? It is a 1968 Apache Falcon? it is 7'5'" in lengh 5'2"in width and 47"hieght Carries 400 max cargo I could not find the wieght of the trailer. My question is is this a good deal ad how much should I pay for it? How well would it tow behind my 06 Venture? Just found the wieght is 600 lbs? is this too heavy? The guy is asking $1500. Looking at the internet I found a old broucher that stats it was 645 plus frieght in '68. Any advice or help would be great John
  10. If anyone is interested, I currentlu have aqccesws to a supply fo heavy duty terry cloth gloves which, in my opinion, are excellect for washing and/or polishing your ride. Imagine the Ove-Glove without the rubber inserts... $3.00 a pair plus shipping.
  11. Brown Sugar has started to show a heavy knock (Can't think of better word) when started in the cold. Goes away as she warms up. Clutch basket? Only 70k she is almost broke in. Probally due for oil change soon.
  12. Hmmm...wonder if this could help with the problem of top heavy bikes? http://sync.sympatico.ca/Video/?bclid=624360938001&bctid=1224852912001 Andy
  13. When you're thinking your Venture is too heavy, think about this guy!
  14. Well to my dislike I sold Midnight last Month was not to my liking but due to my knees the bike was too top heavy and dropped it several times with Peg on board no damage was done to Midnight or Peg..... Peg and I talked it over one evening and either one of us wanted to sell Midnight but since I was having so much trouble backing out of the garage - parking lots and setting at red lights it got to where I was not comfortable riding Midnight after selling Midnight I bought a 99 V-Star 650 for riding to work light weight and good balance and figured I would save the money left over from the sale and buy another Touring bike in a few yrs that has a better balance? Well my best friend from work told me about a bike he saw at Honda shop the other day and said it was in pretty good shape and had a heck of a deal $ so Peg & I went over to check it out being its a touring bike? Well I looked the bike over not bad shape for a 2000 model but boy was this thing big Wow but when I set on it I could not believe how well balanced it was just like the Gold wing GL1800 Wow nothing like the Midnight - top heavy we took it for a ride and I really liked the smooth ride and power it put out and balance at slow speeds needless to say I ended up buying it with the money left over - no payments a plus too -and rode it home so far I had no trouble getting in - out of the garage - parking lots or red lights I read folks saying it was heavy but to me its nothing after being on the Midnight Don't get me wrong I loved my midnight very much! and I would still have it to this day if not for being so top heavy here is my new ride 2000 model Honda Valkyrie Interstate
  15. I know that safety chains are required by law. But does it have to be a chain or can it be nylon straps? With the hitch that I have there is no good place to attach the chain. These straps are just as strong as chains and won't scratch up my bike or hitch. Does anyone know what the chain or strap requirements would be to be legal and properly preform the function the laws is intending to solve? A motorcycle trailer is not that heavy so the chain or strap should not have to be as heavy duty as on other applications. Thanks for you input.
  16. i just want to say thank you thank you thank you. as you all know i was faceing some real hard times. and im doing some what better. with the great support from to many to name here im doing a little better. its nice to know my lights and internet wont be shut off for at least 3 months with all of your help i paid in advance and my fridge is stocked with food maybe not steaks or even pork chops but its still food. cupboards have soups vegies and basic things. i did spend a few dollars for new socks and a pair of sneakers a man can wear boots just way to much sometimes they get heavy . i may not be out ridding but there is a smile on my face as i know i have a ton of of angels here watching over me. so once again my thanks and prayers go out to each and every one of you sincerly James aka oldgoat
  17. I have been looking for a replacement for the rear shock for my 99 RSV. After much searching I contacted Dave Quinn motorcycles and can purchase a new rebuildable shock for around $400 with manual preload adjuster or $554 with remote adjuster. this is for the standard shock or $464 manual or $624 with remote adjuster for the heavy duty. I have ordered the manual heavy duty for $464. and was told I could add the remote feture later if I wanted to. Will keep you informed after installed and used. We are also planning a trip to Nova Scotia in July and find very little information about roads and sites to see, so any Canada members that can give me a heds up would be great!
  18. Does anyone have experience or thoughts with removing heavy smoke damage from a motorcycle? Thanks in advance.
  19. News this morning, heavy flooding around Minneapolis Mn. Any detailed reports ?? Boy, Heavy Rain, in middle of harvest season, back there. Got to be Tuff on the farmers trying to harvest the Corn Crop, middle of Sept. !!
  20. It is with a heavy heart I tell you that one of our own has some problems that could use all of our help in the form of prayers. The member's father is ill in their home land and it doesn't look good folks. Could you take a little time out of you busy schedules and offer up a few prayers over the next few day. I am sure they would be greatly appreciated. It is tough enough dealing with family illness but it makes it doubly hard from a distance. Since they haven/t made it public knowledge I hesitate to make it for them. You say the prayer and I am 100% positive that the man upstairs will hear them. This is an absolute. Godspeed to our friends and her family. And thank you VenturRide family. Steve aka Bubber
  21. I have found a good camper trailer to pull behind my bike but the trailer weighs a little over 500 lbs loaded and I can get it for a good price. My Question is: is this too heavy to pull behind a 1200 cc motorcycle. Has anyone pulled this heavy of a trailer before? Is it safe????
  22. I have the trailer loaded for the International Rally, and it seems I will have about 60 lbs tongue weight. This is by measuring with a bathroom scale at the correct hitch height. I have read where several on here have had no problems with 45-75 lbs tongue weight. The trailer pulls really nice, but I didn't have it quite this heavy for MD. I have most of the weight forward and over the axle, and the wife and I weigh about 325 lbs combined. Any thoughts or concerns I should worry about?
  23. I owned an '83 Venture Royale from 83 to 90. It was top heavy but manageable with care. I am looking at a 99 and 2000 MM and I understand they are top heavy also. How do the two bikes compare in this important handling situation? Thanks in advance for your replies...
  24. OK guys (and gals) here's a poser for ya! If a speeder in a car is a "lead foot" or "heavy footed"....what is a biker? We "floor it" and "put the pedal to the metal" in a car...what do we do on a bike? ....somehow "heavy wristed" just doesn't cut it.
  25. Well picked up my new ride today in Plymouth In. 2008 RSTD new out of the crate from www.Turn1.com Rode it home 226 miles Smooth and no whine must of got a good one will see. Now time to find a trunk for it so GF can ride and be safe. This thing seems to not be as top heavy as the RSV don't know but sure felt good. Check out the Pic's. Star4772
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