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  1. here are the pic's sorry it took so long i had to retake them the others wouldnt upload right http://i66.photobucket.com/albums/h269/drayco58/IMG_0006.jpg?t=1246401119http://i66.photobucket.com/albums/h269/drayco58/IMG_0009-1.jpg?t=1246401173http://i66.photobucket.com/albums/h269/drayco58/IMG_0013.jpg?t=1246401221 and the hitch on the scooter! http://i66.photobucket.com/albums/h269/drayco58/IMG_0016.jpg?t=1246401363http://i66.photobucket.com/albums/h269/drayco58/IMG_0002.jpg?t=1246401416
  2. Hitch was off my tour deluxe then my Venture. 100.00 Dave 740-803-3069
  3. For those looking for a solid and good looking hitch receiver CruiserCustomizing.com $200.00 Including shipping RECEIVER HITCH with CHROME PLATED TONGUE and WIRING KIT for 1999-2010 VENTURE and 1997-2001 and 2005-2009 ROYAL STAR TOUR DELUXE. Arriving 6/10/11 Now If I could just find a solid nice looking hitch for my 89 VR.
  4. not having much luck locating a hitch for my 07... sugggestions?? thx,.
  5. I recently found a VR trailer hitch for my 86. But instead of a ball, or a hole to mount a normal ball it has what can best be described as a pin or stud. Roughly 3/4" in diameter. I am on a limited budget sort of for the trailer build and was thinking of getting a small Harbor Freight trailer to start the project. I'm leaning toward the model with 12" wheels as opposed to 8". Should roll better, less heat, etc. Is this thinking right? (In reading here, I may be over thinking this part.) Or will a Tag Along with it's 8" wheels and box already on be a decent choice. My local HF doesn't have one in stock to see "in person". So, with either trailer, should I modify the pin type hitch to accept the trailer (ball) coupler? Or remove the ball type coupler in favor of the pin type bike hitch? I'm probably going to have to make a modification to get level ride height anyway.
  6. The 1st thing I need is a trailer hitch for my new to me 2nd gen , new or used is ok . anybody got one . Thom
  7. I have a '99 Royal Star 4 into 4 exhaust, I have found a hitch but as another option was wondering if I could get a hitch and 2 fender rails from a Venture or RSTD and use those. Are the rails strong enough to use alone without the exhaust support brackets and will the mounting holes on the fender be the same (9 1/4 in.)? This site is a wealth of info, thanks Michael.
  8. Becky and I finally have a dream come true, our new ride. But one problem........cannot put a hitch on it to pull behind my scoot..................... http://i299.photobucket.com/albums/mm312/BEERCART/Motorhome/20121018_135100.jpg BEER30
  9. I lowered the price of my Hitch Flag Mounts for this month. Just wanted you all to know. I also now offer a Hitch Clamp that works very well. Check them out in the classifieds area. CLICK HERE >>> http://www.venturerider.org/classifieds/showcat.php?cat=500&ppuser=4963 Regards, Fuzzy
  10. I found a nice used toyhauler, so I took the plunge. I'm hoping I can get the wife to come along to some of the places I normally ride like Sturgis. It sure would would be nice to spend some of that time with her. I can do a little riding while out there. But since she wont ride at all, its my only chance. Heres a few pics. Its a 2005 26 foot U.S. Cargo. Its heavy, so I added a equalizer/anti sway hitch as well. Should be fun!
  11. Friend just bought an 09 Venture from PA that he will be getting this weekend and he needs a hitch to go on it. Anyone have any suggestions where he can get one? Thanks, RandyA
  12. Just got my trailer hitch from Larry (carbon One), I must say it's a nice piece of work. It's time to finish up on the trailer so i can use it to go to NY.
  13. I had my '09 RSV triked about 3 months ago. We immediately took a four day ride down the Natchez Trace Parkway. Having some time now to evaluate and I've given some thought to possibly (possibly only) getting a trailer. I did not have a hitch installed when I had the trike conversion done. Would I need to have the Hannigan installer do the hitch or is that something I can pickup and install? If it's something I can do, where might I look for the hitch?
  14. Well, seller accepted my offer for his '06, black cherry, venture today. Extremely happy....price seemed well below what I was finding on CL and I've slowly fallen in love with the color. I think the only mod's that have been done are the highway pegs and chrome guards around the saddle bags. All I plan on changing is adding a hitch, building/finding a trailer, and exhaust. Not sure if any on here have dyno'd their bikes after the slip on's...but see occasional posting about popping on decel. Since the harley dealer here in Cedar Rapids will give a "non-tune" dyno run for $50, I'll throw mine on there after the pipe swap (most likely to the road king mod to start) to see how Oxygen is and whether rejetting is in order. With the full headers on my Vmax...I only needed to shim needles, left main jets the same....so wouldn't be surprised if the Venture needed nothing. Oops also read on here I need to do something with the wiring to add the hitch, so will have to research that as well...and get parts on order.
  15. Several weeks ago I finally got around to removing the hitch off of my 87 and putting it on my 89 so I could use it for a PGR flag mount. The removal and reinstall was pretty cut and dry taking only a couple of hours, including a short trip to Ace for some different bolts. The next "simple" "easy" "no problem" step was to take the ball off and bolt on my home made flag holder. That took probably 6 hours over 2 days. The bolt would not budge. I'm guessing the ball was installed back around 87 and had been in the Oregon area until 2 years ago. Even soaking with WD40 over night didn't help. I went from wrench to breaker bar to pipe wrench and using my Tahoe hitch to Sawzall to grinder. Ended up grinding the thing in two. What a job !
  16. I finally got my new design on my web site for anyone interested. The site is a work in progress for now and I have more pictures to put up when I can. I have the Vertical 1 1/4" Stinger Flag Mount available now and also the regular Horizontal Mount, but in a different design. I am also in the progress of building the mounts to work with the Diamond R Hitch. Coming very soon. Thank you all for your orders so far and putting up with me doing this. I am trying to keep them as affordable as possible for all the PGR members and other groups. I will try to get them up here in the Members Vendors area ASAP. The prices will be the same as my web site. Note; These will not fit the Hitch Doc with the 1 1/8" stinger/receiver hitch. Also for now I can not find any 1 1/8" square tubing to build for the Hitch Doc Hitch. https://sites.google.com/site/flagpolestingermounts/ Thank you, James
  17. I have a trailer hitch and full wiring for an 83 to 85 MKI . if any one is looking for one or know anyone who is this one is going cheap. Contact me with a PM at PB&J. Thanks.
  18. I have to ship a 1st Gen MK1 hitch to a member. Anybody know the best way to do this ? wrap it up ? box it ? wire a tag to it and ship it as is ? It is such a weird shape. Just wondering if anybody has done this before ?
  19. Can anybody tell me if a hitch taken off of a MKI fit onto an MKII ?
  20. Hey.. how do I remove the bags from an 83 without the key ? The bags are open, but seem to be locked on the bike. I need to get the bags off so I can remove a hitch from one of my part bikes. I don't want to damage the bags. Do I drill off the locks inside ?
  21. Does anyone recognize what brand this hitch may be? Anyone know where I might find a replacement lens for the flap light and some install instructions? It came off a 88 VR and I am installing on my 90 VR. These pictures were taken by the previous owner.
  22. http://wingstuff.com/products/34009-vertical-trailer-hitch-for-2012-gl1800?from_search=1 Just wondering how many folks have saw this type hitch before on any bike brand ? I posted similar in the Wing section and not very much information there. So I supposed there might be other bikes that use this type hitch to. Just wondering please. I know I had never saw this type before, until it was brought to my attention. Thank you for any and all opinions. There are some up close pictures on the left side of the web page. Fuzzy
  23. http://wingstuff.com/products/34009-vertical-trailer-hitch-for-2012-gl1800?from_search=1 I would appreciate any information pertaining to this hitch type please. I have been ask to build a Flag Pole Stinger Mount to accommodate the Goldwings type hitch in the link. If there was enough of these type hitches being used, I would consider building a few for this type hitch. There are some extra pictures to the left on the link page. This type hitch says for a 2012 model Honda GW. I have a new design that looks better and I am in the process of getting some built up tomorrow and painted. I can also build these to include the Goldwing if there was enough interest and people using a hitch of this type. If you are not using this type hitch, then please tell me what type hitch you are using ? Pictures would really be appreciated. Thank you for any information you provide. Fuzzy
  24. Would some one please help me find a gentleman a reese type hitch for a 1700 Yamaha Roadstar. I found one here http://www.mchitch.com/Yamaha_RoadStar.htm This is the type hitch he wants but it is really pricey. The 1 1/4 " type hitch with stinger is what he needs. I ask him what year model bike and he has not got back to me as yet. Thanks for any and all help here. Fuzzy
  25. Been ask about the 1st gen bike hitch. I would appreciate some help to find what would work and pictures would be great. Thank you for your time. Fuzzy
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