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  1. Is it behind this nut or is it supposed to stick out of hole?
  2. Thank you. I will look and see where it went. May be in oil drain pan or stator cover. I thought when I replaced stator 6 years ago it was there.
  3. I am replacing my stator on my 1990. Is this yesr supposed to have the little wire for oiling? Item 15 in picture.
  4. Is this type charger/tender ok to keep connected thru the winter? https://www.walmart.com/ip/DAGA-1-5-Amp-Battery-Charger-Tender-For-Motorcycle-Snowmobile-Dirt-Bike-ATV/227223282 If not, what do you recommend? I don't want to destroy my battery.
  5. Is this type charger/tender ok to keep connected thru the winter? https://www.walmart.com/ip/DAGA-1-5-Amp-Battery-Charger-Tender-For-Motorcycle-Snowmobile-Dirt-Bike-ATV/227223282 If not, what do you recommend. I don't want to destroy my battery.
  6. I wired around the kill switch many years ago-kept giving problems. I had checked the stand switch. However I tried motorcycle 1 last time before heading to get my trailer and it started right up. Something must have been wet and finally dried.
  7. Yes I pulled a wire and connected an extra plug I carry with me and no spark. I also have COP on it which I have been running for about 4 years. The day after the rain I drove it several miles (approx 30). Enough in town stopped that fan came on. I don’t have my tools with me to get to the tci so I will have to wait until I get home with it this weekend to dig into it.
  8. I am nit getting any fire to spark plugs. I am at a lake where I am camping. We had a tstorm come thru one day. The next day we drove it around and ran good. The next day it would crank but not fire off. I didn’t hear fuel pump run at first so pulled side panel and checked it. It is ok. Then it would’t even crank. All lights,etc came on ok. So I pulled the side panel and battery cover and checked to see if a wite had came loose. Went back later and it cranks but no fire to plugs. Any ideas where to start checking? I am an hour from home so can go get my trailer to haul it home but would like
  9. I was afraid of that. Now to find another one like skydoc_17 sold in the past. It doesn't cause the stator to put out more than is needed like the original does.
  10. A few weeks ago I noticed my voltage was low, around 11.5 volts. I checked the wiring and found one of the wires coming from stator had a loose crimp, wire just pulled out. I replaced all the connections with solder joints. The voltage came back up to around 13.0-13.5 on the highway. I have an digital volt meter installed so I can see the exact voltage and not rely on the gauge. Today while riding I saw the gauge go up to 16 volts and noticed the digital was at 16.2. It came back down to 13.2 for awhile and then did it again. it would go up and down. When I got home it was at the 13.2 volts
  11. Still riding my 1st gen 1990 (68k miles on it). Not as much anymore since my wife riding partner passed away 21 months ago. I have an 8 yr old grandaughter that just started riding with me. But not the same. As long as I have health to hold it up I will continue riding.
  12. I have been using the ABS adhesive made for gluing ABS sewer pipes together. It has worked well for me reattaching tabs and fixing cracks. I just open the crack, use a toothpick and wipe some adhesive in the crack and push the crack back together. less than a minute and it is set up and melted the faring back together. It also melts the reinforcements into the back side (the same way it melts plumbing pipes to attach them to each other).
  13. From what I understand 1983-1989 require resistors for stock TCI, 90-up do not.
  14. I did the COP conversion on my 90 Wednesday. I used the connectors listed in post 13. Nice connectors. I crimped the wires in the terminals and then soldered them to make sure of a good connection. For wiring, I had some spare trailer light wiring (which is 18 ga 4 different colors) to use for the negatives. I used 18 ga black for the positives since they are common. On my COP's the positive and negative are opposite of that shown in the photo. When I started the bike cold, it seemed to fire off much quicker and ran smoother. Also it got rid of the spark pop in the headset. I still have hash t
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