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  1. I happened to look at my rear tire this morning while getting the size off it. Luckily I had stopped where I did. The tire tread is cracking and I could pull down a little on it and see the cord under it. This is a 6 year old Kenda Kruz K673 with about 10K miles. The last one of these I had about 7K miles and a big chunk of center tread came off while me and my wife were out riding. Didn't notice it until we got home and happened to stop with that missing patch showing from the rear. We had ridden about 200 miles. I always park it in my carport with the tires sitting on carpet. I'm not sure I want to try another one of these. I like the ride and tread pattern better than many others that don't seem to have enough tread.
  2. I found it. Buried beneath the other box forward of the battery covered with some wiring.
  3. Where is the second fuse box that holds the Hazard fuse? I found the one on top of the battery, but it only has 5 fuses. I need to find the other fuses.
  4. Does anyone know the part number for the bulbs in the cruise control panel? This is for my 1990.
  5. Yes. Using the negative battery terminal. I get the same readings if I use the negative terminal on the fuse strip. It's the difference between positive battery terminal and the positive terminal on the fuse strip. Also the same readings if tested using the inputs to each fuse.
  6. With a digital volt meter I am showing 13.8 volts at battery (engine running at idle and above) but only 12.4 volts at each fuse input including the Auxiliary terminal. The onboard voltmeter reads even less. I had wired in a digital volt gauge that agrees to what I am seeing at the fuses. It goes as low as 11.3 volts. I had replaced my stator and rectifier and wired the rectifier output directly to the battery. Could the voltage drop be caused by the key switch? Anyone else have this problem and found a solution. I would like for the fuse block and components downstream to see the real voltage available.
  7. Is there a way to connect the antenna directly to the radio as I don't use the CB and I have short distance reception on radio even when DX is activated? Is there a better antenna for this purpose?
  8. What quality are the KG Powersports clutch discs (KG114-8 154-2047)? If not good, what is a good quality brand and a decent price as I am on a limited budget?
  9. The new plugs got rid of the ignition noise in my headset. I haven’t gotten to ride further than 5 miles yet. Prob tomorrow. I used ngk 4929 resistor plugs. Old plugs had about 20k miles on them.
  10. Top plug in pic was dirtiest and came from RH rear cylinder. I pulled the cover off carb diaphram for that cylinder and it had a little oil in it. Enough to wet finger.
  11. Should I use non-resistor type or resistor type plugs? It calls for DP8EA-9, however these cross over to NGK 5829 which is non-resistor and also crosses to NGK 4929 which is resistor type. I have replaced the factory coil/plug wire system with a Coil Over Plug system. I seem to be getting a lot of ignition noise in my headset the last few days and it feels like it is missing on one cylinder intermittently lately when cruising at a constant speed (around 3000-3300 rpm).
  12. Is it behind this nut or is it supposed to stick out of hole?
  13. Thank you. I will look and see where it went. May be in oil drain pan or stator cover. I thought when I replaced stator 6 years ago it was there.
  14. I am replacing my stator on my 1990. Is this yesr supposed to have the little wire for oiling? Item 15 in picture.
  15. Is this type charger/tender ok to keep connected thru the winter? https://www.walmart.com/ip/DAGA-1-5-Amp-Battery-Charger-Tender-For-Motorcycle-Snowmobile-Dirt-Bike-ATV/227223282 If not, what do you recommend? I don't want to destroy my battery.
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