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  1. Enjoyed the Rally. Thanks to those who worked to pull it all together! Good to see old friends and meet new ones. By way of OK we made it home on Tues. See you on a Venture
  2. Thom

    we are here

    We are here site 223 the airstream ,Thom&Alice
  3. Just paypaled you 10.00 for 2 . Thom
  4. Kreg just called Us with the news , Don is a good Friend and We are going to miss Him , Condolences to His Family . Alice and Thom
  5. Randy , I have Google Wallet , it is just like Paypay , He is just fishing for your actt. info . Thom
  6. Fender Lizard and I are on it , Thanks Don , :sign kewl::clap2:
  7. OK , let me dig them out of storage to take pic's , it be next week . Thom
  8. Anybody have red body parts for a 2000 RSV ? I need a lot of it , don't want to paint anything , yep I know but I'm lazy and too cheap to have a body shop paint them . both front leg shields ? rite saddle bag battery side covers front fender and more Thom
  9. yep , got one for sale , 50.00 plus shipping , it's used , If you want it I'll dig it out and send you some pic's Thom
  10. Thom


    You need a cable from Buddyrich
  11. click the vimeo link [ame=http://vimeo.com/61275290]http://http://vimeo.com/61275290[/ame]
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