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  1. I'm still around! Out in the boonies but still breathing! I just don't get on here very often.
  2. In English Please! I'd also like to see someone build a ST bike for short people. There isn't, and so far as I know hasn't, been a ST bike with a less than 32in seat height made in the last 10+ years. I have a 28in inseam. I can't even ride a stock Venture flatfooted. If I mount the Mustang seats on my RSTC, I can't flatfoot it either! Fortunately I have a set of "Butlerized" seats for both my RSV trike and the RSTC. Are you still out there Rick? I've got another seat I'd like you to do!
  3. Well, depending on where this was shot will determine who gets the ticket. That is if the two idiots on the bike survive! Something tells me it won't be the truck driver!
  4. I used to have a mare that thought the hubby was the greatest thing since carrots. She'd follow him around, insist he pay attention to her and ONLY her. She wasn't very high up in the herd pecking order but that would change if he was around. She even got jealous of her own foal getting attention from him. Feeding time was especially fun as I'd be putting out the feed buckets and if the hubby was around, she'd have a time trying to decide if it was more important getting him to pet her or eating!
  5. Has anyone ever triked one? I'd love to see what that would look like!
  6. A lot of the accessories for the 10/22 cost more than the gun. I have one and am repeatedly blown away by what folks will put into theirs.
  7. I have the exact same bike, maybe not with all the goodies though! I am interested so how about price?
  8. Hail to our fearless leader and all of the other bike nuts out there! Well, I'm still among the living. I've spent so much time up in Illinois in the last two years taking care of family, I was only home about 4 months out of that time. I got bike fever so bad while I was there that I added to my collection by buying a 2006 Suzuki Burgman 400. Partly to have something to ride and partly to have something small enough to carry on the motorcycle hitch rack I'm planning on mounting on the back of an RV so I don't have to pull a trailer to have a bike along. The 400 has enough get up n go
  9. Since this seems to be the latest gathering of the gun nuts on here, I thought I'd add my two cents worth and ask a question or two. On the derringer, is that part of the Judge line? A friend of mine has one of the revolvers and just loves it. She especially likes the variety of "self protection" rounds and has fired both the .410 and 45 cal rounds out of it. In .45 it kicks like a mule but she loves the "nice big holes" it makes. Like me, she spends a good deal of time on the road by herself [her kids are all over the country] and does not like to travel without it. I had a Walther P
  10. IF I ever get to go home and get that damn title you will!! Too bad you aren't closer to me. I'd let you work on the RSTC in exchange for the 650.
  11. Anyone in this part of the country knows Audrey Menarik of Moto Liberty in Dallas. She posted this on Facebook yesterday. Motorcycle friends.... NEWSFLASH! I am going to host a Motorcycle Show. It is called The Motorcycle Camping and Adventure Touring Show, and it will be held in Lewsiville at the convention center, December 15th & 16th. Why am I doing this when I already have two full time jobs? Because the motorcycle business has been tough. After much contemplation, I think people still want to ride their motorcycles, but they don't want to ride on busy city streets. So, let's all f
  12. That was my driver's ed. car! I've always wanted one.
  13. I know what you mean! I'd trike the the Valk as well. One of my favorite bikes has always been the Valkyrie Interstate ever since I first spotted one up in Illinois a few years back and followed it to find out what the heck it was. I even asked the guys what it would cost to convert that maroon lovely into one. I'm also curious as to what the blue one that is still coming looks like. I have to go back down there in about two weeks so I may just get to find out.
  14. I made a run yesterday down to Katy, Texas. Time for some semi serious shopping [new house] and to see what else I could find. One of my regular stops when I make this trip is WildWest Motorsports [aka WildWest Honda, aka Katy Honda] hoping to pick up a copy of the owner's manual for my Honda Rancher. I spent some time talking to one of the guys about the SV and if/when Yamaha would get any more out [they're the local Yam. dealer as well] when I was shown some of their latest acquisitions. VERY Interesting!! Seems the outfit pulled a raid on Honda's warehouse and bought a large number [i w
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