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  1. here are the pic's sorry it took so long i had to retake them the others wouldnt upload right http://i66.photobucket.com/albums/h269/drayco58/IMG_0006.jpg?t=1246401119http://i66.photobucket.com/albums/h269/drayco58/IMG_0009-1.jpg?t=1246401173http://i66.photobucket.com/albums/h269/drayco58/IMG_0013.jpg?t=1246401221 and the hitch on the scooter! http://i66.photobucket.com/albums/h269/drayco58/IMG_0016.jpg?t=1246401363http://i66.photobucket.com/albums/h269/drayco58/IMG_0002.jpg?t=1246401416
  2. for all you old timers that are somewhat mechanically inclined looking for a great hobby. try a cushman scooter out for size. i've been reliving my childhood memories for quite a few years building and restoring cushmans. i started riding cushmans back in the 50's and have never lost my love for them. there are some very neat and fast cushmans out there that will easily top 100 mph and blow the doors off alot of motorcycles. you ain't lived till you put a harley in the weeds on a motor scooter. been there done that. i'm building a sleeper now with a very warmed over harbor freight motor and cvt drive. it should top out around 85 mph. it is a 1958 pacemaker, a model i wanted since i was a kid. check out some of the cushman sights for more info. just punch in cushman scooter and have a ball reliving the old days. there is a meet in portland indiana, in july, every year, with thousands of antique scooters and motor bikes for sale, at the fairgrounds. if you need any info on meets or cushmans just give me a holler. us old timers are slowly dying off and we, (the cushman folks), want to keep the interest alive. bill
  3. OK, here's the scenario - My neighbor won 2 day rentals (that is qty 2 of a 1 day rental) from a local HD dealership. She doesn't ride nor does her husband, family, etc. She offered them to me. I have to use them this weekend or they expire. What to do? 1) As some of you know - I am a long distance rider. Should I go for BBQ? In Kansas City (1180 miles round trip). 2) Ask a friend to putt around the state for the day (paging Scooter Bob, Scooter Bob to the white courtesy phone)? 3) Should I just don some pirate wear, apply fake tattoos, put my wife in a tubetop, and go bar hopping? Decisions, decisions. RR
  4. well, age has finally caught up with me so i'm getting ready for retirement a second time. i only have four bikes left. my stratoliner, v-star 1300, majesty 400 scooter, and a 1958 cushman pacemaker scooter. the v-star is on the auction block and the strat and majesty are keepers. the cushman is going too. the cushman is totally restored and up dated with the latest technology and is probably one of the nicest looking ones in the country. as long as i can get my leg over the strat i will keep riding. it gets rougher every time i ride. i figure i can make it another year. anyone interested in a v-star or a cushman pm me.
  5. I am thinking of buying a scooter, about 150cc just enough for riding two up with maby a top speed of 50 MPH. don't want to spend a lot of money and some of the chineese ones look good but I am told to stay away from them. Would appreicate any infor on good ones to buy. No , I'm not getting rid of the RSV, the scooter will live on the boat for shore trips.
  6. C'mon. You know you want one!
  7. In the middle of March in Wisconsin. Two RSVs at the factory today. I'll have to go see if a third one is on the other side of the plant. Later, Scooter Bob
  8. I am giving scooter lessons at very low cost. Here is a video of one of my graduates, Pedro. Classes are filling up fast. Sign up now. [ame=http://s1113.photobucket.com/albums/k507/Nat_Sass/?action=view&current=Scooterlessons.mp4]http://i1113.photobucket.com/albums/k507/Nat_Sass/th_Scooterlessons.jpg[/iM"]Image hosting, free photo sharing & video sharing at Photobucket[/ame]</p><p> [img]<a href=http://www.venturerider.org/forum/%3Cembed%20width=%22600%22%20height=%22361%22%20type=%22application/x-shockwave-flash%22%20allowFullscreen=%22true%22%20allowNetworking=%22all%22%20wmode=%22transparent%22%20src=%22http://static.photobucket.com/player.swf%22%20flashvars=%22file=http%3A%2F%2Fvid1113.photobucket.com%2Falbums%2Fk507%2FNat_Sass%2FScooterlessons.mp4%22%3E' alt='player.swf%22%20flashvars=%22file=http%3A%2F%2Fvid1113.photobucket.com%2Falbums%2Fk507%2FNat_Sass%2FScooterlessons.mp4%22%3E'>
  9. After I saw Ponch's gauge package, I knew I wanted that for my scooter. I wanted mine to be molded or formed into the dash to look sort of factory. Well after I crashed and totaled the scooter last year I figured I had my chance to do this while I was rebuilding the scooter. I settled with the insurance company so that I was able to keep the scooter. Every piece of body plastic was cracked or busted. The front upper fairing, inside dash and lower left fairing were demolished and unrepairable. I bought some parts on e-bay and some parts through the good members here that were willing to sell some extra parts they had. The pieces that I was able to salvage from my scooter, I repaired with Plastex. After I acquired a front upper fairing and dash, I got started on the gauge package. * On the dash, I took a dremel tool and cut from the bottom of the cassette door opening on each side down to and around the cruise switch opening (sorry I didn’t think of taking pictures until I had it all formed together and painted, just use your imagination). * Then I measured the opening to get an idea of how big a piece of ABS plastic I would need to do this. I salvaged a piece big enough from the busted upper front fairing above the headlight opening. * I used the measurements and drew the design I wanted on a piece of 1/8" flat aluminum plate. After I cut it down to size I used a 1 5/8” hole saw and drilled two holes for oil pressure and water temperature gauges. I used a 1 7/8” hole saw for tach. I bought a set of Sunpro mini gauges from Advance Auto and a Drag Specialties tach through H.D. dealer. I used this piece of aluminum for my pattern to mark my piece of ABS. I later used it for a backing plate to strengthen and support the dash gauges. Picture #1 shows drawn outline. * After I had cut my piece of ABS for my gauges, I cut three more pieces 1” x 2 ¼” to use as fillers to cover space between gauge base and where the cruise switch was. After all pieces were test fitted, I used a soldering gun to spot melt the plastic together in a few spots. I then used Plastex to fill and weld all the connecting joints. After the Plastex had hardened, I used sand paper and smoothed the edges and corners. Pictures #2-3 show underside of dash. * Pictures #4-9 show dash after it was painted. * Pictures #10-13 show test fit of gauges. * Pictures #14-16 show finished dash on scooter. As you can see (pic # 15) I would have had enough room to mount the cruise switch above the tach in between the water and oil gauges, but opted to move it down behind key switch in front of gas lid. I also used a 1/8” stereo cable from Radio Shack to extend aux. plug out onto handle bars. I know Ponch was in a bad accident (I have been keeping up with the thread) and is in rehab and has a long way to go. My thoughts and prayers are with him and his family as they deal with this. I wanted to give him credit for his ideas and help that he gave me, as I had contacted him a few times with questions about the gauges and fittings he used. Thanks again, Ponch C.R.
  10. Ok folks, I think I may be outa my mind. I am a scooter rider (SYM RV250) and wish to upgrade and get more power and do a bit our touring with my wife. Am I biting off more than I can chew by looking to ride this big-boys bike? My only experience with a clutch bike was the Highway Patrol's safety course. I have been riding my scooter for 6 months. Should I be looking at something a bit smaller and work my way up to this bike? Thanks Ken
  11. Lots of Venture sightings, see post #10... Got to Dan (IH Truck Guy) and Shari's about 5:30 Saturday afternoon! http://tapatalk.com/mu/a6b640ad-69ca-f2eb.jpg Later, Scooter Bob
  12. heading out at 5am for a huge vintage scooter and motor bike flea market in portland indiana with a good friend of mine. we do it every year. i think i knew every scooter ever made and then another shows up there. if your in the area it's well worth a stop at the fairgrounds. it takes at least a day to see it all. we will be staying in selena ohio at holiday inn express.
  13. Though she has dubbed it the "baby beast", my girlfriend has joined the world of the two-wheelers on her very own Vino 125. We have been seeing each other for a few years now and I felt that I wanted to give her something special for Christmas (the one that just past). She enjoys riding passenger on my RSTD, but I knew that she is more of a driver. After we came back from a trip to Paris for 2 weeks and having seen her have the dreamy eyes at the sight of many 'cute' Vespa scooters and comments like "ohh I wish I had one! Wouldn't it be great?" I felt that I wanted to make her wish come true. So back in September 2010 I started to look around for used scooters. I was shocked to find that the price of a used Vespa was too high, and also the amount of knock off/fake Vespa's was kind of dodgy. But then I started to find that Yamaha had a retro-looking scooter called the Vino, and the used prices were much more affordable. Then I stumbled on to a deal-and-a-half for a Vino 125cc for $400. It has a bigger engine than the 50cc scooters which can barely do 45mph, so I felt that this was a much safer bike to go with. The only catch was that this scoot was pretty roughed up with high mileage, given the engine size, of 14,500 km. All of the body panels were pretty scratched up with huge gouges on the front fender and front panel. The tires were shot, torn seat, very dirt, poorly maintained, but it seemed to run. So I bought the Yamaha Vino and decided that I would transform it into a 'cute' scooter. In the next few months before Christmas I pulled the entire buggy apart, fixed up all of the panels, repainted them, reupholstered the seat with new marine grade vinyl, replaced all of the fluids, cleaned the entire engine compartment (there was an unbelievable amount of dust/sand in there), added chrome trim to the panels, cleaned the carbs and replaced the tires with new white walls,,, all under her nose. I almost got caught a few times, but I was lucky every time to keep it a secret. I managed to turn the ugly ducking into a beautiful looking machine. Well, on to Christmas Day.. I had to bring the scoot to her grandparents house and I only had one way to take it there. No! I did not drive it in the freezing cold and snow. I can actually fit it in the trunk of my Chevy hatchback. Try doing that with a Royal Star! So I pull into a school parking lot a few blocks away and unload the little thing. I put my gifts for the rest of the family in the foot area and under the seat (lots of storage under there!) and put the key in the ignition. Hit the started,, and, nothing. Stranded there with the this beautiful..paperweight. Well fortunately I got her going after 10 minutes - god bless this machine that it also has a kick starter as well! I rode the scoot a few blocks down and parked it right in front of her grandparents door. I let myself in the house and was just in time for the present opening. Well I was pretty excited and nervous about the gift, but was also very cold since riding a scoot even a few blocks in -15C weather is enough to chill anyone right down. When it came time for me to give her my gift, I gave her a fake present (empty box with a card in it). The card instructed her to grab a coat and head outside. She was very curious and confused, but when she saw her new scooter she was so excited. She was completely caught by surprise and was so excited. She kept looking at it from the window throughout the day, unfortunately it was winter and she couldn't even take it out for a ride. So fast forward a few months and she got her motorcycle license, as you must get a full motorcycle license for any vehicle over 50cc. Although she was kind of intimidated by the motorcycle she had to learn on at the course, she did enjoy it. She was the best student in the class as she just seemed to do things naturally. We had the license and insurance completed and it was time to ride. She was nervous on the roads at first but she is absolutely LOVING her little beast. We went on a few riders where I would follow on my RSTD and she looked like a natural. Now I know that there is so much talk about when you get a motorcycle you will end up spending even more on the accessories, well the same is true with the scooter world. So far she got a really nice retro helmet, a beautiful stylist Italian scooter trench coat with hidden armor (just looks like a stylist jacket), a wicker basket for the back of the scoot, new chrome turn signals, a stereo system with an ipod near the front foot area, and a soon to arrive 150cc engine upgrade kit that is 'bolt on'. I keep joking with her that it looks like a baby Venture with all this stuff on it. She is loving it, but I just recently noticed an interesting and perhaps scary incident where I went to the garage and noticed that she was sitting on my RSTD playing around with the controls... hmmm.... Anyways, I thought that I'd share a few things with you guys, maybe you might consider trading in your Ventures for the Baby Model... New White Wall Tires - $30 each Monthly Insurance - $26 (first time rider, less after 2 years) Gas Fillup - $4 Gas MPG - 85~100 Now I know it doesn't compare to the Cadillac's that we ride, but after taking this thing out a few times I can tell you that it is a blast! Before Shot - The damage and torn seat is not visible from this angle. Clever photography by the seller. http://i924.photobucket.com/albums/ad85/phertwo/Baby%20Yamaha/before02.jpg Christmas Day and one happy new Yamaha owner! http://i924.photobucket.com/albums/ad85/phertwo/Baby%20Yamaha/DSC03771.jpg Front shot http://i924.photobucket.com/albums/ad85/phertwo/Baby%20Yamaha/DSC03720.jpg Side shot http://i924.photobucket.com/albums/ad85/phertwo/Baby%20Yamaha/DSC03722.jpg Other side shot http://i924.photobucket.com/albums/ad85/phertwo/Baby%20Yamaha/DSC03726.jpg Rear end shot http://i924.photobucket.com/albums/ad85/phertwo/Baby%20Yamaha/DSC03734.jpg Front end shot http://i924.photobucket.com/albums/ad85/phertwo/Baby%20Yamaha/DSC03733.jpg Handle bars http://i924.photobucket.com/albums/ad85/phertwo/Baby%20Yamaha/DSC03730.jpg
  14. here are some pics of my new to me cushman scooter.
  15. At the legion 1/2 way done with my 1st bucket of shortys! Go Packers! Later, Scooter Bob
  16. It's a 1999 Green one, 4,955 miles on it, got it for $1,650. Hopefully we got enough snow last night to get the trails opened up around here! Later, Scooter Bob
  17. with out a doubt this is the worst piece of crap i have ever worked on. i got all the major welding and panel replacement done on the body, and it is at the paint shop. i would have painted it myself, but i'm kind of new to clear coat and i wanted a show job. i painted the frame and started the final assembly this morning. i am having a major delema on whether or not to build the motor. i found a website that has all kinds of race parts for these harbor freight motors. billet rods, roller rockers, cams, etc.. i,m talking serious horse power for a light weight scooter. i,m not sure how it will handle speeds over 80 or 90 mph. so far it looks like a brand new scooter. i was'nt planning on this big of an investment. it's all the little crap that eats you up, hardware, and many other odds and ends. linda asked me how much for the paint job. i never asked. i figure a couple of grand. if it's less i won't feel so bad. there just ain't no cheap cushmans. i sure do love them no matter what the cost. pictures to come. i'm taking alot of them.
  18. To my wife any way, we picked up a ride for the wife tonite XLH1200 20k miles and couldn't have dreamed a better deal -- $3000 done and home. all it needs is fowards (after the Royal Star getting on a sportser feels sort of like a scooter) and more light up front. The wife is a novice so she'll be taking the beginners course first week next month wish her luck!
  19. Mom has been feeling some back pain for a few days now. She's going to see the bone cruncher in the morning but I offered to go get her some otc relief tonight at walmart pharmacy. At walmart, I finally settled on a back-pain rub that sounded good (Stop Pain roll on), got checked out, got on my scooter to head home. Put the bike in 1st gear and lifted my right foot to the peg as I started rolling and the darndest charlie-horse type cramp hit me in my right-side lower back and down the back of my upper leg - Whooooa horsey ! Man I had to come to stop real quick. Got off, walked around the scooter once, got back on and the the sky was blue again As bad as Rachel feels I didn't mention it to her but I hope she leaves me a little bit of that stuff.
  20. Fox Lake, WI to Potato Creek, IN and back... Extra Miles-------650 miles Extra Fuel--------13.5 gal Extra Moola-------40 dollars Not touching one single bit of the Chicago area either way.......Priceless Later, Scooter Bob
  21. Looks like my two wheeled riding days may be over. I have had bad knees for a long time. It kept me out of the Military and Police Academy (thank the stars). Well, yesterday, while working for some extra scratch, I jumped out of the back of a Kawasaki Mule.... And I blew my right knee out. This is the worst I have had to deal with. I can't straighten out my leg, it locks up and is very very painful. I can't bare any weight on it, at all. If I do put weight on it, it bends sideways and well... I seem to find the ground pretty fast and stings of foul words boil out. I'm really freakin out. I won't be able to do all the things I love doing. Fishing, Hunting and most of all riding the scooter. Not sure what I am going to do for work... Everything I do involves walking I'm in the middle of getting my Bail Bonds License and even that requires walking... I'm going to hold onto the scooter till after the surgery to see if I can ride... Should be close to winter by then... Dammit. But, if I can't hold it up, I can't ride it. I better start reading about Trikes.
  22. http://ajanlo.kapu.hu/pics.php?d=japcsimocik Just a taste!!!!!! http://ajanlo.kapu.hu/japcsimocik/08.jpg
  23. Contestants wanted. Anyone can play. The thread can be found "stickied" to the top of the "Fun and Frivolous" forum topic. http://www.venturerider.org/forum/showthread.php?t=20503 Jump to the last page to find the current target, grab the camera, jump on the bike and go for a ride with eyes peeled for that perfect camera shot. (hint.if you're riding alone, get the mirror in the shot pointed back at you. You get the bike mirror, your face in it, and the target.) If you're the first one to post the picture back on here, you get to set the next target. (something kinda generic that anyone in the world might be able to find). Riding season is upon most all of us now. Hop on board with us and enjoy the ride. Later, Scooter Bob P.S. The current target is..... A picture of you and your bike and a bulldozer. Should be easy now that construction season has started heh? by Scooter Bob Sorry Don, for another watering hole thread about this, but we want to make sure the new people that haven't explored the whole site can find it and can play along.
  24. Got the valve shims all taken care of with help from Scooter Bob. None were more than 0.06mm tight, but they are now all on the loose side of the valve clearance tolerance. I had to drill and chisel off one of the allen bolts holding one of the chrome covers since it would not release. Once I get the stud removed and the hole retapped, I will be able to put it all back together again (I hope). As of now, I have pieces and parts all over the garage workshop. It is a real mess. Not really good pictures, but this is my steed in all her naked glory. Thanks again Bob for the help today. Took hours off the time required to get this taken care of. RR
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