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  1. So I just got a Reckless fairing for my new to me RSTD Midnight. The fairing came black gelcoated. The plan was that when the gelcoat started to fade, I would get it painted and clear coated. Well today our warehouse manager brought in some parts he had hydro dipped. They looked incredible. Just like paint and were even clear-coated afterwards. I couldn't even tell it wasn't paint. The shop locally where he had it done guarantees it for life from fading and peeling. That seems like a great deal. So now I might go ahead and do the fairing. Cost would be roughly $100. So to my questions: Has anyone done any parts with hydro dipping and if so how has it held up? I have a 2006 Midnight RSTD so everything is black. If I do this, I was planning on just going straight black on the fairing to match. Well looking at the website, I really like the carbon fiber film. So would a carbon fiber fairing look good on the rest of teh black bike?
  2. Is somebody on the group doing tanks and paint repairs? I had an accident taking my bike to the storage, and as a consecuence a ding on the tank with loss of paint on the ding, and scrachtes on my saddlebags. I have a Venture 2000 on Red and Burgundy color. Thanks,
  3. Hi, My '84 has some places (where the P.O. had some stickers that I have removed) where the silhouette of old stickers is still evident. The paint hasn't faded the same where the stickers had been, as on the rest of the bike. The paint looks newer and shinier where the stickers had been. Also, the top surfaces of my side bags are quite faded, the worst areas on the bike. The sticker spots are on the vertical surfaces of the side bags. Seems to me that some polishing or buffing compound might be called for, but I have no experience in this realm. What do the venturerider experts recommend in such cases? Thanks, Brian H.
  4. Has anyone painted their helmets to match their bikes? I don't want flames, or graphics, just simply matching my 07 blue. What type/make of paint, and special insights would be greatly appriciated 3d
  5. I am looking to get some info and somewhat get myself back up to date on the new ways they are painting cars and such. Back in the day, 20 some years ago while I was in the service. One of my jobs was to paint the helicopters I worked on. I went to school and such to learn it, and way back then we were using the standard Binks and Devilbiss siphon guns. My question to those in the know now, is this, what it a decent quality HVLP top cup gun. I dont need to be painting show cars or bike, but I'm looking for a good quality paint gun to replace my old siphon guns....let me know what y'all think.
  6. Getting ready to paint my 83 Venture. I have all of the fairings and side covers ready to shoot, and finishing work on the luggage and fenders and then I'll be ready for paint when I get a warm enough day to do it. I want a color that will be a bit more modern and I've settled on either 2008 GM Atomic Orange, or House of Kolor Sunset Pearl. What do you guys think?
  7. Well, it happened again. I lost control and bought another bike - my fourth one,,,,pheeeeeewwwww,,,,,,,,, The summer of 2011 I bought a 2000 MM Venture here in Reykjavik, Iceland for a friend of mine who lives up North. Was surprised how easy the bike was to handle and discovered it had levelling links and lowered forks. Was as easy as my 1998 Tour Classic. Rode the bike halfway through Iceland to meet up with my friend and deliver the bike and took his old Kawasaki Vulcan back and sold it for him. He took really good care of the Venture and pampered the bike apart from always scraping the drivers seat with his boots but he is kind of short legged. Late this summer he was riding with his friends up North and they stopped at the shoulder of the road. When he stepped of the bike he lost balance and dropped the bike on the right side. Unfortunately there was quite a steep slope on the side and the bike went down the slope about 20 feets. Did only get cosmetic damages but it took six guys about two hours to get the bike back up on the road. They bike was driveable in all sense - just not looking as pretty as before. The insurance company opted for paying him the bike for 12.500 US$ (note that bike prices are averagely double here in Iceland compared to the USA), and last week I bought for him a Yamaha Wildstar 2000 model with every possible accessory available as well as some custom made. A really beautiful bike and he is as happy as ever. The insurance company put the bike up for auction last Friday and it ended today. The highest bidder had only one bid (there are three bids allowed): 6.250 US$ The second (me) had all three bids: 1st.bid 6.248 US$ 2nd. bid: 5.882 US$ 3rd. bid: 5.710 US$ So I had no hope that I would get the bike. But I lucked out. The highest bidder backed out and I was offered the bike for my first bid of 6.248 US$. I decided to take the chance and drop my highest bid and stick to my second bid for 5.882 US$ with the hope that there would not be somebody with a bid amount between my first and second bid. And,,,,,,,,THE BIKE IS MINE The damages are as follows: 1. Tank has two dents in the white area. Only needs the white colour painted. 2. Front upper fairing scraped and chipped. Needs full paint. 3. Windshield broken. Needs to be replaced. 4. Lower front right fairing scraped and chipped. Full paint. 5. Would want to replace the front fender to get rid of that terrible Seagull previous owner bolted on. Ugliest thing I ever seen on a Venture (I do know it is a matter of taste ) 5. Saddlebag lid right side scraped. Full paint. 6. Trunk lid scraped. Full paint. 7. Saddlebag guard badly scraped. Needs to be replaced. 8. Right side driving light dented. Needs to be replaced. 9. Driver seat needs to be patched/repaired or a replacement bought. (Where in the world would I get an identical colour vinyl/leather for this? ) And thats about it. Have already gotten a price for the paint job - 1.300 US$ and estimated cost for the parts is somewhere between 800 to 1.200 US$ depending on how lucky I get, Total cost without calculating my work: 8.382 US$ - Sale price: 12.000 US$ Profit around: 3.500 US$ (if everything works out that is). And believe it or not - the BOSS gave me permit to buy the bike when I told her I could make some money on it. Bad thing is that both my sons said to her: MOM,,,Has Dad ever sold any of his bikes ? MOM,,,WAKE U-UP ! I am determined to sell it when it is done and,,,,,,well it is actually a very nice color and there were only 1.500 samples made,,,, When I get home from Norway middle of December I will remove the parts that need to be repainted and get them to the painter. No rush though - selling the bike when it gets close to spring. If any of you know of any of the parts available then please send me a line. The pictures on the insurance companys website are protected from copying but I am trying to find a way to attach the pictures and will post an update. Update: Pictures will be added tomorrow Wednesday - the insurance company are going to mail them to me. Thanks for looking and if any of you know of any of the parts I need then please be so kind to contact me. Friendly regards from Iceland / Norway.
  8. This is a paint project I had planned since first purchasing my '05 Liquid Silver RSV. I have always preferred two-tone paint on a motorcycle, but couldn't pass up the deal I got on my all Silver 2005 RSV and bought the bike understanding that I could always paint to suit later. When I discovered a new paint shop just a few miles North of my home, I had to go chat with the owner about painting my bike. I discovered the proprietor was the paint shop manager for Sewell Lexus in Dallas, and after I had previewed the photos on his paint shop web site, I knew I had found the right guy to do the job. Here are a few photos of the finished product.
  9. So my brother, Steve, and I were driving around in the country and we came upon one of those hills that at the right speed make your tummy feel funny as you go over the crest and Steve smiles... so we turn around , go back to try it again and all of a sudden he giggles... now if you know Steve... well, anyway he turns it loose and we are really getting up a head of steam and I'm thinkin' of asking him about the turn right after the peak when he starts giggling again... I knew to cinch up my seat belt. As we reached the crest we went up... and up... with the road turning off to the right, we both rather knew that this was different. The hood was pointing to a big green thing that finally registered and my right foot tromped onto the imaginary passenger brake pedal. Steve, still staring ahead calmly said, "This will probably really mess up the paint job.", and giggled. http://www.bergall.org/temp/venture/upatree.jpg
  10. I got my used collector today in the mail. $90.00 shipped from cyclepsycho.com It needs the tabs for the front mount rewelded, but it looks to be in good shape otherwise. Should I paint it with a anti rust paint or something. Before I install it? I also have to snug up one of the rear exhaust pipes, cause it can be wiggled a little.
  11. Got home from trip & after washing bike, I noticed I have tiny yellow specks of paint on windshield and fairing. I remember going by a striping crew & wind was blowing...thought I stayed clear of em but apparently not. Is there any cleaner that'll remove the specks without damaging the plastics?
  12. I'm thinking I'd like to paint the trailer to match the bike...but it's a polypro...whatever plastic. Not exactly the same as the picture...but you know the grey "Explorer" brand car topper box. I'm not sure if paint would stick to it. Any suggestions? Lousy picture...but you get the idea
  13. Im in the process of installing a Venture trunk to my '06 RSTD. I know I can cut off the lock pins for the passenger sissy bar but I dont want to do that in case I ever want to remove the trunk and switch back to the cruiser look. So Im asking if anyone here has a pair of the chrome saddlebag brackets from a Venture that the trunk mount bolts to for sale. Ive looked on eBay but the sellers wont seperate and also scanned craigslist. Heres a pic of what I need... http://img15.imageshack.us/img15/948/17888f.jpg Also my bike is Pearl White and I need to paint the trunk does anyone know what automobile color is close it. I looked here but I dont want to pay $400 for base coat and paint. Also an idea I did to my RSTD was to put extra lights so I can be seen at night. I bought 2 packs of the 12" red and 1 pack of the blue LED lights at Autrozone. The have adhesive tape on them so no drilling. I cut the wires off of one set and soldered the two 12" pieces together to make them 24". Started at the back and ran them across the bottom of the saddles. I took the blue 12" and stuck one on each side under the tank on the inside of the flange where the tank is welded together. I get alot of complements on them abd believe me I can be seen and I only have $60 in the lights
  14. I've been cleaning the new bike for some days now, completely stripped her down to get to all those little nooks & crannies. This is my 1st Yamaha, I've heard their paint is much thicker than other manufacturers & so far it seems it is true. I've always used Mer on my bikes as it cleans paint & chrome without scratching, but it really doesn't suit this paint & as she's black, the film left behind by it looks terrible. So I gave her a good T-Cut, which should have removed anything on there (pervious owner only used Mer) used Mer again, still had coating of film. So what do you all find best for your bikes??
  15. Some idiot PO put some silly fishy things on the saddle bags with 2 sided tape now I washed it and peeled them off and now I have scratched the paint trying to get the glue off, does anyone have a solution to get the glue off without scratching the paint ? AND WHO WOULD RUIN A PAINT JOB AND PUT STUPID THINGS ON IT.........
  16. Well I finally got to use "Plastex" When removing the front lower cowling to drain and reservice my anti-freeze, I broke off a tab... I ordered the Plastex The link is below if you are interested. It arrived yesterday. Read the instructions and watch a short video they sent with the kit, then dove in. It could not be easier. It is drying as I write. I have some touch up paint, so after it is all dry I am going to paint it over. The pictures below don't look too good, but you can see how the repair went. Like I said "it could not have been easier" http://plastex.net/
  17. I’m getting very close to laying down some new paint on my MKI project. I’ve been searching for ideas for weeks but I’m still not finding what I’m looking for. I’d like to see some first gen’s with something completely different like graphics, or two tones (other than factory scheme) or some strange paint technic was used like marbling or spraying thru lace, or something just wild and different. I’m just not a stock kind of guy and single colors bore me, (although that’s likely where I’ll end up with mine). I’m not real creative on my own, but I can copy other people’s ideas . I have seen Venturous’ purple flame bike, but anybody got something else to show?
  18. Working on my letter for my up coming trip. The only thing I have to work on is the States, Both Canada & the US. I plan to paint them in, as an out line, then add the colors as I go alone
  19. YO! I have asked a couple of knowledgeable people how to remove the chrome from ABS Digny and Freebird and we still haven't got a way to do it so I thought I would open it up to the whole group for ideas. Here is the info: the chrome is metal not plastic and it is plated to the headlight bezel. It had a long bubble in the chrome and I punctured it and started to peal it. It would not come loose except for the little bit under the bubble. so now I have a ABS bezel with partially pealed chrome patches. ANY body got any ideas? I wanted to paint it black along with a spare front fairing I have. Already removed the eyebrows and may paint those too. A LITTLE HELP PLEASE.
  20. Just a short vid of my Ventures stable mate,the factory pinstriping was hideous ,looked like speed bumps under the clear ,I think this is better [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J5h6GLw86SM&feature=youtube_gdata_player]Stratoliner paint job - YouTube[/ame]
  21. i posted pictures of how the bike looks now after some cleaning. still thinking of selling the old girl. have to get it out from around back. and put tags on her. she still fires up good but just not right? will idle after a little warm up. but pops? maybe new plugs? and im sure it needs a carb sync. PO said he never new how to do it? as you can see from the pics she needs a good paint job. usual cracks. i did replace most of the fairing trim around the radio speekers on both sides i have 2 sets of side panels one set needs paint but has the chrome on them. new tires 2 years ago dunlop 404.s i will go into further details should i make the leap to sell it. i would trade for a smaller bike no less then a 450cc just to get my ride in for this season. well enough for now check out the pics in my profile and if any one wants to make an offer feel free to shoot me a PM
  22. Has anybody seen or heard from GunnyButch In a while? Last I see is that his last post was 2010... He had just had that awesome paint Job done on his Trike... Thanks, Jeff
  23. scooter45


    Just got the fairing back from Mountainman Art, Can't wait to put back on the bike
  24. I'm putting together a Hannigan Trike conversion check list and one of their questions is for a paint code. How do I locate the paint code for a 2009 RS Venture (the red paint).
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