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  1. Several members asked about something to get the wind off their knees. I have made up some Knee Wind Blocks. They are 38.00 a pair which includes shipping (40 USD if you live in Canada or Alaska). They mount with Velcro so they are removable for hot days. For cold days and nights these will really make a difference on your knees guys. I made mine up 4 years ago and was happy I did every time it got cool. Mine cut about 90% of the wind off my knees These are available in Black or smoke. I will make them in smoke if anyone really wants them like that but they will have some distortions because of the heating and bending
  2. As I scan the "watering hole", I keep seeing threads for things such as large and improved polished fork "wind" deflectors and keeping the "wind" off your knees deflectors and windshield squabbles on height to stop the "wind" and more! I just wonder, Whatever happened to the idea that on a motorcycle the whole experience is "to be in the wind" to smell the fresh air when you pass a pond or lake, to smell the fresh tilled fields and burning autumn leaves. Fresh cut hay and fields of clover are ever so pleasant. There's something to be said for the breeze on your skin,,,in your face.... It seems a shame to hide behind full face helmets a windshield, knee guards and fork deflectors all trussed up in designer "wind and water repellent" riding suits!,,,crap,,,if I wanted to be so isolated from the "wind" I guess I'd just as well cage it, but then,,,,I'd miss that unmistakable "sound" ! OH YEA I LOVE "THAT SOUND",,,,,,,,and,,,,,,,,,,"THE WIND" ,,,,, (It sings if you listen)! Renne:backinmyday:
  3. Does anyone have information on good looking & functional upper wind deflectors for a 06 RSTD? I am trying to block the cold wind off of my knees.
  4. Does anyone know where I can buy chrome lower wind deflectors that mount in front of the forks? Like to replace the clear deflectors.
  5. In a local bikers night I saw a 08 RSTD with this wind deflectors (see pictures) I"ve looked all over the internet and nothing. Does anyone seen these before or know where to find it??? Thanks
  6. Can anybody compare the aero stich over suit to the triumph, for wind & rain blocks? I have a triumph that does a great job on wind & rain but velcro is pulling loose in several places in less than a year. Thanks TC
  7. On my last road trip, my right lower wind deflector bracket broke on my 99 RSV. I didn't realize how well they work until I had to go without them. I've tried brazing and welding and now I am ready to just replace it. Does anyone have one laying around that you would be willing to part with or know where I can get one other than the Yamadealer.
  8. Anybody on the east coast !! ------ heads up, ------ check the weather channel !!! you might be in for some rain, and a bit of wind !!!!! ( if you have not noticed the weather report in the last 24 hours )
  9. We survived Isaac. Still without power, the generator is running, but no damage at home. We're still getting some wind and rain. We're in the south eastern quadrant and still in some feeder bands. The wind really howled last night, made it hard to sleep.Some trees down and a lot of flooding around. Hope all others are safe.
  10. I bought a 2008 rsv a couple of weeks ago, had always been a GW rider until now. The problem is at speeds above 55 mph the bike seems unstable, similar to wind buffeting but in a zero wind condition. I've considered tires (it still has the original 404's) or loose steering head, just not sure. The bike only has 2075 miles on it and the previous owner had the 400 mile check preformed. Any ideas?
  11. Got home from trip & after washing bike, I noticed I have tiny yellow specks of paint on windshield and fairing. I remember going by a striping crew & wind was blowing...thought I stayed clear of em but apparently not. Is there any cleaner that'll remove the specks without damaging the plastics?
  12. I had a spare windshield laying around and being so hot outside the other day i decided to shorten it. First off I clamped it to my other windshield 5 inches lower with vice grips and masking tape underneath to prevent scratching.Than I contemplated on how to cut the windshield down without making a mess of it and decided on trying the router. I used a router bit with a bearing on it and set the depth just enough to cut through the one shield and not touch the other. It worked quite well. Surpriseingly it cut the plastic like butter and left a fairly smooth finish. It required just a lite sanding with 220 sandpaper to give the edge a smooth eye appealing finish. After mounting it I realized that the windshield is not quite as wide so there is a small space on either side. This doesnt bother me though. After I was complete I had to try it out. The extra wind is nice, I dont hear the clutch basket whine as much, the bugs now it my face, and there is some wind buffetting around my ears. All in all I am happy with the results. I will be putting my tall one back on in the fall.
  13. OK it is looking like I will get wet wet wet on the way to MD. I have never ridden more than a few miles in town in the rain. On this trip I will be pulling a trailer, also something new for me. I did get new tires last week. Unfortunately I was only able to get about 80 miles on them to get them scuffed in. They still have the nubbies on them. I will have a supply of Ziploc bags for the GPS. I will be wearing my Gortex Blaze orange hunting gear. So I should stay warm and fairly dry. Other than the obvious like slow down, keep longer distance for stopping, what are some things I should do and or watch for? They are talking up to 3/4 inch of rain with possible ponding. What is the the best thing to do if you come over a hill and find standing water on the road? I wear glasses, How do you keep them clear? How do I keep the helmet visor clear? The wind screen sheds water pretty good at speed, but blocks the wind from blowing water off the visor. What else do I need to know? Some jerk at the weather service did not read the rules about no rain for MD....
  14. I've checked the Classifieds, and didn't find anything there, but does anyone know of a good site to check for replacement lower wind deflectors? On my recent trip to DC, one of the brackets broke and I lost one somewhere along the line, and need to replace it, but given the condition of the other one, I figure I'd replace both. I can get the replacement mounting bracket fairly cheap from Yamaha, but the deflectors are a little pricy. Thanks.
  15. Sailor


    When I went out to get the morning paper a hummingbird buzzed me. When I looked around I found it had built a nest in some old wind chimes a few feet from our front door. Nice!
  16. I noticed that my 91 VR, elbow to shoulder wind buffering was quite excessive compared to the 2012 Goldwing that I test rode this weekend. I have the Clearview (Tallest & Widest) shield with the vent. Any my vent was open. Any suggestions as to how I might remedy this?
  17. After reading several posting on shields, I ordered the largest, tinted with vent for my 91 VR. Largest for added protection and to help with the passenger wind buffering. The result is that both I and myself felt more wind buffering than the standard OEM shield. Whats up with that? So a fellow rider suggested I open the vent up. That seemed to help with the wind buffering, but we do not think it is any better than the OEM buffering. Now I will really want to avoid riding in rain. Eithor let the rain thru the vent for a less buffering ride or stay dryer and let the wind buffering beat me up. On top of that I've heard that my mpg could be lightly reduced. If I had to do it over again I think I would just install the vent on the OEM shield. I may just do that anyway so I have a spare in the event a rock cracks the Clearview.
  18. I have an '86 scoot and this year I decided to make some wind deflectors to protect my hands better and hopefully widen the air bubble a bit too. They turned out well so I thought I'd share them with you all. After a few nights in the shop tinkering I came up with a design that looks good, does not require you to drill holes to mount and works great as well. Basically it is very straight forward, I used the existing body mount locations to mount the wings. The lower support is from a metal clip board (thin and stiff) and the heads of the bolts fit in the recesses of the faring covers. The upper mount is a 1/8 x 3/4 aluminum that I put in a vice and twisted it. This turns out to be the trickiest piece to fit, but well worth the effort. Mike
  19. I've had it now since Feb 5th ... which was the last time I took the medication ... but then the disease came back and it's really been rough these past few weeks... cold weather, rain, snow, wind .... I just haven't been able to get out and take the medication. But today .... ahhhhhhh yes, I will get a big dose of the meds today and maybe even tomorrow and hopefully this PMS will be GONE for the balance of the year!!
  20. Hey all! I'm a prospective Venture owner, I ride a V-Star 1100 now. The favorite big cruiser I've had before was a Valk Tourer....other than crappy gas mileage it was an awesome bike. I've already picked up a lot of good info by lurking but I'm looking for some opinions on wind protection for the rider before I pull the trigger on the Venture I'm looking at...it's a long distance purchase and my g/f won't be able to go for a test ride. My g/f likes to ride (she'd be history if she didn't!) but she's a bit of a wimp when it comes to the wind. I know, irritating, but if I keep her happy she'll ride more and I'll be a happy. She's only ridden my V* and an Ultra Glide that we've rented a few times. She loved the HD, but she says she gets murdered by the wind on the Yamaha....it's a silverado with the stock windshield. I really debated between a Road Star and the Venture...I do love a V-twin. I think I'll be happy with either. I think the Road Star would be very similar to the V-star on wind, although I'm sure I could tweek the windshield adjustment to get it better. However I think I've made up my mind to go with the Venture so we can do more long distance riding. She'll be more comfortable, and I have to admit, that cushy driver seat looks pretty inviting to me too. Finally my question....anyone in a position to offer a comparison between the Ultra and the RSV as far as back-seater wind protection? Any opinions welcome. Thanks, Chris
  21. Ok, so while we are no strangers to wind in Oklahoma (although not the tumbleweed state some people think) we regularly get several days of constant 45-50 mph gust (like today), swirling, from sides, head on, tail wind, you name it. How do you take on these winds? slow down? lay down? Speed up? I know there are hundreds of thousands of miles logged by riders on this site. And while I know you all can't have the tainted "texas" winds from the Gulf we get here, what is your method? I have mine, but am eager to learn........ lets hear it! p.s. I dont care if you ride a "first Gen" and they cut the wind like a knife.....:whistling:: :stirthepot:
  22. Mine wants a new air horn, vented wind screen and new mirrors. Letter sent to Santa last night!
  23. Went out riding this weekend up here in Fargo ND, only 15 degrees outside with a 20 mph wind. I took the 05 RSTD and boy was it fun. I love the bike the wind coverage. I wanted to ride more but had work to do. So Thanksgiving will be the next time out. God did I say I love this bike.
  24. I found the hippo hands site (http://www.hippohands.com) Also found Bikerpaws, but it is apparently no longer available. And lastly I found "winterhands" (http://www.outsideconnection.com/gallant/VX/winterhands.htm). Unfortunately only a mailing address, no phone or e-mail winterhands is lined and more expensive, while hippohands looks more like a rigid "fairing" which would keep the wind of but not provide any insulation. There are probably other similar things but I haven't found them (yet). Who has experience with what? Thanks
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