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  1. I've been using $40. 3/4 Fulmer helmets for the past couple years. They're 'green' [probably reason for good price. Mine gives me a sore spot on top of forehead after a few hundred miles, & Nav needs a face shield with hinge by ear, to block all air....she wears goggles with shield now due to dry eyes, but can't wear her glasses to see. We don't want full style, just 3/4 for a decent price. They are easy to find in catalogs, but that's like buying shoes from a catalog. I don't like a face shield, but it's a necessity for Nav. The visor is good for me to keep sun out, but Nav just needs shield with room for glasses, which are hard to find. I can move ears & mics over. Mine is easy, just a comfortable 3/4 & visor. Nav is harder with shield allowing room for glasses & pivot at ear, to keep air out. Any suggestions?
  2. I am the proud and humbled owner of a brand new F4Customs windshield. This is the largest shield available for the Venture that F4 makes at this time and it does have the integrated vent. Model # F4-YRSV-19_5-W-VENT-C 19.5" Clear Wide After talking with Don, he suggested that I start a thread here so I can add too it as I need to while giving a review of the shield. Once the review is done, we will make it a report and move it to the library. My intentions are to bring both the good and the bad. In doing this, I am basically going to review this in the form of a Diary listing just about every ride, the things noticed about the shield, cleaning, wear, gas mileage changes and any thing else that may pop up related to the windshield. Should you have any questions post them and I will answer to the best of my ability. So, to get started: I received the windshield nicely packed in a box and protected what I consider well enough to protect it under most shipping circumstances. Mine did come in with the box a little crushed. I was a little concerned until I was able to unpack it. [ATTACH]64430[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]64431[/ATTACH] As you can see the box was a little crushed [ATTACH]64432[/ATTACH] Shield out of box and out of packing material [ATTACH]64433[/ATTACH] Unwrapped face down - [ATTACH]64434[/ATTACH] unwrapped face up Notice that the shield also had a protective coating of plastic stuck to it. Below are a few measurements. [ATTACH]64435[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]64436[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]64437[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]64438[/ATTACH] Now for a few comparison pics. I have my OEM in front of the F4. The black is on my original OEM, NOT the F4 and the F4 still has the sticky protective plastic on it. [ATTACH]64440[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]64439[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]64441[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]64442[/ATTACH] This should be enough to hold you for a few moments at least... I did take my first ride with it this past Tuesday. I will post some more shortly.
  3. Yooper needs new shield for the 93 after the accident, where to get the best price. Thanks Yoop
  4. Has anyone made an adjustable windshield similar to the Baggershield? Would it be difficult. It looks to me as if an old shield could be cut, drilled and sanded and then affixed to an existing shield with wing nuts and bushings. But then again, it might not be worth the trouble. Iowa Guy
  5. There was some discussion in another thread about making the Goldwing more comfortable from a wind buffeting standpoint and I thought it would be beneficial to break it out into dedicated thread. It was suggested to change the windshield to a taller and wider windshield like the F4 Customs +4 (4 inches taller than stock) and to also install air wings under the mirrors. I've looked at the F4 web site and there are conflicting statements on that site regarding maintaining adjustability with the taller and wider shield. Does anyone know if there is any adjustability with the +4 shield. It probably doesn't matter to me because I would be looking through it anyway. Another shield option I am considering is the Clearview shield. The F4 shield is nearly $400. Clearview offers shields that are 3 inches wider and up to 5 inches taller and they state that the adjustability is maintained. They are priced at about $220. Would they work as well as the F4+4? Any other suggestions? Dennis
  6. Since I bought my 2007 RSTD Midnight last year I have wanted to install a Tri-pouch Windshield Bag. I searched the forums here and elsewhere trying to locate one that would work, never finding what I wanted. Recently I took a chance and purchased a Carolina Leather Windshield Bag Number 721 http://www.carolinaleatherworks.com/winbag721.html This weekend I finally got a chance to install it and I am very happy with the results. I simply took off the windshield, Removed the three center bolts, inserted the bag, aligned it, marked the location of the holes, and drilled the plastic backer attached to the bag. I then installed the backer between the shield and the metal bar on the rear of the shield and reinserted and tightened the bolts. The only problem I had was getting the bolts reattached with the extra thickness of the plastic in there. After numerous tries I was able to get all the bolts reattached and everything reinstalled. I did loose the right side cables from their guide on the frontend of the bike to enable the bags to slide on and had to slightly adjust the cables to get the shield back on. So if you’re like me and searching for a windshield bag for a RSTD this might be the answer for you. Scott
  7. www.cruisercustomizing.com/detail.cfm?Category_ID=2&manufacturer_ID=935&product_ID=77431&mc=ESS-CC-NP111006&utm_source=JangoSMTP&utm_medium=Email&utm_campaign=ESS-CC-NP111006:lightbulb:Hal
  8. Is there any truth to a helmet being unsafe after it is 4 years old? Was at a dealers today buying a shield and when I told him the helmet was 6 years old he said it was time to replace it and showed me a card attached to a new helmet that said safe life of 4 years. I bought a shield because my helmet seems fine and I have an intercom in it and not looking to replace it. It did get me thinking though. So, what's the scoop, anything to it or is it a company scam?
  9. Ok, so since I've fallen in love with my "new" 03 RSV, and because my family is asking about suggestions for Christmas gifts, I thought I'd ask a few more questions about my new baby, and hope that everybody here might have a few thoughts... Tires: the bike has a set of Dunlop 404's on her, with less than 1000 miles on them. I've seen several threads here about how the 404's aren't really a "good" tire for the RSV, or that they might not even be safe for the RSV. Are they really that bad, or actually un-safe? It seems that the Dunlop E3 are pretty popular here, along with a model from Avon and even the Metzler 880's. I will definitely put something else on when it's time to change, but should I just get rid of the 404's now? Windshield: my RSV came wearing a "cut down" stock shield, cut down to 8". While that could probably be a good thing around here in Texas in August, it's way too short for cooler weather and doesn't feel right at higher speeds. So a new shield is a must. What brand of shield do most folks run on their RSV? I've seen the "Baggershield" ads and looked at their site. (I've written to them with a few questions, and they have been very nice) It's a VERY interesting idea, I think I would love the 10" going to 16" shield. But I'm not sure I'm comfortable with the "tinted lower section/ clear upper section" approach. I've never ridden a tinted shield before, and I'm not sure how I feel about the look of a "two tone" shield when riding with the shield extended up to full height. I think I wish they offered the option to have both sections clear, rather than one section tinted.... Speaking of windshields, do you guys prefer to "look over" or "look through" your shields? And if you use a taller shield, are the vents a good idea? I'm looking forward to some longer runs and trips on my RSV, it's one of the reasons I bought her. But I haven't done that all that many longer rides before this bike, and I am always aware of being careful with the damn Texas heat. I'm coming from a Roadstar, it came with a shorter shield that I (barely) looked over, and that was great around town and ok on day trips. But I don't know what works best beyond that. As we say out here....Please, and thank you in advance!!
  10. Hi all. Just felt i should toss this out there. A new rider in our club got a voyager kit, rode barely 1000 miles, got her license, and departed for an all day ride with about 200 other bikes. She is having an 8 hour surgery this Thursday to repair broken wrists, fingers, right arm, replace right shoulder. She has about 40 stitches in her face from the shield on her ff helmet. Numerous other cuts, bruises, etc. Tell all your trike riding friends, yes, you too can crash. Don't let your guard down just because you have three wheels. Yall ride safe, and say a prayer for my friend Debbie and her hubby Jerry.
  11. BaggerShield has just released 2 new models of cruiser windshields. The Patriot windshield is available in 15" and 18" height. These shields are mounted to your handlebars (7/8" up to 1-1/4" bars). The mounting clamps slide in and out from 3" to 9" to accommodate any other accessories you might have on your bars. The shields can be adjusted up and down 2" and the angle of the shield can be adjusted to whatever angle you like. The mounting hardware is made of a very high quality, chrome plated, billeted aluminum and the shield itself is made of 3/16" thick aircraft grade Lucite. Click on each picture to bring you to their product page for more details. http://i1204.photobucket.com/albums/bb402/BaggerShield/TB-PAT-18Web.jpg http://i1204.photobucket.com/albums/bb402/BaggerShield/TB-PAT-15Web.jpg
  12. barend

    Suomy D20

    I recently bought one to replace my Scorpion full face with which I took a nose dive. Haven't made any major trips but based on some of my few short trips here's my observation: This is supposed to be a heavy helmet but coming from my FF Scorpion I can't tell much difference (yet) The locking mechanism for the modular is metal on metal and seems easy to operate it has a chin wind curtain which does not seem removable. The chin bar is bigger then I am used to, though the instrument cluster still falls above the bar so I do not need to look down. It has a build in sun visor. The vents are great, I can actually feel air flowing over my head from the top vents (chin vent is below the windshield), as long as my face shield is not full open! There is an access panel which can be removed for a bluetooth module/headset. The helmet is noisier then a FF, but I read that going in. shield up it seems comparable to my old FF, but the further down the shield the more noise. So far I have three things which I am not real happy with: there are only three detents in the visor: 1/4, 1/2 and full open. you can not open the shield 3/4 (it really needs one) of the way which would put the bottom of the shield above your line of sight. Both the sunvisor and the shield seem to be thinner than I am used to and they vibrate when riding, and with both visors down(face shield either 1/4 or 1/2) the bottom edge of each shield seems to be interfering somewhat with my view of the instrument cluster because 1. it's there and 2 due to the vibration. I bought it at MC superstore on closeout in my size for $169. Overall I am not dissatisfied with it though I would argue that my FF fit me better. FWIW
  13. Guest

    Rear Exhaust cover

    I have look the service manual and can't find anything on this.. The chrome heat shields that are on the rear header pipes how do you remove that shield I have taken out the bolt and still it will not move.. Does the shield even come off, I'm wondering now?
  14. I'm in need of a new windshield and was wondering if those of you with the Baggershield could tell me ... is there any kind of breeze or ventilation coming through the joint where the two parts meet? I was thinking of going with a wider Clearview with the vent to get that extra bit of a breeze when the temps hit around 32 C. (90 F) - like today for instance. From what I've read here, my wife may get a break from some of the buffeting with the wider shield, but that extra breeze would be nice in the heat. Yeah, I know, I'm getting old and wimpy but hey - we've paid our dues - now we deserve a little comfort. Anyway, with the sale on at Baggershield, that shield looks a bit more interesting to me now. Andy
  15. I just ordered the large Baggershield windshield. I already have the same size shield (10.5 inch) now but would be nice for it to be a little wider. This new shield is about 4 inches wider than my current Cee Bailey. My wife gets alot of turbulence on the back with this shield. Hopefully the wider shield helps with that. I'll report back when I get the shield installed. Ron
  16. Been toying with the idea of a shorter windshield for awhile now since I didn't win the F4 with a vent. Already had gone to a short wide 13 1/2 " which I like but since it warming up so quick wanted to try a little shorter. So I dug out my old stock shield after reading some threads to day and wacked it off down to 10 1/2". Everything went as planned as far as the cutting and sanding but somethings I did notice. I used masking tape instead of the duct and after final cleanup I noticed that in several places where the masking tape was all the scratches were gone, assuming this had removed film on shield,but heck it was clear. So I took the scrap piece I cut off and reapplied masking tape even warmed with a heat gun trying to find away to remove the rest of the film but no luck. Then I used Meguires scratch x by hand and then with 6" buffer did reduce some of the haziness but not the film sure didn't make it any worse. Does anyone know of way to remove all of the film if I could do that i would have a clear shield. If it can't be removed has anyone added tint like to have it smoked out for the summer months. Think it will be fine for short trips this summer but going to be to much buffeting for the wife on the long hauls. But it looks cool.
  17. 1st Gen owner ?. I installed the largest Clearview shield and the buffering is worst for both the driver and passenger. I have to open the shield vent all the way to make it tallerable. Anyone else with the largest shield experience the same?
  18. After reading several posting on shields, I ordered the largest, tinted with vent for my 91 VR. Largest for added protection and to help with the passenger wind buffering. The result is that both I and myself felt more wind buffering than the standard OEM shield. Whats up with that? So a fellow rider suggested I open the vent up. That seemed to help with the wind buffering, but we do not think it is any better than the OEM buffering. Now I will really want to avoid riding in rain. Eithor let the rain thru the vent for a less buffering ride or stay dryer and let the wind buffering beat me up. On top of that I've heard that my mpg could be lightly reduced. If I had to do it over again I think I would just install the vent on the OEM shield. I may just do that anyway so I have a spare in the event a rock cracks the Clearview.
  19. I/m getting ready to start putting my '91 VR back together (doing forks, brakes, tires, yadda, yadda) and one thing on the list is replacing the wind shield. I found a Slip Streamer on evil bay, and couldn't resit the price. Its a nice looking piece of Lexan, but it doesn't quite fit. I can get the front bolts in, but not the ones at the back corners. The holes in the new shield don't quite match up, and I'm wondering if there are some parts (rubber dampers, bushings, or what ever) missing. I wouldn't be at all surprised 'Cause while I was doing the tear down I found several items that were "shade treen engineered. (God how I hate some "mechaincs"....) What would really help is if someone has some pictures of how the fasteners should look with the shield installed. Thanks in advance....
  20. I'm having a challenge installing my clearview xxl tinted shield. First, I come to a conclusion that I need to get all 4 longer screws. The shield thickness is much thicker than my stock shield making the stock screws too short.. Second the shield curve up by the mirror installation, where the screw goes in, there is a bend in the shield to match the curvature of the faring. The bend does not butt up to the curvature of the faring. When I screw the screw in with the metal washer/collar, in order to get the screw tight I'm pushing the shield bend towards the fairng until the metal washer/coller butts up to the bracket. Is the bend of the shield suppose to butt up again the faring or is it ok to just screw the screw in with the metal washer/collar tight until the metal washer/collar butts up against the bracket. I'd appreciate talking to someone who recently installed a clearview xxl & tall shield on an MKII.
  21. It decided to get cold down here south of the Mason Dixon so I decided to change out the stock shield for the new F4Customs Shield. I am documenting for a write up with Pics but I did have one initial comment. After that I hope to ride Tuesday with a few friends if the weather clears like it says. OMG it's Big! [ATTACH]64308[/ATTACH]
  22. OK folks, I'm not exactly sure how I'm going to pick a winner but I'll come up with something. As you know, one of our vendors is F4 Customs. They make a great windshield for the RSV and several here have already purchased a shield from them. Don at F4 has contacted me and expressed his desire to give away one of their shields to ONE lucky member here. Now here is the thing. The shield needs to go to somebody who puts a considerable amount of miles on their bike each year also a person who will share their experiences with the shield. He is not asking for simply a rosy picture but an honest evaluation of what you like about the shield as well as anything that you would like to see changed and/or improved upon. So, let's here your pitches. Why should YOU be selected to receive a free windshield. How many mile per year do you ride and do you PROMISE to post your results with the shield. hmm.....a thought just occurred to me....and YES...I do have a thought every once in a while. I think I'll let F4 Customs monitor this thread and choose the winner. All that being said, let the games begin.
  23. :301:I usually don't order a helmet that has not been tested, but I did in this case because it was different. Got it on Friday from J & P. The looks surprised me for the good. It really is different, the eye ports like star wars Darth Vader, I can see lower without tilting my head down. The shell seems a little thicker than my Nolan, and is stiffer when taking it on and off, but once you get it on my ears are really comfortable, nothing is touching them. Whine? What whine? THIS IS THE QUIETEST HELMET I HAVE EVER OWNED. With the visor almost closed or closed no noise. Had to turn the radio up a little to hear it better. And the face shield did not fog up when riding with the shield closed. I am very happy withe this helmet. tew47
  24. Has anyone installed one of these Shield Edge Trimming? http://www.saeng.com/product.php?id=581&category=80
  25. Was wondering if anyone has experienced a drop in MPG after installing the widest and tallest Clearview shield on long distance, Interstate riding? If so can you provide some stats. Especially interested in stats for MKII.
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